So I realize I mentioned it and disappeared for a couple days due to work blowing my phone up, date night with the woman, ect, but here's the skinny on the 52 Les Paul

I have a friend at the local airport who's pretty awesome. Former fighter pilot, former astronaut, current air race pilot, super interesting guy. He also happens to love guitars. So I saw him the other day out there and he says to stay put and he'd be right back. He comes back carrying a case. Opens it up and there's a 52 gold top in its factory configuration. I expect him to open the case, let me drool for a minute, and shut it. Nope, pulls it out, throws it in my hands and tells me to pick away. The story on it was awesome. He had a friend years ago who said he had a 52 that he'd sell him cheap (like less than a grand cheap), but it's been hacked up. Said it was painted red with a brush, had a tune o matic and humbuckers. But it was still cool so he bought it. Years later his wife is taking some night classes at a local college. There was a guy claiming to be head of the Gibson custom shop in the class. She mentioned the guitar and he says to bring it to him and he'd restore it. So they do, thinking they've probably just been robbed. But then a year later he gets a call from the Gibson custom shop asking him to be at the Gibson showcase at a certain time. He does and they guy shows up case in hand and presents him with the 52 restored to its former glory, free of charge.

I just thought it was a cool story, couldn't resist sharing!
Got to spend some time with a 52 les Paul yesterday. Dayum
A Randall diavlo for bonamassa? Okay then...
I was after the same types of tones as you, and I ended up with the Jet City. I like
It quite a bit. The DSL would be a good option as long as it's an older one. The 6505 is modern sounding to me, but it pulls off an old school Thrash tone just fine IMO
The 40c is okay, not as good as the older stuff
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How does it compare to the terror? More gain? Less? More vintage flavors? Does it do wicked low gain tones?

Some dude is selling one locally and they seem cool

Much more gain. Its high gain sound is basically Duality by Slipknot. The low gain sounds are pretty nice too. Its just a lot beefier than the Terror. I'd definitely buy one. The high gain sounds are what I really like though. Its just that awesome kinda sludgy thick goodness
Definitely the Jet City amps. Especially the 2 channel ones. I've got the 22 with the depth mod, and it's far and away my favorite amp I've owned
ive always been a bourbon guy personally, but I had a buddy pick me up a bottle of glenfiddich scotch when he passed through London a couple weeks ago, and I do have to admit I'm liking it

In other news, finally sold the tiny terror. I played an OR15 yesterday, that things a beast
Anybody played a Seymour Duncan convertible? One for $250 on Craigslist here
i love my job, but I woke up at 7am on Friday and didn't get any more sleep until about 10pm last night. being on call might just kill me
I agree the MA is mediocre at best. Sounds like a Marshall DSL would do what you want and do it well
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Line-6 pimp. Decent guy. Opinionated, just like the rest of us...

Yep, he's still here...

I thought he always suggested Carvin?

Anyways. I'm considering actually being helpful around the forum instead of just popping in from time to time to say hi to you bastards :p
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Mesa pimp. Decent guy. Opinionated, just like the rest of us.

Mesa pimp is a bit of an understatement, but he does seem alright.

Is that dspellman guy still around?
Hey Kevin! Been a long time

It's a balmy 16 degrees here in Nashville. I've therefore decided to sit at home an play guitar and Fallout 4 until I have to go to work at 3:30

Bowie and Lemmy within a couple weeks...damn
Sounds like the AC30 is a winner. And maybe invest in a Strat
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Correct. JCA50 112 combo when it's MF's stupid deal.

This, if you play the typical classic rock, metal, ect
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^ What happened to the Traynor YCV? Cool amp. Congrats on the Jet City. I should get out and give those amps another fair shake:

Only on UG would I say I got engaged and bought a jet city and get congratulated on the amp

The YCV was actually what I traded for the JC and 2x12. It was cool, but just not quite raunchy enough for me. This 22h has the depth mod. It just sounds so much deeper and ballsier than the YCV that I couldn't resist. I do miss the cleans and smooth blues tones the YCV had though

We've got a Popeyes on campus, so I've eaten more than my fair share

EDIT: My god I want that tele
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So what amps do you have now exactly?

I've got the JCA with some no name 2x12 that actually sounds surprisingly good, the Tiny Terror (although trying to sell it), a no name 1x12 with an EVM12L (also sounds surprisingly good).

Oh yeah, and the Vypyr. Just haven't had the heart to get rid of that one.

