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It's not ****ing hard

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Question, why don't you have an online version? Does it not run in the Unity Webplayer?

If it did I could play this shit!
Looks good unfortunately it only runs on windows so I'm out
Smoking helps me, and drinking room temperature water, warmups etc. simple shit really
This the best thread ever
It's late so I can't be bothered typing out all my opinions on this.

You can assume I'll agree with about 99% of what maximus says though.

Here's some chill to lighten all you tight-arses up too
You forgot to add how Europeans invented America
Earlier today, Google announced the addition of an animated GIF filter that allows searchers to specifically weed out photos that move. To access this soon to be overused feature, click on Google's Search tools option and select "Animated" as your image type.


It seems like this should've happened ages ago but it's here!

I just found out this thread existed!

Anyhoo, got this in the post today
I don't think there's martial law but apparently there's been rioting..... first I've heard of this. 4 ****ing days and it's been absolutely nowhere here, not even the BBC. Everyone's too busy talking about the ****ing pope.
I'm a smoker, as is my girlfriend. We're both adults and old enough to make our own decisions. And whoever said that is shows your intelligent, intelligent people are more likely to take different substances, including tobacco.
I go to the PICTURES to watch a FILM, take the LIFT to the right floor and get some SWEETS and a bottle of GINGER to enjoy with the FILM.
Is it really that hard to leave a couple of quid/dollars/bucks whatever when you leave a bar? (Assuming you've been in there for a bit). If everyone I served more than say, 5 drinks, left 1 pound? I wouldnt be wrapped up in a big blanket right now instead of putting on the heating.
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You've obviously never worked in hospitality. It's expected. Unless everyone is just shitty at their jobs in Aus because no one tips.

Hospitality is the single most inconvenient industry I've ever worked in, but I've had some of my funnest nights ever at work, swings and roundabouts really

And I do get that remembering peoples orders thing, funnily enough it actually helps increase tips
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yeah, and as long as the customers continue to tip you wont get a minimum wage. As the ones above you can point at the tip and you'll go "oh wow I made all this from tips?" and othing will be done about the situation.

I as a customer am not responsible for the terrible wages and I don't wanna be part of a continuation of it.

I try not to rely on tips tbh, I understand when people don't tip, and I don't treat anyone differently if they don't. It's a nice gesture to me, certainly not something I expect people to do.

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Tipping (especially forced/compulsory, like "service charges") is a scourge on the earth in most scenarios.

Ill go out to a nice restaurant, spend a couple hundred pounds and yes, if the service is fantastic, which it should be for that money, they'll get a tip.

Tipping a bar tender? Give me a break. Give me a drink and get out of my face.

If you're not earning enough money through your wages alone, you probably should have paid more attention at school. Either way, not my problem.


Forced tipping is ******ed, it's only something I do if I get good service.

PS. I'm currently at uni getting a degree so I don't have to spend the rest of my days pouring drinks for fuck all money
As someone who works in a hotel bar & restaurant I always tip when I go out. We get paid less than chefs/reception/house keeping because the management expect us to make the difference in tips. Even if I only get a tenner or something, it's still my taxi home, it adds up and we will appreciate it.
Harlem Shake is not a prank.
You can link to the video.
Old meme is old.
Been reading cracked lately?
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Essentially, in a pure socialist economy, all wealth goes to workers; there's no room for accumulating stock, dividends, or rent. Under pure capitalism, owners collect all wealth produced through the use of their property and then distribute a portion of it according to contractual obligations while the rest is kept as capitalist profit. Socialism was born of the labour struggle: workers vs owners. It aims to bring an end to the distinction between the two major classes under capitalism: working class (proletariat) and owning class (bourgeoisie). It is important to note the difference between socioeconomic status (SES) and class. Although certain groups of people may be refered to as middle class, this is a description of their SES. In terms of social class, when talking about working class, it isn't making a distinction between blue-collar and white-collar work but between employees and employers i.e. those who's living is primarily funded via working wages vs capitalist profit.

