That was great! But the last part from 24 on sounds like it needs to be in a different song. Unless you some really smooth awesome transition for that.
With the help of Wikipedia, I've finally discovered what it is. It's a Platinum V! Apparently the last owner changed the pickups and truss rod cover.
It also Kind of looks like the Select, but this one has chrome hardware instead of gold....
It is a bolt on. I've had the VX (actually traded it for this now that I think about it) so I know it's definitely not that.
The pictures are too large for me to upload, so I'll post them on here as soon as I take care of that.
I've had this Dean V for probably about a year now. I've always wondered what model it was but could never find it. It's Korean made, black with a cream binding around the body, fretboard, and headstock, and it has pearl block inlays. Can anyone help me with this?
Nevermind, got it working.
I wanna give y'all a listen, but the damn bandpage thing isn't working. It loads the songs but won't play 'em. Got any youtube videos?
Find a place to play 'em and see which one you like better. Honestly, no one can really help you pick what YOU want. Both seem really nice though.
S.O.A.D. That's fun.
Seems kind of pointless... I can just NOT USE the tremolo and it works the same way....
Instead of working on bills to censor the internet, they should work on eliminating trolls.... It'll probably be a lot better for the world....
Thanks man. I appreciate the feedback.
I never said songs. I said videos. And I wasn't saying "Texas Thrash" I meant a thrash band FROM Texas.
About a year ago me and my friends started this band. Still trying to get everything together with our original songs, but we have a few videos of us covering stuff at Open Mic events and such. Check it out and "Like" us if you... well, like us. Thanks! \m/

P.S. I promise, my voice sounds better nowadays....
Would I have to get Marshall casters for my amp or would any brand work?
Sorry if this doesn't belong here. But does anyone know where I can get wheels for the bottom of a Marshall amp? I'd prefer not to carry it everywhere. Thanks.
If there's anyone who doesn't mind, I would really like a tab for this song. I love it and wanna learn it, but I'm not too good at learning by ear. It'd be greatly appreciated if someone could give me a little help with this. Thanks in advance.
I'm in the mood for learning some blues songs. UG Community, wanna lend a hand?
I'm trying to get back into shape. I'm not overweight or anything, but there are times where I feel too scrawny. So I was wondering if anybody knows of any good, EFFECTIVE workout routines? If so could you post a link to a website for it or just what you do and how often or something. I prefer NOT to join a gym, but if i have to I have no problem with it.
Also I don't wanna buy any ridiculous over priced equipment. So no shakeweight or anything like that please.
Pretty sure it's just tape dude. Tony Iommi does the same thing.
Tube, not sure. But a good solid state one is the Peavy Spyder 15 watt. Small, easily moved, and LOUD AS A BITCH!
I wish America had this..... We need it badly....
So, noobish question here, but I need an answer. Can I put Gibson Les Paul tuning pegs onto a Dean VX? I love the Les Paul tuners, but I love my Dean too. So I wanna put them on. Would it work? Thanks in advance.
Thats right! I forgot the name of it. And I was thinking classical guitar... Can it be hot glued?
Hey, can anyone tell me if the saddle (thing that holds the strings in place near the neck) is supposed to be glued in on the Dean VX? I was gonna take all the strings off mine so I could clean it and it came off so I'm not sure what I need to do with it. Thank you in advance.
If you don't like these guitars, what was the point of trying every single one?...
I say give it a try, bro. Then post some stuff on here. Hell, get in touch with me and send it to me. I'd love to listen to it.
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone. Gives you a VERY wide range of sound.
Yes, it can run as a half stack. I've seen it done.
They probably bought the tag so they could get more for it.
I agree with the guy above, vocals could use work. It sounds like Timmy from South Park is singing. But the music is great.
Quote by cptcomet
Trent Reznor
He's good to their sound, plays REALLY well at fast parts. So yes, he works for Meallica, but I don't think he's the greatest as everyone claims.
Washington Is Next by Megadeth!
Diehard KISS fan since I was born.... And I missed the December 5th Houston show..... My friend brought me confetti though......