But I'm also keeping up an airplane, Got a 2nd truck, a puppy, and got engaged, so not a lot of play money left for amps
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How you been? It's been a while

Busy. Trying to finish school while holding a job flying medevac while flight instructing on the side. I did find time to trade for a jca22h though. Love that thing.

In other news, what's the opinion on Rock Island arms around here?
My preference would be the Delta blues 1x15. But it's a kind of unique sound, so try it first if you can. Kind of big and swampy IMO
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a used YCV50Blue would work as well.

This is what I was thinking. I loved mine for that type of stuff
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What are you flying?

Cessna 170B taildragger. Gotta admit, I was a little nervous to be flying a plane from 1952 that hadn't been flown in 15 years. Hangar queens are always crapshoots. Oh yeah, and id never flown a 170. Oh yeah, and it was in the middle of the f*cking Rockies...

First day went well today. Planes pretty docile to fly, and it turned out to be a damn good old plane. Very strong running, very nice overall. It's not an Alaska monster, but a pretty decent light bush flying plane. The weather gave us some fits, especially trying to get out of the Rockies. But all in all well, made it to rapid city, SD. All the way to Tennessee tomorrow. Pics when I'm not exhausted


I've literally been all over the friggen US today. Currently sitting in Kalispell, Montana. ferrying a small airplane back to Tennessee from here starting tomorrow, pics to come!
Ippon- about $7500 and 50 hours to learn to fly. You should do it 😁

Aaaaaarg dammit, just missed out on a vertical Jet City 2x12. On of the vintage lookin ones with V30s. I'm Cabless, and it was exactly what I needed at the right price

In other news, Im getting sent to Montana to pick up an airplane for one of our customers, since I'm the only one at our whole company who can fly a taildragger. Should be fun
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yeah they released the control tower recordings and they kept telling her to pull up

I'm sure flying with insturments only must take some getting used to, just seems like it would be unnatural since every thing we do is by sight

Totally. You can't see shit. You can feel like you're level and be in a hard right turn descending fast. Guess how I figured that out...
Well good for you man, I'm glad it's coming pretty easy for ya!

And yeah, visual flight rules (VFR) only pilots flying into low visibility is a killer. You'll crash before you know whats happening if you haven't been trained for it
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Your girlfriend think's your tractor's sexy or what?

And I have to say, most girls would have thought I was crazy, but she latched onto the idea. She loved it, wanted to learn about them, and asked if she could help. Then she found a friend that had a 1947 Ford tractor sitting in a fence row, got it given to me, made arrangements to go get it, and has been out there turning wrenches with me and pouring over service manuals ever since.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, she got her pilot's license and has me teaching her to fly a taildragger in my bird too

And she makes a helluva key lime pie, keeper for sure
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not bad

we have a small city airport here that has an extremely busy school (Embry-Riddle is only 20 miles away also). some home owners want the airport to shut down because there are literally planes flying over head to land every 60 sec. The city keeps telling them to basically suck it up because the airport has been there since the 30's (it was an army air-corps base)

I also quit smoking a little over a month ago

Your girlfriend think's your tractor's sexy or what?

We have the same situation here. Airport was a WWII training base, but people complain about the noise. You buy a house next to the airport, then complain about the noise. Smart. Our response? We're extending the runway and building more hangars

We had a heck of a time poking fun and that Riddle plane that ran into another Cessna on the taxiway a couple weeks ago, then had one of ours land with the gear up a couple days ago. Karma's a bitch Just for the record, wasnt me or one of my students

And awesome! I finally quit dipping. It's still a struggle every day, but you just gotta remember what you have to lose. You're in the same boat as me, your career needs good health
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what's up classicrocker01? Haven't seen you here in a while

Hey Robb, been busy as f*ck. Started flight instructing in January and theyve kept me moving nonstop, then add in the semester's class load and things got hectic. And I've moved twice, started restoring an old tractor, took partial ownership of my girlfriend's dog and adopted a dog of my own. I stay busy

How you been?
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Las Vegas. I just landed in Toronto

Who are you flying with?
Jet City by far unless you need pristine cleans. The overdrive is loads better IMO after owning both. The Valveking was a good amp, but the OD wasn't in the same league as the JCA
I would definitely look at the YCV50B, Jet City, and Peavey Classic 30. I've owned all of them, and they would all suit your mission perfectly.
Southeast Missouri and Tennessee have gotten me used to bipolar weather. Sometimes Im wearing a t shirt in December and a coat in August

Snapped a gorgeous pic of the sunset while flying around trying to figure out an electrical problem this evening

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Right side up or upside down?

Right side up, thank God.
So we had a student land one of our planes with the gear up today