When I bought by MIM tele I was honestly blown away by how versatile it is, all the different kinds of music I play with it, etc. I have the blacktop HH though, so I can't speak the single coil MIM, but I'd say it'd probably be worth it versus a LP, plays very differently, I like the feel a lot.
I stole a balloon...

On free balloon day.
yo those are freakin rad as shit
everyone always knows when I'm drunk cause I start talking with my hands.. A LOT
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whoa what kind of cat is this??
I hate BC Riches and people who play them.
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Lil wayne blows, try Common or Mos Def or Aesop rock

This guy knows whats up^

But eh, I think this kid is pretty good.
since we're on the topic, and I haven't been around this website in awhile.. is the pear still banned?

Sup. I did this with MS paint. You don't know my life. Shut up.
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There's nothing wrong with O'Reilly. He knows his things. You just don't like him because he supports Bush, and Bush wasn't a bad president.

I agree with Bush not being a bad president (Except for the Bush tax cuts which were awful)

But Bill O'Reilly is still a huge idiot.
Pop punk/Thrash
Expanded to mainstream rap/hip hop (dark times)
More punk
More thrash/power/speed metal
Started going more towards death metal/melodic death metal
Then Deathcore

Now I'm into Indie/Folk, Hardcore, Punk, Neo-Classical, Pop-Punk, Deathcore, Groove Metal, and underground rap.

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Hey guys, i think this is my design for my tattoo. Its gonna be on my inner wrist, bout an inch/inch and a half long. The rings gonna be somewhat thicker but i keep ballsing up the design when i try to edit it!!

Thoughts/ opinions welcome.

I like it, I personally plan on getting "XXX" across my wrist in varsity font [despite how generic that sounds, hahah.]
Qdoba has bigger, less boastful burritos.
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What the hell do you want people to say to you?Do you want a pat on the back for telling people you have problems?

That was a stupid response.
For the full effect with html and all that jazz, view it on my deviantart here: and please comment/fav it if you like it! I also always return crits/comments!

That night I sat alone on the steps
I cried harder than I ever have before
And I didnt know why.
I was more scared and paranoid than I've ever been before
I could feel it all so clearly.
But I didn't know why.

Part 1: Love.

I thought about all that may never be, you and me,
We could reinvent the world and teach the blind to see.
With nothing but a gentle hand and a few too many cups of coffee.
If only we werent so ****ing afraid to make the leap.
Instead we just hope for fate to place us there.
But fate isn't listening.
Nobody's listening, and God is resting.

Would you call me insane?
Or would you join my adventure?

I have to stop writing now. I can no longer hold this pencil still, and I'm starting to see things that aren't there.

It's now pitch black,
The things you see and hear in the dark always make you think and wonder so much more.
I don't know why.
I can hear a feral cat meowing in the distance.
Maybe it's looking for a home, food, company, or just anything to let it know that it's really even there and that it's being heard.
Honestly, I just don't know.

But in that moment, I felt more connected to that cat than I ever have with anything in my life.
I don't know. Maybe insomnia is just playing tricks on me again.

Part 2: Sanity and the Little White Pills.

And I thought to myself.
Is this even who I am?
Is this really what I feel?
How much of this is real and how much is in my head?
And is it my sickness causing these delusions,
or is it the little white pills, manufactured to 'help' me?

Am I enlightened,
Or am I out of my ****ing mind?

What if..
No, that's not possible..
No. That could never happen to me.

Maybe I'm not here at all.
Maybe I'm locked up. Right now.
Maybe I'm not even writing this, it's just all in my brain.

You couldn't only exist in my mind, could you?
No, you would never do that to me.

Maybe you are the solitary glimmer of hope that wants me to waken from this nightmare.

Please, tell me that you're really there, and that you care about me.

And if you're there, let me know it, don't waste another second, please.
And if you're in my head, please wake me up, because I cannot take this any ****ing longer.

I have to go take my pills now.. I'm afraid of what will happen if I don't.

Light is beginning to return to the world,
But not to me.
The life is fleeting, away from the capsules that consume them 50mg at a time.
The pills that lock up my mind in a cage, far away.
-In shackles. In a straight jacket.-
The pills that create this mask, this façade.
-It's not me. It's not me.-

Is it all in my head? Paranoia? Will it go away?
No. This will never go away.
Not while I'm breathing.
Not while I'm breathing..

So what choice does that leave?

Part 3: Throne of A Disease.

Kneeling before the throne.
The throne of the entity that consumes every single fiber of my being.
The throne of the disease which plagues me.

Enslaves my every thought.
Covered in filth.
Left to rot.
Left to fester.

Holds hostage every hope.
Relentlessly lashes it's withered back.
Puts it in cuffs.
And sends it away.
To die.
On it's knees.
Face down.
In the dirt.
On the barren desert.
Of my mind.

Darkness all around.

No way back home.
No light at the end of the tunnel.
This is infinite.
This is forever.

Only one way out.
One way to be rid of this disease.
One way to end it.

Douse the room with gasoline.
Puddles forming on the floorboards.

Grab the knife, ever too tightly.
Cut the lines.
Bring the circulation to an end.

-The disease flows out-

Strike the match.
The way out.
To finally be free.

Drop the flame.
Let it loose.
Set it off.
Kill it all.

-Taking the host down with it-

Drop the flame.

I won't be consumed again.
I heard the new single.

I was incredibly incredibly disappointed...

I like a lot of their old stuff.. but this was just bad
well, one easy way is to just put in a buildup
Well the term was coined from the Minor Threat song "Straight Edge"
My band is called Annabelle Lee, We're a hardcore/deathcore band from Mansfield MA

Please check out our stuff! hope you like it!

definitely a fake
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**** YOU!!!

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I assume you're not the only band at the show? I'm sure someone there will let you use there amp.

someone do a shoop da woop
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make a fire close to the pc so it warms up

no, light it on fire!

seriously though, close the window first of all, then let the computer warm up
tippmans suck.

if you want a decent begineer gun,
get a smart parts Ion
especially is you get some upgrades, it can be really good
idk, but I like your music!
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ohhhhhhhhh god. this reminds me of that one kid that sat on the toilet backwards XD



i just may have to try that the next time i go to the bathroom...
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Neither, the answer lies in the squat, brother.


is this trnsparent? if not, can someone make it transparent for me please?
well, you cant dye darker hair to a lighter colour, you have to bleach it first.
i too, dislike the name, yet anticipate wonderful music nonetheless.
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