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She did NOT solicit sex for tickets. She said she would get creative in her payment method. That could mean anything; it is not incriminating.

doesnt matter, the government needs to make an example of her,

nail her to the highest of crosses!!!!

im glad some 14 year old girl is probably getting raped while cops are busy with this stupid sh*t
experimental blues rock band looking for bass player in London Ontario
please more posts, MOAR MOAR MOAR!!!!!!
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mine is simply: ''See you on the flipside'' from Boondock Saints

good one,

"the hunt is on" - hunt for the red october
- pink floyd
- the doors
- jimi hendrix
- led zeppelin
- funkedlic
- the black angels
- tool
- black sabbath

looking for anyone interesting in making this sort of music

if your interested please dont be shy - contact brett or hit up my UG profile
just go and try, and a opportunity will present itself, I got $200 seats at a neil young concert this way, for myself and 4 other friends

all because a door man believed I was leaving the venue and gave me a free hand stamp
nice thread idea

1. jimi hendrix - ability to be such a incredible artist with the guitar
2. david gilmour - tone from heaven, construction of this solo's is the best
3. jimmy page - the man writes riffs like its steal candy from a blues artist
My guitar playing is really lacking that whole theory side of things, im looking to learn how to read music and learn that whole other side of the instrument.

So my question to you is, what do you guys/girls recommend for a good book to learn from, or a book you dont recommend

Any information would be of great use, im hoping to go to college next year to study guitar so I need to get myself up to speed before the auditions

thanks a ton!
lmao the one clap is the best part
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this plus any music really
maybe this thread should have a poll ?
this is really stupid, there were alot of big names at Woodstock, the Who, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, Canned Heat etc.

Seeing as Hendrix headlined the event, I would say that makes him the biggest artist at the festival

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this. and clapton.

clapton wasnt there, cream was invited but chose not to play
i lived a week with nothing and its a very special experience, when you own nothing, nothing owns you and you are truly free. Its a feeling that I will never forget.
this story is pretty epic, congrats to UG couples!
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Three Little Pigs

3 of you wear pig masks and 1 of you wear a wolf mask.

i also support this idea
Im looking for some people in the Mississauga region to start up a simple band with. If your interested let me know! (i check my UG profile everyday so drop a line there)
im down to jam dude, you still interested?
Mississauga, lookin for ppl to jam with always
For Crying Out Love - Meat Loaf
Dont think Twice its alright - bob dylan
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rage against the machine

the offspring
pearl jam


both formed in the 80's dude,

i personally cant come up with 5
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against, it's terribly fake sounding and sucks the life out of vocals.

this, it physically doesnt work dudes,

you take someone who cant sing, and make them sing with software, your making something which does not exist and i think thats wack
sweet rigs so far ladies and gents

*reserved for pics*
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can you explain what that means?

google "Illuminati"
Better luck next time I suppose.
Yea I once walked for 4 days away from my town. It was a epic 220 km hike. No regrets.
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my doomsday clock pwns yours

not me, Squier Strats are freakin sick first guitars
Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for

so answer is nope
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It's Texas, he probably still voted for Bush

LOL, Ive voted bush 3 times and I damn well will vote for him a 4th!!! FOR FOX NEWS!!!!! lolol
I personally think its the way to go, I like the idea of deciding when and where I die, sort of like a slap in the face to god

probs do it one day when I am a old man
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i kinda like "The Game" as a perma name... no one takes anything seriously in the "Pit" so it fits...

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the gullibles

well it depends on what "the doors tone" is to you,

If the doors tone to you is like riders on the storm, the end, etc. and you prefer robbie's clean psychedelic tone I would say get a fender twin amp or something very similar with a nice rich reverb, add a analog tremolo pedal and it would sound breath takin

if the doors tone to you is more along the lines of roadhouse blues, the rockin heavier tone, going with some sort of marshall is the best option, cause like you said yourself, that what he used, so thats what sounds like that

hope this helps

edit: i also found this, might help
interesting stuff
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I know, I know I'm not trying to condemn them for making money on this, just saying, they're passing it off for something it's not.

Food for thought:

yea they can use him to market, but i have a feeling we wont see hendrix in a tv ad for burger king cause of this
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Intelligent response.

I don't see how this is particularly interesting. I find it sad that someone like him is being exploited for money at the expense of his death, and they are trying to pass it off as making his legend live on.

people just want to hear more, i dont feel its about the money, fans want this, its not being pushed on us
man If I waited for permission from my parents to buy a guitar I would still not have one, save up the money yourself and go buy it

dont use their money and your in the clear