To be honest, physical activity does a lot more for academics than just hanging around.
Hey all. Just wondering if anyone might know what I need to do here. My crate powerblock amp cuts in and out at higher volumes occasionally and works fine at low volumes. Anyone have a fix?
i've heard good things about the guitar fetish pickups. they're pretty cheap too.
you'd be much better off with any kind of microphone. It's probably going to sound really clipped through the input.
History: American Pie Don Mclean
Letter: Dear Child by Anthony Green?
Myth: Crossroads - Cream, Robert Johnson
Legend: Achilles Last Stand - Zeppelin?
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mesa boogie triple rectifier

So where do I find me one of these $300 triple recs?
Perhaps Ray Ban.
I think Guitarfetish has mexican drop in parts. They're supposedly pretty good quality.
its a pinch harmonic with a bend.
I thought the vocals could've been mixed louder. The rest seemed pretty spot on except for the few minor things listed above. Good luck with your future mixes. C4C?
BTW, can I get the link for the drum track, I may have to do a full cover lol. Thanks
Sweet dude, brought back childhood memories. I loved that game. I'm not sure if it was intentional or not but you nailed the old school game sound. If you can check out my thread
Not too shabby. That's what I record with too lol. It's a great poor man's rig. Keep at the playing though you'll get it.
Spot on, guys. Thoroughly enjoyed that one. I feel like the gym echo adds a lot to the guitars. C4C?
It sounds really rushed but you've already acknowledged that. Other than that, What did you use to record and how long have you been playing?
Haha. Thanks man, I'll check yours out now.
That's pretty sick, man. That breakdown part is sick.
Hey everyone, just testing out my recording rig. Any tips and or comments are appreciated. Will C4C. Song is on my profile.
Go for the Epiphone SG and upgrade at least the bridge to a Duncan Invader,
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when its not Halloween

Really? No one else sees the wrong in that?
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It is quite disgusting that society has degraded this far to have little girls dressing like ladies of the night when its not Halloween.

so that's ok if it's halloween?
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I don't believe pros are ever "off-key".

No one's perfect. Pro's mess up all the time. It's just how it goes.
well if you're playing a bass through it, that may be a problem.
Jay turser makes good stuff. their sg is the jt 50.
Looks like it could be from the 80's maybe early 90's. I haven't seen any recent ones with the full cover lettering.
a good portion of the people who hate line 6 probably have never played one. it's your preference. try out some other stuff in your price range see what sounds best.
medieval would be a nylon string classical guitar but country you'd want steel string acoustic
Run Like Hell by pink floyd probably the live version
quick question. The mother, The Mechanic, & The Path. Great concept album or greatest concept album.
there isn't enough tension in your strings which is why they are buzzing. you need heavier strings for those tunings.
Bugera V22 or V55 depends on what you want, Peavey Valveking, B52 AT112. Those are all tube and from my research look pretty good.
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CRABCORE FTMFW!!!!!!!! That being said, I hate the guitarists who know everything about theory and are dicks about it by putting simple bands down.
some people feel that less is more. i personally enjoy both john mayer and steve vai but at different times and for different reasons. and i believe Vai's for the love of god has much more feeling and emotion than a lot of John Mayer's stuff.
not really friends. tell them to gtfo.
very nice. i was actually hearing either an alternative or hardcore vibe to it.
thanks. it actually does sound better.
hmmm didn't think about that. it was kinda just flowing atm lol. ill have to take a look again.