There are a few different versions of socialism -- namely social democracy ( more labour laws and higher taxes on capital gains and dividends are implemented within a democratic state until capitalist profit and capitalist relations in general are eliminated), state capitalism / worker state ( all industry is inherited by the state which serves the workers ), and anarchism ( all political/judicial/economic power is decentralized, capitalism may no longer exist as there is no centralized power to enforce private property; all property is then socially defined as it is nothing but a social construct ).

Thanks that genuinely helped me understand it all better
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Healthcare is more social liberalism than it is socialism. It's only socialism in the event that wealth from employers is being redistributed to employees as a sort of social wage. Taking money from one employee and giving it to another is not strictly socialist.

You clearly know much more about this than I do lol.

Out of curiosity, how would you define socialism? I find the concept hard to understand.
Also, healthcare, not completely but there's definitely some semi-decent models in some countries.
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The biggest folly in the conservative argument against "free handouts" is the notion that everyone's spot in life is solely the result of their own actions and not affected by anyone else. Oh, you're poor and can't afford food? Too bad! You're rich and can spend obscene amounts of money on trivial things? Oh, it's all your own hard work, and you never had any advantages growing up.

And this is flat-out not true. As much as the conservatives would like to believe that every wealthy person in America is an Andrew Carnegie who started out with nothing, those kinds of stories are the exception, not the norm.

For those railing against the "free handouts," did you really get to your place in life all by yourself? Because I sure didn't; my place in life to date was largely the result of several other outside factors.

Part of it is the hard work of my parents to put me and my siblings in a better place than they wer growing up, and that in part is the result of the hard work of my grandparents to put their children in a better place than they were growing. Part of it is the fact that public schooling is paid for with taxes; I had a fantastic public education, and that was only the result of everyone in my region contributing something to that system.

So when you rail against someone for being poor, consider that not everyone's family has a history of upward mobility. And, since most of the poor people in the US are of racial minorities, consider that people of color were not afforded the same civil rights as whites for the first 200 or so years of our nation's existence (and slavery was legal for the first 90 of those years), so there was no opportunity for upward mobility. And consider that many poor people do not have access to schools of the same quality as you might have; compare some of the inner-city schools in Springfield, MA (my hometown) and compare it to public schools in Ludlow or Longmeadow, MA, and you'll see a significant difference.

Your place in life is determined as much by history as it is by yourself, and a few isolated success stories of people succeeding in spite of the system does not mean the system isn't horribly, horribly flawed.

By far the most intelligent post I have ever read on here.

I do consider myself a bit of an 'anarchist', depending how you define it. I don't really believe in large scale Governance (is that even a word?) I think that smaller areas (geographically) like communities will know what's best for that area. They'll be able to use the resources available in the area the most efficiently and effectively without the bureaucratic bull that comes with having a government.

This is literally a quick brain fart and I'll assume that more than half is a lot of rubbish but hopefully I got across a little of what I meant to convey
I thought everyone knew about party hard? Everyone about my area has at least heard the song.

This is the greatest thing ever! Lets all go party in the middle east.
Wow I feel inadequate, this is my first ever head model so go easy :P I'm semi-proud of it but I'm on a tight deadline and I don't have any more time to work on it.

Apologies for the massive images lol
I'm in Glasgow, it's shit in an awesome way if that makes any sense.

Plus we just had BOSS thunder and lightning.

I do miss the countryside though, it was peaceful
I wonder, will everyone who gave evidence be charged with perjury? If they're found guilty then they must have lied in court.
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Cool idea, time will tell how it does.

Oh and whatever happened to OnLive? It was all the hype a while back...

It's got $5.4m in like, 2 weeks. I think that shows that people want this, if it gets off the ground it'll be a massive revolution in the current gaming industry.

I went for the $99 package, plus $30 for an extra controller and $20 for shipping outside the US, it ended up about £100. and I'm guaranteed a console before it hits shops, bonus!

