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Well, I just want to know, because I need to debate whether I want an expensive, thin 22-fret neck (Ibanez S7320) or a cheap, thick 24-fret neck (Schecter C7 FR)

As much as I hate to say it, if the Ibanez is fundamentally a better guitar I'd definitely go with that, but I doubt it will be. Try them both, see how you like the necks and then buy whichever you like.
I have small hands and I still prefer a thick neck. Thin necks give me cramps and just don't feel right. I'd rather play on a baseball bat than a 2x4 is what I'm getting at.
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well.........what do you like to play?
and sweeping is something you should not learn cos all you will do is sweep and it gets old real fast.
learn some chili peppers. fun to play and easy stuff to learn.

I have to agree with the guy who posted just before I did. Sweeping is certainly a useful skill to know, just as long as you don't use it like most people do. It's a guitar parlor trick. But still, it's also a tool, and you wouldn't take a hammer out of your tool box just because everyone else uses one, would you?
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technically you can never get it perfect because the B string throws everything out of whack.

I refuse to believe that without proof or a reference.
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I was mainly directing that to the OP, but it will work as a gig solution as well. Just plug the POD into the PA.

I know. I was just chiming in. Sorry to hi-jack your thread, OP.
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Is an amp really necessary? I think both you and your dorm-mates will be happy with something like a POD+some nice headphones.

I usually play through my computer, so I do that. But what about gigs and such?

EDIT: And I can't just drag my computer to my friend's house to jam either.
I'm interested in this as well. Please help.
Eh, I prefer it with a bit of abalone. And on the black Hellraisers it's more of a gray mother of pearl.
I believe they added coil tap this year. So if it's not an '08 you may not have it.
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I was more referring to the abalone. I hate abalone, with a passion. But damn, that Loomis sig is good looking

I agree that Abalone can be obnoxious, especially around the fretboard. That's what pushes me away from the LTD Deluxe series. But it's really not a problem in real life on the Hellraiser, and on the Hellraiser Avenger it's even on the outside so you can't see it head-on.

Also, I wouldn't recommend a Prestige series Ibanez, simply because that's a different guitar altogether.
Yeah, but I always think you get more for your money buying a guitar that's not a signature than buying one that is.
Even if it's a John 5 or Jim Root Tele, go for the Schecter.
Little-known fact: Only the C-1 Hellraisers have thick necks. In fact, the Avenger Hellraisers are much thinner. It's not so much that all Schecters have thick necks, it's just that Hellraisers do so people think they all do. As I've seen it.
It's a 2009 model, so it's not technically out yet. An e-mail went around about it earlier, but it's basically just a Damien in the Schecter V shape. I've never been a fan of the Damien series personally though.

Glad you enjoyed it. And another one is converted to Schecterism. :P
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well judging by all the information you have provided, i'm going to opt for suicide.


I vote neither.
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Jackson JS30KV

Just bought it today for $200 from a pawn shop. I love it so far.

That's not a King V, buddy. It's a Rhoads. And so this isn't spam:

I believe it's thinner than that, but not by much.

EDIT: But neck sizes vary even within the same brand and series, so you should really test it. For instance my C-1 has a thicker neck than my Avenger, but both are Hellraisers.
The Schecter's neck will be quite a bit thicker. Probably not too thick, but it's no RG. And if you're looking for a set neck, the cheapest set neck Schecter is (I believe) the Lady Luck, which is $450.
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yeah don't get it, but if u want a similar guitar thats around the same price and is decent, u should look into this

No. That's like the same damn thing.
They both have EMGs now.

To me, getting a guitar shaped like a RR from ESP is like ordering a Whopper from McDonald's. It's just not natural.
Yeah, at first I thought you were just a douche, but as long as you give it to a kid who actually deserves it I think you did a good thing. Taught one kid and his mom a lesson and got a guitar for a kid who actually deserves it. Two birds with one stone, so to speak.
I vote the Hellraiser or the Blackjack, depending on whether you're focusing on metal or want to play other genres as well.
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Ok.Well I think im gonna check some reviews and end up with The Xiphos XPT700. Thanks guys. L8r!

Please don't get a glittery one . . . .
If you're referring to the perfect pair (I didn't click the link), there's three of them on there by Jackson and another by Charvel.
Yeeeah, most of you apparently have never seen a good old Schecter Strat. Those were some amazing guitars. Too bad their focus is now under $1k. But if you compare guitars of the same price by ESP (Or LTD) and Schecter, they're very very similar. Schecter's getting a little EMG-happy since the success of the Hellraiser, but they're still fantastic guitars.
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And buying a sig guitar like Alexi's does not make you a fanboy. Buying a guitar like the DFH or the Zakk Wylde buzzsaw, that makes you a fanboy. Atleast IMO.

I see no difference at all. The Alexi sig is big and ugly. Just get a damn Jackson Rhoads.
Schecter Hellraiser. Yeah.
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Ugh. I can't stand the Dean V headstock. It's just so out of place on a guitar.

Maybe just me, but my definition of a nice looking guitar is a either like a goldtop Les Paul or a 3-tone Sunburst Strat or like a light brown explorer.

Neither of which are exactly perfect for Arch Enemy, in aesthetics or tone. I don't think it'll have that V headstock (I hope). I'm hoping it'll be more like the VMNT one. Or at least the hardtail one.
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the one hes playing looks like the one michael schenker is holding on the homepage
It's Michael Schenker's signature guitar. If you know much about Michael Amott you'll know that Schenker is one of his favorite guitarists. I figure that was one of the reasons he went for Dean. It's a nice guitar. Not my cup of tea though. I liked the Ninja. I was planning on buying one when I came into $3k. . . .
I know what it is but I can't recall the name. . . . shit. Umm... it was something stupid. I believe it was a Guitar Center exclusive for a while. Not sure really. But I'll look into it.

EDIT: I belive it's a Black Hawk

EDIT2: RoshJosh, "the pirate" is called the C-1 Jolly Roger.
EMG and no trem? Sounds like a Hellraiser. That's what I'd go for at least. In fact I did. Twice.
Sounds like you need a Hellraiser FR.
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I'm a little surprised there's anyone who hasn't voted 'Everything/More Than One/Other' (fixed). I'd get so bored playing just one style/genre.

I pretty much ignored that option. What fun would it be if everyone picked that? That wouldn't tell us anything about the UG community.
Wtf is Aspen?
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And yeah the Hellraiser Avenger is also a very nice guitar only this does only come in cherry and black, as well as it doesnt have a FR. They made a prototype model that was FR but it was expensive. lol If i could get Schecter to build me my own sig, i would have a white Avenger archtop with gold hardware and an OFR. So im not a fan boy. lol i just wish Schecter offered more options with their Avengers, so until then im very pleased with my axe.

The Avenger does come in white, cherry and black as well and you can get an Avenger FR from Drum City Guitarland. I'm not arguing that it's any better or worse than your guitar, I'm just trying to get the facts straight.

$900, btw. Only $50 more than the C-1 Hellraiser FR.
Hellraisers come in white now, bjovi400. And you can get Hellraisers in the Avenger shape too. And they have all the features of a Syn Custom but not with the ugly inlays, and with EMGs instead of invaders.
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Are you one of the following?

1. Highly self discipline guitarist

2. Fun guitarist

3. Average guitarist

4. Other

I'm a highly disciplined guitarist, with average skill, who plays for fun and does other things. Which am I?