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Why do you bother going to these places then?

Cause my friends go there. I don't have to listen to it, there's always loads of people outside in the smoking area. It's kind of weird, during the day the outside part is kind of a public area but at night it's a part of the club. i just end up talking to people out there.
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^Maybe you should try not being closeminded and actually listening to new music?

I'm not being close minded, I've tried to listen to dance music. I don't like it, can't help what I like and don't like. Just because someone doesn't like a type of music doesn't mean they're close minded.
AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long

I don't even like AC/DC it's just by the end of the night I'm so deprived of music that I consider halfway decent that I'll generally dance to anything with an instrument. It seems to always be played at the end of the night.
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Wooh! English Paper One!!!!

Anyone doing Higher Level English... what poets are you studying?

& Longley

We did


I've really only studied Keats, Bishop and Longley and I'll look over Montague as well.
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****, I start my Junior Cert tomorrow...

I start my Leaving Cert tomorrow.
.99999 = 9/10 + 9/10² + 9/10³.....

a= 9/10 r=1/10

S∞ = a/(1-r)

= 9/10 / 9/10
= 1

So .9999999999 recurring does equal to 1
We had 'nuts.' You kick around a bottle or can or something and if it goes through someone's legs, everyone gets to punch them, generally on the arm.

After a while it stopped becoming a game and just became the fact that if you got 'nutsd' you got punched.
We'll leave them have a loan of it this year, so O' Driscoll can get his medal. Normal service resumes next year.

Also Cian Healy should be starting for Ireland soon and Sexton will be pushing O' Gara hard.
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Canada has rugby?

I am on to you <_< >_>

Yep a lot of countries have rugby and aren't that known.

Sweden is 45th in the world while your Scandinavian neighbours Finland are officially the worst team at 95.
Buckley showing his beast-ness on a run there, if only he could scrummage.

The Lions too I suppose
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So are all of ye doing your Leaving Certs this year?

I am

Who would have thought simultaneous equations would ever come in handy.
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Limerick is only known for Thomond park, home of mighty muster rugby. apart from that its full of culchies an yobs =P


Hey, I'm neither a culchie nor a yob.
I'm so happy right now!
Vengaboys -> Westlife -> Five -> Blink182 -> Sum41-> Bullet For My Valentine -> Metallica -> Death
Anyone headed to Evile in Cork? I'm about 50/50 at the moment as I'm trying to convince my friend who does not like metal to go. My bargaining chip is that he can get lots of drink in a different city and a day off school. It would have been easier if they came to Limerick.

On a side note, my pres are starting next week.
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Wow, I actually liked the Eragon movie, never read the books
I mean, it wasn't anything special, but I enjoyed watching it.
Is Eldest being made into a movie?

Probably not because from what I heard ( I didn't watch the film, haven't watched a film based on a book I've read since Harry Potter 3) they completely butchered the storyline and killed off two characters that are vital in the next books.
I saw them in Dublin during the summer and I thought they were pretty good, though it's the only concert I've been to so it's hard to compare with other bands.
what is your favorite genre of music? Metal: Megadeth, Evile, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Deicide etc.

why does this genre of music appeal to you?
It's fast and aggressive, can't explain why, I just like it.

what first got you into heavy music?
Tear's don't Fall by Bullet For My Valentine surprisingly

what do you think of the current state of the music industry/mass media? I don't think about it.

what do you think specifically of todays mainstream/successful bands? Most of them bore me.

describe your usual style of dress and why you dress this way. I normally wear tracksuit and t shirt around the house or just out on the road with my friends. It's comfortable. Going into town or anything I wear jeans and a band t-shirt and going out out (if that makes sense) I wear jeans and a shirt.

if you were at a heavy metal concert and you saw a cowboy looking kind of guy or a total gangsta, what would be going through your mind?
'That's strange'

define poser Someone who pretends like a type of music to fit in with other people?

do you take pride in the music you listen to? Yeah.

