Definitely Schecter.
I own a Schecter C-1 FR, and I love it. I'm not sure who actually makes the OFR, so I can't answer that. I believe they call the neck something like "set thru." It's a set neck, but it's sculpted to be as though it was a neck thru guitar. The guitar's great for "arpeggios, solos, and a little bit of metalcore," but the clean sound is not particularly amazing (EMG pickups, y'know). I hope that helps.

EDIT: Nevermind, I forgot about the pickups in the current model (mine's a 2007). They should be fine for cleans and metal.
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it's a brand new model. All the previous Blackjack series had shitty pickups and I thought you were talking about the trem model, which also isn't an OFR just like the regular C1s.

False. It's not a brand new model, it just has new inlays. The old Blackjacks always had real SDs (the C-1s don't). And the trem has been an original Floyd Rose for as long as the Blackjack FR has been offered. The regular C-1 FRs did have licensed ones though.
Here's a C-7 Hellraiser for $625 American:

And the Loomis without an FR is $769. But like TechnoLp said, with the FR it's a grand.
Ibanez makes some good 7-strings, but personally I still think Schecter is top dog in that arena.
Being a recent graduate myself, I recommend putting the money towards college. Not to sound like your mum or anything.
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oh wait..maybe i'll get the messa boogie F-30..sounds promising.oh yeah i'm not sure if i asked this before but does playing a syn custom through a tube amp gives a better sound as compared to playing through a solid state amp?

Granted, it depends on which solid state amp and which tube amp, but generally playing any guitar through a tube amp will sound better than the same guitar through a solid state amp. Especially if you're comparing the Mesa (tube) with for instance a Spider III (solid state).
The Schecter C-1 Classic also comes in that finish. They call it Deep Sea Green.
The Loomis is $768 hardtail and $999 with a Floyd Rose. Do it. You know it's right.
Unfortunately I have to agree with the flamers, although of course their delivery was quite rude. Of course, as much as they've been jerks, it is the Internet and you didn't respond to their criticism so well either. Luckily you seem to have really turned a new leaf on this past page so thank you for showing admirable maturity and I look forward to hearing your new track.
I'm absolutely in love with the Kelley, the Rhoads, the Soloist, and the Demmelition King V. Of course I enjoy a good Dinky, Warrior, and King V as well, but those are my favorites. I love Jackson guitars.
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you guys are idiots. she does not want to be treated like a freak show, she wants to be treated like a quality guitarist that happens to be a woman.

which she is.

+ a freaking billion. Couldn't have said it better myself.
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Yes, she is a really good technical guitarist.

Yes, she is a girl.

Yes, it is sad to get excited about that.

Yes, this thread is pathetic.

This. Most of you guys are jerks about it too. Damn.
I'm gonna have to admit I like Dethklok's tone better than any other metal tone I've ever heard. A close second is the rhythm tone on Arch Enemy's Rise of the Tyrants album.
I'm thinking Active Passive Active.
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I know it sounds wierd but it actually works, and I'm not just getting a crappy tone that I think sounds good, It really does work.

And If I had $1800, That definitely be the firs thing I'd buy.

PROTIP: 6505+ 112 will be $700.

On topic, I definitely recommend the Loomis. It's the only 7-string I've ever truly loved.
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you bastard, in another finish thats my dream guitar

I was thinking the same thing.

Happy birthday/New Guitar Day
That guitar's always gonna be a joke to me until someone effectively uses those extra three frets. Anyway, maybe they put a single coil in the neck for a nicer lead or clean tone. I think it's a good idea.
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Don't count your chickens before they hatch, A*'s are hard as **** to get.

Not in America.
. . .

EDIT: I voted Jackson, btw.
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i tried one (7 string model with EMGs) i really did not like it... the neck is too thick and has an uncomfortable shape ! it has a lot of fret noise and i didn't like the sound of the guitar.

You're referring to the normal Hellraiser. Hellraiser Deluxe doesn't come in a 7-string version.