I'm tempted to start developing a game for it now. If it can run some modern games then that will definitely help.
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This whole thing, while pretty bad, has been blown way out of proportion by politicians to deflect attention from the expense scandal. Now THAT was a proper scandal.

This picture comes to mind

I don't know if this has been posted here but I'm gonna post it anyway god damnit!

Meet, OUYA

It's a kickstarter application to develop a new console, it runs on android, is completely open, pre-rooted and hackable without voiding the warranty. All games will have a free to play element as well, so it sounds pretty good
If anyone can develop for android then you might want to take a look at this

Eight people, including Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson, will face a total of 19 charges relating to phone hacking, the Crown Prosecution Service has said.

The two ex-News of the World editors will be charged in connection with the accessing of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler's phone messages.

They are among seven of the paper's former staff facing charges of conspiring to intercept communications.

The CPS said the charges related to 600 alleged victims between 2000 and 2006.

The revelation that 13-year-old Milly's phone had been hacked by the News of the World after she went missing in Surrey in 2002 led to the closure of the Sunday tabloid newspaper in July last year.

Mrs Brooks, who is also a former chief executive of the paper's publisher News International, faces three charges relating to the alleged accessing of phones belonging to Milly and former Fire Brigades Union boss Andrew Gilchrist, CPS legal adviser Alison Levitt QC said in a statement.

Mr Coulson, the prime minister's former communications chief, will face four charges linked to accusations of accessing the phone messages of Milly, former Labour home secretaries David Blunkett and Charles Clarke, and Calum Best, the son of the late footballer George Best.

In a statement, Mrs Brooks said: "I am not guilty of these charges. I did not authorise, nor was I aware of, phone hacking under my editorship."

She added that the charge concerning Milly was "particularly upsetting, not only as it is untrue but also because I have spent my journalistic career campaigning for victims of crime".

The others facing charges are former News of the World managing editor Stuart Kuttner, former news editor Greg Miskiw, former assistant editor Ian Edmondson, former chief reporter Neville Thurlbeck, former assistant editor James Weatherup and private investigator Glenn Mulcaire.

Ms Levitt said that 13 files had been passed to the CPS by the Metropolitan Police and she had decided that there was a "realistic prospect of conviction" in relation to eight of them.

All of the suspects apart from Mr Mulcaire will be charged with conspiring to intercept communications without lawful authority between October 3, 2000, and August 9, 2006.

Prosecutors will allege that more than 600 people, including Hollywood actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, were victims of this offence.

Other victims of alleged hacking named in connection with the charges were former England manager Sven-Goran Eriksson, television stars Abi Titmuss and John Leslie, chef Delia Smith, actors Jude Law, Sadie Frost and Sienna Miller, and footballer Wayne Rooney.

Ms Levitt said that no further action would be taken in relation to three other suspects, but police have asked her to defer making a decision over two remaining suspects while they made further inquiries.

The eight who are facing prosecution will be charged when they answer police bail later.

She added that once police had contacted all the alleged victims, a list of them would be made available.

So what does everyone think of this?

Personally I think it's more show than actual action, they won't get long sentences and they certainly won't be treated like normal prisoners. They'll be out in no time and back in to executive jobs.

I also find it worrying that our Prime Minister seemed to surround himself with criminals....
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Piece of sh*t movie...but the song in the beginning of the trailer, what's it called? Anyone knows? I've been searching for it for a while now. With the chick singing. Thanks!

I'm on my phone so I can't watch it but I think I remember it being la roux, in for the kill. Or a remix.
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Looks alright i suppose. Pretty corny and cliche but that's pretty much standard with any action film these days.

I knew you'd say that...

I was thinking the same, but I think the feeling of pure nostalgia'll make it orgasmic
It's funny but it's not ironic lol
Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow yesterday was pretty sweet. Someone brought a canopy/tent and about 25-30 of us sat inside smoking in full view of the police and the public

We passed out leaflets and passed some spliffs around. The police came up and spoke to us at one point, they said that everything was above board!

It was a shame about the weather, I think the hill would've been full if it wasn't raining.