I think its one of thoses words that doesnt rhyme.
But you could do what I did with orange in a song for my girlfriend.
"Damn, Nothing rhymes with Orange"
My dream band would be:

Vocals: Lenny Kravitz.
Lead Guitars: Steve Vai and Joe Satriani.
Lead Guitar with Backup Vocals: Jimi Hendrix.
Bass: Billy Sheehan.
Drums: Lars Ulrich.

After looking at that it is very abstract.
But to me that would be awesome
Steve Vai - Crazy Tramp Guy (I honestly dont know why)
Joe Satriani - Hairdresser
Buckethead - KFC CEO
Sad but True by Metallica is a Whole Step Down
Aaaah right
Thanks for your help guys its highly appreciated
Mucho Thanks.
Okay firstly im sorry if this has been asked before, I did search and got nothing so

But yeah its basically what the title says, how would I figure out and change the key of a song?

Thanks in advance
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My hands are 8.2 Inches.
Metallica and Killswitch Engage FTW!!!
Aaaaaah sorry
I joined like, 3 days ago sorry.
Nah i was kinda going for one that goes under the pickups slightly, is there any like Online Guitar Builder thingy?
Because I could try and show ya on that
Hahaha i didnt excuse the term, sorry
But Thanks for you input guys and im not so sure about drilling it but i suppose its trial and error, so yeah I may give it a go in the not to distant future.
Thanks a bunch dudes
Howdy there, This is my first Thread (woop) but yeah its basically the same as the Title except is it possible to put a Pickguard on a Guitar that doesnt have one, the Guitar im referring to is this one.

So is it possible and how would it be done?
Thanks in advance guys and gals
Aaaah right thanks for that BladeSlinger ill get my friend to learn that part
Also I like to play Rose of Sharyn, even if im in the wrong tuning without an Amp
Haha thanks Footzyrama, I was wondering is that part of Call of Ktulu hard?
I havent to be honested listened to the song much, i know...SIN
Hmmm, Mine would probably be either Enter Sandman all the way through or basically anything Metallica Yeah...My Fave Riffs to play are everything Metallica
Hello guys and gals.
Im new also, My name is Josh
I wont go into a whole Biography so dont worry