Anyway, the Hellraiser Deluxe is pretty much just a Hellraiser that's not as pretty and has an ebony fretboard. Sounds like a deal to me. I would go for it. I would try to play it before you bought it though. Schecter's been making some of their guitars in China and they aren't so good, so make sure you get one MIK.

I certainly recommend it though.
I'd either keep the Schecter or get a Jackson Soloist. I'd probably keep the Schecter, but I can understand if you don't like it. I wouldn't go for Ibanez though.
The Avenger series have thinner necks, but beyond that I can't help you. I think you'd have to try them individually, and not assume all guitars by the company have the same neck profile.
I've always liked the Hellraiser better than the EC-1000, but like everyone says it's personal choice. They're pretty similar spec-wise, so I might get the EC-1000 simply to avoid joining the flood of Hellraiser users out there. Try them out and let us know what you decide, I'm curious now.
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that's what i think too. beautiful guitar, been wanting one since i started playing 3 years ago. a true gem i think. how would i be able to run the serial number?

The Devil Custom was introduced in 2008 . . .
The new Schecter website has been launched and I am dying for an Ultra Classic or a Devil Custom in green. Two Hellraisers is not enough!
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schecter is under ESP (not directly though) incase you didnt know.

No they're not. The two companies are completely different and simply owned by the same guy.
I just noticed this exact thing. The grounding is fine, I wasn't touching the computer, but I was playing through my TonePort. I tried with both of my Hellraisers and both shocked me.

Also, it doesn't happen when I put my hand on it or anything like that. It's just when I'm muting the strings with my bicep.
Just checked out the RGA121, and I gotta say, I really recommend the Hellraiser. The RGA is more expensive, and you're just gonna pull out those pickups anyway. You're basically paying extra for the neck. I must admit the Wizard Prestige neck is great for a lot of people, but I wouldn't really consider it worth the difference in cost (about $100) plus the price of new pickups. Of course, you might decide you really like the neck and that comfort is important to you (assuming the Wizard is to your liking) and pickups can just be swapped later, but I'm still gonna have to recommend the Schecter.

And all this stuff about Ibanez having better build quality is crap. Schecters have excellent build quality and some of the best setups in the business.
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Anyway, put in the extra 50 bucks after 700 and get a Schecter C-1 classic

This. You will thank us. Try it first though! Make sure you like it. I'm sure you will though.
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Honestly, i'm like the only person who hates the hellraiser so don't go by my opinion about it, but when i played 1, it felt like playing the thick end of a baseball bat, so that REALLY turned me off. Go wit the RGA121

Only the C-1 Hellraisers have thick necks, and they're not really that bad. The Hellraiser Avenger necks are absolutely fantastic for me, and I have small hands.

I can't really vote here, having not played all of the guitars, but I'm betting most of the other people here haven't either. All I know is I have two Hellraisers and they're both not only comfier and better sounding than any Ibanez I've ever played, they're also set up better from the factory.

And I compared my new Hellraiser's action to my friend's new Ibanez, and even he admitted the Hellraiser had the best action he'd ever seen.
I still wouldn't by that over a Hellraiser because I trust Schecters build quality and set-ups and I'd just end up throwing a set of EMGs (which are $200) into it anyway.
Schecter Hellraiser. I guarantee you won't regret it. Now go out and try a ton of guitars and pick one.

You'll pick the Hellraiser.
Very nice guitar. (I still prefer the Hellraiser :P)
I'd rather play a custom B.C. Rich than a custom Gibson guitar, but I'd rather play an Epiphone SG Special than a B.C. Rich Bronze Series Warlock.
RR3s are only about $600. And well worth it. Save up or buy used, but don't go for the Alexi sig. You'll regret it.
Of course try them, but were it me I would go with the Schecter C-1 Classic hands down. Just feels like a higher quality guitar in my hands for whatever reason.
The EMGs in the Hellraiser have coil-tap, so their cleans are fine. So go with that.