how do you shred?
hammer on's and pulloff's?
speed picking?
sweep picking?
been playing for a year and still cant do it
i got the guitar pro version of its not over by secondhand serenade
but it says i need to update my guitar pro version
i have guitar pro 5
what is wrong?
hey guys, i am not good at playing by ear....just not a gift i hae like most people....and i would like to ask a favor of some of you.....i dotn know if u want to do this but if u do it would be much help to me......i need someone to make me a GUITAR PRO tab (i am not very good at making tabs either, becuz i cant play by ear)......this is the first time i will ask this becuz it is very rare that i find a song without a guitar pro version........the song i need is the following.....

Keith Urban- Stupid Boy

yes it is a country song but i still like it......if you DO make the tab please send it to my email address BELOW.........NO SPAM, or VIRUSES in the email......thanks =]

email address-
(no underscores or anything, thats the way it is....people dont understand that for some reason)

thanks again

trying to learn some new songs and there are parts of it that are for example(s)

JerryC- Canon Rock

lots of fast parts, is it mostly hammers and pull off's or is that just how fast he can pick

another example

Eric Johnson- Cliffs of Dover

same as Canon rock, lots of fast parts. Hammering and pull off's? or picking fast?

if it is fast picking, please help me out with some of the basics of it. i know hammering and pull off's


JerryC- Canon Rock


Eric Johnson- Cliffs of Dover

both awesome songs and STRICTLY guitar
that ****in' sucks gotilla balls.....that u have to BUY the song when u already boutght the frickin' 80 dollar game
ok you guys, i am VERY sure that if u r reading this then u have seen the commercials to Guitar Hero 3, i just finished the game, the COMPLETE game, and i hate to admit it, but i used one cheat to unlock all the songs, anyways, back to the point, the commercial i am talking about is when Slash comes out of the guys body and starts playing, i have heard that the song that he is playing to is called Slither by Velvet Revolver, well, after i used the cheat to unlock all the songs, it didnt have that song, and that is like my most favorite song......why is it not on the game? Is it on a different version of Guitar Hero or did the people just play the song to that commercial for advertising, if you know ANYTHING about this PLEASE help! =]


can someone please make me a REALLY cool fender pic, guitar, gibson, band logo, anything that is music related, please make me a really cool pic or if u FIND one, please send it to me......=]


(preferably fender, gibson, or guitar pic)
i know i sound stupid but i have to ask this or it will drive me crazy

i sort of know what barre chords but can you PLEASE give me a brief definition of barre chords and power chords and please give me a fe that are used regularly in tabs.

again, i am SOOOOOO sry if i sound stupid
ok, i dont know how it insert a part of miss murder into this so here go nothing, no link but i just copy and pasted


sry if its crooked, i hope u guys can read it......but how would i do tht, would i just barre cord it most of the way through? i just want ur guys opinions, please help. thanks
i am new to power there ne way to slow down the riff is u r having troble with it??? just curious
thanks guys
you guys have seen the guitar hero 3 commercial where slash comes out of the guy.....well what is the name of the song that he is playing on guitar hero 3? i really like and cant find......please help
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roosters dont lay eggs
Rise against- Everchanging
you guys are guitarted
rise against- everchanging
havent answered a riddle but here is one......

if a rooster lays an egg on top of a pointed house, what side will the egg roll on???
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but who is going to make a relationship thread......on a guitar site?
this thread seems pretty stupid, dosent it???
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a majority of the song solos i have been learning go above the 22nd fret and i want to know if guitar necks are speciall y made for the guitar or if you can put a neck that goes above 22 frets or will i just have to deal with it?

please help
not trying to sound funny but.....get a sharpie and recolor it. lol

just take the neck off of the guitar and try to repaint it some how, thats what i would do....

or maybe take to the place you bought it and ask if your situation is normal whammy bar...wah-wah bar.....wutevr you guys want to call broke!!! and now the threads to where i goes in is stuck in my bridge and i cant get it can i fix it???


ps- i found a really cool fender pic a while back and i cant find it no more, it had the phoenix bird and it said fender above it............if you find it tell me please
how do i get more??? i know how to turn it to the distortion but i feel like my amp is not producing as much distortion/overdrive as it can. is it the way my amp i set up or does it have to do with something simple like volume???
ok...i want to learn that calm bluesy stuff and calm down on some of my other songs. i play some rough stuff. what are some good blues bands??? blues- the stuff you see the person playing in bars and some hobo is getting drunk over some girl. lol (no offense to anyone). some good bands? tips? advice?

JoRdaN WaS HeRe
how do i do it??? i have had so many people tell me different things and i would try them and then they are wrong, how do i get that screaching sound out of my string??? just would really help me with my guitar playing
i would suggest some underoath or impending doom, they are that type of screamo that you cant understand but is still cool =]
i dont know how to drop tne and b4 ne body says it, i did search it and found nothing, so.....give me as many drop tunes as u can and tell me what they are and how to drop it. just give me some info i need to drop tune, please?
ok, i couldnt fnd a better spot to post this in, but what would be an alternative fret that i could play instead of 22? i dont have a 22nd fret and it bothers me
i just got into the screamo music and so far i LOVE it!!!!! but i only know a few bands, silverstein, atreyu, from autumn to ashes, and rise against. what are some more bands that are good???
hey, i lke ur idea the best, the others dont give me any advice they just tell me about peoples guitars, i will try ur idea and get back with you, thanks man
i ma trying to learn a new song called "if you could see into my soul" by silverstein, it said on the guitar tab that i should go to fret 22, last time i checked, i only had 21, and the one after that dosent produce a good, strong clear sound, is there another note that sounds like fret "22"???? i have only been playing for a few months so i am still kind of new, so i dont know about this kind of stuff