Umm no. I tried everything in the Guitar Center pretty much before choosing my Hellraiser so it's not just that I have on that makes me love it. It's a great guitar.

BUT, that being said, I would trade it for something else, were I in your position. A Strat's a good option for rock and so is a Les Paul.
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^^ or just turn off the screen for a moment. But yeah, put a guitar with humbuckers in front of a computer screen and it's the same thing.

Umm. No. I am currently playing guitar surrounded by three monitors. Not a bit of hum.
All Schecter makes now are Diamond Series.
My Hellraiser is like the Jesus of guitars. So yeah, Schecters are epic.
Dude, I can do that and I've been playing for 18 months. I always assumed I was crap. But I have lessons so maybe that's it. Also, is that a washing machine making that background noise?
Honestly I've reviewed all of these and the Krank still sounds like my best bet. Either the Krank or the Blackheart with a Distortion pedal. I mean, it's expensive as **** but it looks like my best bet really.
No used. I already said that.
Alright, how about a Blackheart Little Giant and a Krank Distortus Maximus pedal?
I'm leaning towards either the Blackheart and a pedal or the Krank (more the Blackheart) but if anyone's got any better ideas I'm open to them.
Couldn't find it at Daddys.
Well, for one I'd prefer to get it new and also I've got no small guitar shops around. Just Guitar Center.
Ok, I checked it. Peavey XXX combo is used at $900, at the cheapest. So, that's out. I guess I could go the little giant route but I'm still looking for something inherently metal.
I was at one point looking at the Blackheart Little giant, but it's mostly for classic rock so I'd need a pedal for real metal. I'll check out the Peavey XXX, but I'm looking for something that can do metal like Metallica but also more modern metal.
I'm looking for a good amp under $700 that's good for metal but used EXPLICITLY for at-home practice. No gigging, no performances of any kind. I want something that hits its sweet spot at low volumes so I don't have to crank it up to get a good sound.

I was looking at the Krank Rev Jr. Half-Stack but I've heard some not so flattering things about it, so I've changed my mind.

Up to $700
Either, but I wanted tube but also distortion which is why I wanted the Krank.
Well my current amp is a 15 watt Line 6 Spider III, so anything is a step up from that. And again, I'm not looking for anything I'm going to play particularly loud. I just want good tone at a volume level that's bearable in a small room.
Then could you suggest a better option please. For the same price range. And for the same purposes.
Sorry to seriously necro this thread but I'm looking into getting this amp and was wondering how good it is in someone who's used it's unbiased opinion.

I only want it for at home practice and good distortion. That's all I'm looking for. No gigging, just at home practice.

Anyway, please help?
So, let's learn the solos from Through the Fire and the Flames, shall we? Three, maybe four years of that everyday and we can maybe get it that fast. Wee.

Or we can play simple solos to get the basics down and actually understand how to solo and such instead of wasting all that time on one song. Call me a wimp, but I'll do it my way, thanks.
The first one from Fade to Black and the first one from Master of Puppets (both by Metallica) work for me.

Maybe Whole Lotta Love, if that's your musical style. Sunshine of Your Love was one of Slash's first ones.
Most of the Schecters are already out. Haven't seen that one though.
Touche, touche.
I prefer playability over tone. And I prefer a solo that is played with great playing but also very emotionally.
I prefer to take the floor model, personally. I'm willing to sacrifice a couple scratches for the guitar I truly want. It's the tone that counts anyway.
Hellraiser C-1 FR 2007
Most gorgeous guitar I've ever seen.
For the majority of his career, Dime didn't use tube amps. Just pointing it out.
Why is that one so ugly compared to most of them Maybe a bad picture.
A lot of 'em are already available. Haven't seen taht one though.
Oh! I thought you wanted something to play. Which would explain why this thread is in the electric guitar section.
Why not write your own? It's not difficult. Just combine some Slayer riffs and stuff. And there's already a thread on evil sounding riffs and solos so try reading that.
It can pretty much only be used for arpeggios. That's pretty much the definition of it. It's a fast arpeggio in which you "sweep" your pick over the strings.
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its pretty hectic stuff
the first solo of fade to black by metallica has sweep picking
at 0:32
good luck

. . . you sweep that? 'Cause I kinda alternate pick it.
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its because active pickups suck

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sultans of swing - dire straits. chords are pretty straighforward but the lead part takes some practice.