Hi all

I figured this is the most relevant place to ask but my question still seems a little out of place.

I'm looking for a VST which can sound like the Intro to Stereophonics - Dakota. After a quick google I found some settings as follows:

Set both oscillators to saw, set oscillator 2's "freq" to 7 semitones above that of oscilllator 1. Use the filter in lowpass mode (the HPF light should not be lit), turn the cutoff all the way up and the resonance to zero. Set the amplifier envelope to ADSR 0 5 0 0. Set unison to 2 voices, set the "analog" slider to 1/3rd or so, and put a 100% wet flanger with lots of feedback on the result. It's best to start from an initialized patch, that's the least work.

which is good in theory but I need an instrument with these sort of things on its interface.

If it helps, I'm using Ableton Live, perhaps you know a generic VST that will help?
Depends what you call a robot I suppose. A dish washer and washing machine could be considered robots. They don't have to be mobile.
Well there's 3 things you gotta know...

"Got any raisins"
"err... no?"
"Oh, well how about a date?"

"Pack your bags love, you've scored"

"haaaave you met me?"
Foo Fighters
Queens of the Stone Age
Sunny Day Real Estate

That list was quite hard to write, I guess I get most of my influence from the Pixies, there are also other bands like Modest Mouse, U2, and Incubus. It's hard to choose, there are bits from all these bands that I wish I could have in my musical repertoire.
I get the UG albums when I see them.

There's one song I don't have but want though. I've always really liked EnZed's Kicking Stones recording on his profile page.
I am drunk and wat ias this>

seroisly vagoans rule and my girls froend doesnt get it
That was creepy as hell. It's on stumbleupon now.
I don't hate any instruments. I find the cuica pretty weird mind you, but I still want one.
Wait... 60% accuracy?? That is less than impressive. But cool, whatever.
The think you have to realise is that empty means there is nothing in the glass, and half of nothing is still nothing. So half empty means the glass is empty in my eyes. The glass is always half full
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Yeah, k.

btw you guys do realize he's an adbot, right?

Then why did the ad bot go to the effort to make a poll? I don't see any ads on the linked site either. Mind you I have script blocker, so forgive me if there is.
everythin is gon b ok

I use UG classic
I keep my golf clubs in front of my TV
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False expectations.
Further away from Jesus.

What's Jesus?
I thought that was pretty awesome tbh. What's your guitar? Looks sexy.
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the final line of the article is better than any puns you'll see ITT

I'm glad you pointed that out! Bloody brilliant.
Drop-crotch pants. They are the grossest POS invention ever.
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^Meh, aren't there any better games coming your way? Personally i'm not at all mad about Argentina, i guess if you liked either of the teams you might consider going

Nah the only other is Georgia vs Romania round here. Argentina is the only of the 3 teams playing here that i'd like to see.
Revenge is sweet.

Hmmm... I could pay $81 to watch Argentina thrash Georgia. That's one of two games being played where I live, prices are a bit steep. Should I?
Go as a creeper or something minecraft related. All you need is cardboard boxes.
I must say, when I got to the end of Borderlands and didn't even see the inside of the vault I was unimpressed. But it did explain the logo which I was confused about for the whole game. The ending still sucked though - for this reason Fallout is better.
Oh what? Can you still see the nips? When I go to the link I get a list of pics from Daniel Radcliffe to Jimmy Brolin atm. The list is constantly changing.

Ohhh ne'r mind a thang... I had a script blocked that was stopping the page from loading all the pics. I'll take the link down.
Pit, I present to you

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Creepy as fuck! I just thought you ought to know.
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Is that a vote for Option 4?

That's what I thought when I heard "A Spectral Suspension" before I knew Brody had gone and done that.

Wo... There's a poll?! Yeah then I guess it is :P

I hadn't heard of them or her before the beginning of this year when I went to see QOTSA and a random chick in line with was obsessed with them. They've got a good sound though.
I may be mistaken, but isn't one of the members in that band Josh Hommes wife?
Major douche, even more so the Axl Rose since you're hardly well known enough to have an ego that big.
It would be effin lame if you ditched... Just do what you gotta do.
Oh god! Little ender of course! Look at the shape of the cup, it's clearly designed to hold the big end.

I am right! Thank you and good bye!
That sure is saucepicious behaviour on his part.
The hell?! How have I never heard about this? Does it take place every year? Disgusting...
Digital creates discretisation distortion, although an incredibly small amount. A record is analogue, although a lot these days are digitally remixed which IMO defeats the purpose of the record.

Records - continuous in both time and magnitude domains
Tapes - continuous magnitude domain, discrete in time domain
CDs - discrete in both domains
Digital formats - discrete in both domains, often compressed to reduce storage space required

CDs possess the advantage that you can instantly locate the beginning of any track, and they are far more portable than a record. Digital formats are so portable the slight (generally unnoticeable to the average ear) reduction in quality due to discretisation is worth being able to take the music with you.
Scramble up the letters from the name of the kennel you're getting her and see what you can spell

Also some suggestions:
Jasmine or Jazz for short
Tui - thats a native nz bird
Salty the sea dog
Where do bands like TesseracT fall? I like that mostly. And verse-chorus, for bands like deftones.
Devourke, are you from Welly or something? I'm in palmy north and not even the bad weather wants to come here I want snow!! We're about the only place in the lower North Island that doesnt get snow...
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Internet Hi 5

I'm 20 By the way

Well yours seems to have taken off quite nicely

But... I actually thought about doing it, so come november 8th could you make one for me? I'll send you a New Zealand $1 coin in the mail.
Huh... I've never made a bday thread before.

What will you do for me?

EDIT: and happy birthday!!
Further investigation is required..