Schecter Lady Luck. Even if you don't like the looks, I guarantee it plays better than anything you can find for $450. Unless you prefer single coils. In that case go for the SSS MIM Strat.
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Wow, you joined three months ago and already you're an annoying search bar prick.

EDIT: That was kinda . . . spam. So to contribute to the thread: Tutankhamen by Nightwish. Just that intro bit though. Most of it sucks.
I play a Hellraiser through one of those and the tones are just ass. All of them.
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dude, schecters aren't going to be much better. Anything with a tremolo around that price usually is a doube edged sword.

But the Hellraisers do have OFRs. Anything with a floating trem is a double-edged sword, but the OFR is one of (if not) the best.
The Hellraisers aren't neck-thru. They're set neck made to look and feel neck-thru.
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What's funny, the schecter company used to just make parts for guitars, back in the 80's etc.

Of course, then they moved on to making custom guitars as a higher-quality alternative to Fenders. So . . . those were literally superstrats.

Believe it or not, Schecter know what they're doing. Personally I like both companies equally, but on this one I would go with the Hellraiser, definitely.
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Not sure. I'm not familiar with your amp but if you don't got professional caliber amplification than those invaders=MUD

It's a Mesa Trident, isn't it? I think he'll be fine.

EDIT: Nope, Stiletto Deuce. But still.
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Lemon oil is really only for rosewood, and should be used maybe once a year in small amounts

Most woods other than maple actually. You can use it for ebony as well, I believe.
Yeah, you're actually probably better off with a Hellraiser. I have a Hellraiser C-1 FR and a Hellraiser Avenger. I suggest getting the Avenger if you're a fan of SYN, and it's definitely an attention-getter. Beautiful thing in black too.
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if it is a real(not baby) Dean Cowboys from Hell get it It has seymore duncans alot better than those pickups the schecter has , Scheters are great (I have one) but i dont like that sinister that much , Maybe a hellriser FloydRose (As the CFH and the singates have also FR)would be better

Actually the SYN Custom has custom-wound Invaders so they're not so harsh as the normal ones are infamous for. They're actually very nice and I recommend them over the SDs in the Daen.
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I was looking at a 08 catalog at the local GS, they had 1 in there it was grey, damn it was sharp, maybe im thinkg of the wrong 1, it had a star in the middle of the neck

Oh. An Exotic Star. That's a different guitar entirely. They're very good-looking. Might want to play one first, they have Schecter SuperRock II pickups in them and they're pretty high-output.
They don't make them anymore. Amazing guitars though. Beautiful and play like a dream.
I've played a few guitars with Agathis and I've always hated it. It always sounds very thin to me and not pleasing at all. I could never play metal on a cheap BC Rich because of that. I prefer Mahogany for that. Of course, I feel the same way about basswood, but I've never played a reasonable guitar made of basswood.
They're both carved, only the C-1+ is flamed. I know I'd go for the Artist though. Better pickups.
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Can't you paint over Herman Li's or something lol. Also have you got pics/samples?

The Iceman is Sam Totman's signature guitar. Herman uses an S-series something-or-other.
I have two Hellraisers. One with a fixed bridge and one with a tremolo. So both I guess.
Hellraiser C-7?
Go with the Pacifica. You're not gonna get anything better for under $200.
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a white with a black border would be my dream guitar, wonder how much it will cost to custom make one if its even possible ^^

Why not get a C-1 and put EMGs in it . . . ?
I mean, it'd be bolt-on but still.
ESP - 52
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Jackson - 53
PRS - 43
Schecter - 13 HEAL

I can't believe this thing is still going . . . .
You probably should hold the pick properly. Unless of course I'm misunderstanding you.
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Stop knocking Bugera, I know they're not high quality, but neither is the Peavey.

Not everyone can afford high end gear.

It's not the 333, but here's some sound clips of the 6260 (the 333's sibling.)

the 333 has a similar saturation and more gain then you'll ever need, Until I can get around to buying an ENGL fireball, I'll be buying the Bugera 333 head for all the shows my band are lining up.

AND I'll make sound clips to prove they are good sounding amps, 3 completely usable channels!

Yeah, it's pretty obvious most of you have never used a Bugera. They really do blow the Valveking out of the water.
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Jackson- 47
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Fender- 44 HEAL
Gibson- 14
Ibanez- 48
Jackson- 48 HURT
PRS- 36

You can only vote once a day.
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guitars are fairly waterproof, i played a gig once and someone chucked a full bottle of beer on me mid song and it didn't **** up my bass in the slightest, it just smelled of cheap booze for about a month even after i completely cleaned it several times

. . . You must not have been playing very well.
Mel Bay's Guitar Technic?
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MicroCube is better. Don't buy one. Ever. Or a Marshall MG. Ever.

I have a MicroCube and a Spider III 15w. I prefer the Spider. So sue me.
Ibanez-41 HURT
Schecter-48 HEAL
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Get any guitar with a bridge humbucker and coil- tap it. The problem from going metallica to SRV is the pup output. The higher the output the more distortion, but sounds pretty bad in a clean or bluesy situation. Sooooooooo coil tap something, instant single coilyness for SRVish tones.

So yeah, just about any Schecter. Try a C-1 BlackJack.
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Just got back home, thanks for all the responses. Both guitars have the coil tap. The only difference between the two are the headstock shape and the pickup selector. Also a bigger difference for me is that they don't have any Sunset Hellraisers at the Guitar Center near me, so I would have to special order it. I'll be getting a good deal on either one though. $849 with a hardshell case included for free.

Don't forget the Sunset also has a flat top, as opposed to the C-1's carved top. It makes a difference, however unnoticeable it may be.
This is off topic so sorry but . . . seriously? You titled your topic "um"? Holy mother of ambiguity. . . .
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Well, hold on there, fella...

I love the 5-way on my Strat... it definitely is more versatile than a 3 way, if you actually make use of them that is. I used to have a Les Paul, and I could get more tonal differences with the Strat due to the 5 way selector.

But hey, it's your choice.

But the C-1 also has coil tap, so it really makes no difference at all in the end. Choose the one that looks the best to you. Personally I chose the C-1 because of the carved top and I like the headstock design.
It's still made of Nato. I suppose it could be a good slice but I wouldn't trust it. And the pickups don't look great. I never liked the sound of those pickups. For that price I'd just get a Schecter Hellraiser or Blackjack ATX.
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every time I see ESP, Ibanez, or Jackson get healed a small part of me dies inside,....

But you like Schecter? Sweet.
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We could eliminate HEALs and just do HURTs. That would end this more quickly.

Yeah, but where's the fun in that?
Might want to make that clear in your post though. Just in case.

EDIT: I was referring the Brianthemayan's post about posting times.
Thank you LP_CL. That really needed to be done. The whole thing was getting really screwed up.
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ESP- 37
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Gibson - 43
Ibanez- 38
Jackson- 43 HEAL
PRS- 26
Schecter - 38 HURT

denied. thats twice today... thats not fair

Sure he's not in a different time zone from you?