there were a couple notes i didnt agree with but over all that was pretty awsome. liked the classical guitar part it was relaxing

New song of mine called "Love a Killer." Should be the first one on the page.

Tell me what you think and I'll listen to something of yours.

haha i didnt notice that this was on a loop and it probably palyed like 20 times
really good though. your tone kiks ass and i liked the riffs. Some screaming would make this really damn sexy. and i liked your drum machine

mines right here if ya want it

Tell me what you think of the first song on my page called This Song is Br00talz!
(dont take the title to seriously :P)

I shall crit for your crit!

Thank ya
Quote by JudgeDrey
To Shreddhed
It is customary to crit others songs in THEIR threads, not your own.

I would have if they weren't on youtube

Edit: never mind... one of them was on a forum my bad
To SoDisCool
Holy shit was that some fast guitar haha. i would work on the tone of some of the notes but at that speed thats probably gonna be a bit difficult : P

To chrism
You have some godly recording quality! How do you get that good of a sound... i mean DAMN. The song was cool too by the way haha. i listened to some of your other stuff and i really dug the crabcore song and long way home. cool stuff
to supafly
Holy crap do i like your singing and screaming! That song would be so awesome with some drums haha. I wasn't a huge fan of the chord changes around 1:37 though they seemed a bit out of place. Really good overall though

to Manana (haha nice name)
the intro to that was really beautiful. The enourmous drum fill that procedded it seemed a bit out of place. I'd at least turn down the velocity on some of the toms to make it sound more reallistic if possible. I really like the combonation of brutal and beautiful what tunning are you in? its damn low haha
wow that had some relly bad ass riffs in it! I'm not a huge fan of your rhythm guitar tone though id lay off on some of the bass and turn down the distortions a bit. the drum track is really awesome though. if you programmed that than major props haha :P
I liked many parts of this. some parts were just too weird for me haha
yeah its not my fave due to being genericish but its fun

oh and i checked out that song on your myspace

some good ideas but the lead lines are really boring. And your drum machine isnt too hot. And it needs vocals and bass guitar. The chorus part was cool thought... although the song ended a bit abruptly
Those are some pretty beast songs! Reminds me alot of gojira. With some vocals these songs would kick an extrodinary amount of ass.

and lucky star is gay :3

The top song: Pain of your comforts

Post a link to one of your songs and ill check it out

Thank ya
So me and my friends are making a music video and we want to use these cool strobe lights that i have. The problem is that the strobes are pretty small so the room basicly has to be pich black to see them.

When its this dark, the camera doesn't pick up anything, just a little bit of flashing of the lights.

Any one have any ideas to get this to work?
OMIGOD!!! i have the same guitar, am wearing the same sweatshirt, and play a similar style of music!!! Are you my lost brother or something?
Tunings: Drop D, E flat, E standard

For chords, i sometimes use diads. They sound cool in a sparse amount. Also, using big chords like minor sevents some times sounds cool. I'm ussually in drop d and these are a couple of chord that can sound good in some situations: (both C)

E|------------------ E|---------------------
B|------------------ B|-------15-----------
G|------------------ G|------12-----------
D|---5-------------- D|------10-----------
A|---3-------------- A |------10----------
D|---5-------------- D|------10-----------
PLAY LOUDER!!!!!!!! solution to all problems. Ever.
really... his power levels over nine thousand. For the sake of jesus's nipples change that line. No joke. Seriosly.
That would sound beast with some killer vocals over the top. I liked the chorusy riff and the part with quarter notes and choked crash. That was pretty bad ass. Judging by your style you probably won't like my music so don't bother.
yeah, chewing is over rated. I just swallow about all the food that i eat whole.
wow you have a good drummer. Impressive preformance... cant hear the vocals though but i guess its just a video camera.
Yeah, the bass in the start kiss major ass. Not a huge fan of the insane amount of distortion though. Would sond even cooler with a drummer. And the riffs are really solid!
ty every one
So i forgot how to change your sig. Also, can someone tell me how to change the 'Registered User' thing.

pretty cool. Not very much going on but i guess thats okay for an intro. the end was cool with the synth or what ever. Personaly, I'd take out that part where you said someting, it just didn't fit. Other than that pretty cool stuff, especialy if it leads into the next song well
It means critique for critique. LIke i'll go listen to a song or whatever.
C4C anyone?
Tell me what you think of my new song.
Its the first on on the page.

Thanks for the time!
i'm just no a huge fan of the auto tune at the start. i liked the screaming though

The first song on that page is one that i'm asking about.

I posted this earlier and have since fixed a couple of things but with the help of UG, I

think it could be even better.

An help about how to make it sound better (ie: turn up volume on____, pan _____ left, move away from the mic to breathe, etc.)

Any way,

Thanks in advance!!

I wrote a pretty awsome song. Its the first one on the page (and the only one worth

listening to.

I would love to know what you think so please comment away.

If you like screaming, techno, acoustic, or even rock in general, check out my band

called I Ate the Earth.

Please Comment.
Thanks : D
your second choce would be better then cause auto tuned live sounds like ****
are you saying that your backing tracks would have auto tuned vocals or or you going to try to sing auto tune live?
yeah.. just listened to job for a cowboy and waking the cadaver...

i no longer have any desire to pig squeal
Not a huge fan but my friend is pretty good at these...

any way, what genre of metal uses pig squeals?

bands work too, thaks in advaced
not realy, but its hard to find strings or spare parts
lol my classs in scholl just finished reading this
Just thinking about the M-box 2 and wanted to know some pros/cons bout pro tools.

depends on stlye:

usually in ____ style ____ is harder

metal- guitar

rock- guitar

blues- guitar

jazz- bass

hip hop (lol) - bass

country- guitar