describe a typical concert experience for your favorite genre of music I've only been at one so there was moshing, headbanging and singing along with the band.

what are your opinions on hardcore dancing? love it? hate it? why do it? if you hate it, tell us what you do in a mosh pit when you see someone doing it...
I don't like it but don't hate it. Though if someone's purposefully trying to hurt people the they're idiots.
What channel is it on?
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just heard no easy way out. i had never heard of the song before. it sounds like a metal version of some 80's song. if you listen to the way it is structured it sounds similar

It's a cover of the Rocky IV song.
One time I was playing a rugby match and we were losing 20-0 at half time. During half-time I heard some laughter from their team. We came back and won 28-25. That was pretty great. They were sickened after it.
It's OK I stick to the diet and don't suffer much. I've had it since birth so I grew up with it, it's not that bad. Also I thought there was some sort of filter which is why I wrote that.
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Being realistic now, bread/wheat/gluten is horribly unkind to some.

Gluten intolerance. Coeliac disease.

I have that and let me tell you it is not pleasant to have an extreme pain in your stomach whilst shitting liquid down a toilet..
Thanks for the replies and yes I get the picture, I couldn't have been more wrong. Bass is just as, if not harder than guitar. I'm still going to try it but wait until summer when I'm officially finished school and have more time on my hands.
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a bass is not easier to play because of only having 4 strings nor is it for failed guitarists.

I know that but I think I might be better at it because I'll be finished school and have more time on my hands and also think I might like it more, generally if you like something you're more inclined to practice and with practice comes improvement.

Also to Macabre_Turtle I know it'll take a lot of work, my friend said I could learn how to play if I actually put some effort in but the problem is for me Rugby comes before guitar/bass which means it'll always come second.
O.K. So the term 'switching' is to be taken very loosely. Basically I've tried learning guitar and have failed, probably because I can't give it the time I need because of school and rugby. So I was at first thinking of postponing my learning until I'm finished school but then I heard a bass. I really liked it and also think it would be easier to play.

Note to all bassists here I am in no way saying that bass is easy, I'm sure it's not but it'll be easier for me to learn based on my logic of less strings = less learning time. Probably not the case but I was thinking of trying it, anyway my friend said he'll buy my guitar that he sold me back from me for 1/10 of the price (not inclined to go along with it) and he can get me a good bass for €30.

So what do you think, should I continue on with guitar which to be honest I don't particularly enjoy because I view it as a chore and move on to a bass which I think I might enjoy because I like the way it sounds.
I'm also a hooker/prop/wing-forward. Rugby (Union that is) is the best sport in the world. Any Americans want to watch it, USA is playing Munster, the team I support on Saturday. I think it's being shown on ESPN, though not sure.

Not quite a funny story but once for my school we were 20 - 0 down at half time. We came back and won 28 - 25. It was great because I'd heard one or two of them laughing at half-time.
I'm sorry, that title is reserved for Scent of a Woman.
ISTJ which makes sense as under list of careers it listed what I wanted to be.
The first time I heard facepalm I thought it was when you strike someone in the face with your palm.
Master of Puppets is Metallica's third album. It was released by Elektra Records on February 21 1986. The album is quite possibly the single most overrated album in the history of metal, topping almost any "Greatest Heavy Metal Album List" for no apparent reason other than being rather tame for thrash metal and containing many unrelated acoustic passages deemed "revolutionary" and "groundbreaking".

EDIT: Damn, that's what I get for not reading the entire topic.

Lost at the MGS4 ones.

£10 given originally

Each get one back

£30 - 3 = 27

Waiter takes 2

= £25
I train with rugby two times a week and go to the gym 4 times a week so yes.
I remember when he had a myspace page, it listed Scientology as his religion, though I only thought it was a joke.
Rock 51
Punk 40
Blues 55
Metal 14 Heal
Jazz 23
Grunge 12 Hurt
I like to start off with the shower warm/hot then before I get out, I shove it down to icy-cold for a few minutes.
How about change the genre yourself if it bothers you? That's what I do.