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If anything these threads have demonstrated to me that many of those who argue against chord-scale theory as a tool seem to have a very limited understanding of it or are otherwise purposely oversimplifying it in order to make their point. An example from this very thread being:
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Ask any monkey who's been "formally trained" in chord scale theory how to approach a chart with 30 chords and he will give you 30 scales. Pathetic.
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^Someone's always gotta bring up the beginning of the time...

I'm talking within the confines of tonal harmony which applies today as it did 400 years ago. The same unifying harmony addresses the needs ranging from baroque to jazz to rock.

By definition the confines of tonality do not extend to modality or atonality. Even then by the same token your suggestion of learning through voice-leading, while in no means a bad suggestion, when judged by the same metric is a much more recent bastardization of older improvisational performance practice than a taught compositional tool like learning scales/modes were. However, that is by no means a reason not to learn it. There is a rationale for these techniques being taught and that's so they can be tools for use by a composer. Chord-scale theory is as valid of a tool as all the species of counterpoint in Johann Fux's Gradus ad Parnassum. Yet they're different tools and typically cover different areas. There is nothing wrong with acquiring more tools. Whether or not they're well implemented or even recommended for the task at hand is obviously dependent upon the composer and their situation.

I wouldn't disagree with there being an overproliferation of people who tell others to learn scales/modes or suggest them as a priority over other subjects. This populous existing does not however detract from the usefulness of scales/modes as tools for composing, arranging, and improvising.
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Because the scales inherently existed as soon as the musical language was established. The bastardization of them as self contained units that must be categorically studied is a very recent thing.

Not to stray too far off topic here, but this isn't entirely true. Aristoxenus wrote of the eight Greek species in his Elementa Harmonica in the 4th century. The Byzantine Church's octoechoes predated and possibly contributed to the formation of the eight mode system used in the Western Church that is found in chant theory after Charlemagne's reformation.
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You could also argue that it's relative.

There were 17 million Jews in the world in 1939, 11 million in 1945.

They were both great tragedies, I think that's all that matters.

I'm not saying that they aren't. To be honest I was vexed by how BledGhostWhite stated that it was "modern history's greatest tragedy" without prefacing it as their opinion. On the other hand when I replied I included the personal pronoun "I" to indicate my statement was my own view, that being that the Holocaust isn't the greatest tragedy in modern history. I become quite vexed when someone presents their personal belief as objective fact, whether intentional or not.

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I will blame that moron for bringing up the holocaust, btw.

Proportionately, at least according to the efforts of a certain professor from Texas, Gypsies fared worse than the Jews.

Native Americans as well. Also the Tutsi population of Rwanda plummeted by 3/4ths during the single year of the Rwanda genocide.
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It's pretty irrelevant to try to challenge someone's feelings towards what is undoubtedly (except to morons) a great tragedy.

I'd say it's definitely in contention, but still, pointless arguing whether this one is more so than any other.

To be fair the word greatest often means the following:
1. Very large in size.
2. Larger in size than others of the same kind.
3. Large in quantity or number
5. Remarkable or outstanding in magnitude, degree, or extent.

Not necessarily does it refer to significance, which of course is subjective. However death toll is by definition quantifiable.
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If you think you can disprove modern history's greatest tragedy, feel free to PM me. That said, don't hijack threads. That's just rude.

I would hardly call the Holocaust modern history's greatest tragedy. The Chinese civilian death toll in the Second Sino-Japanese war alone is conservatively estimated at 17 million. Josef Stalin and Mao Zedong also both have more civilian deaths attributed to their reigns than the Holocaust.
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Awesome! I'm always supportive of multi-scaled/fanned fretted instruments!
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@Don't Panic:

2011. That's why.
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Cool, so you have a wide range of experience with their line of guitars. That's good to hear. What do your friends think of Carvin? Probably nothing but praise huh?

All of my friends are content with Carvins as far as I'm aware. Again I think they're pretty sound guitars for the price, but they aren't for me as they stand presently.
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That's okay, I just want to hear personal reasons why you would get a Carvin or vice versa. Out of curiosity which Carvin models did you play?

To add one more statement to the thread, I hardly ever see discussion about Carvin on this website or others and even searching it's hard to find threads.

I've played pretty much every electric model I could, which is actually what I would account as being a considerable amount since many of my friends currently play Carvins. While the brand isn't as well known as others I've never thought of Carvin as particularly obscure.
Although I personally wouldn't buy a Carvin as they don't offer all the options I want; I've played several and they've all seemed like sound guitars for their price.
Nice! I did something similar with my Agile Pendulum to imitate Charlie Hunter's Novax before I got mine. Here's the thread I did if you're interested in checking it out.
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I support any instrument thats fanned fretted/multi-scaled!
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