This will probably be moderated but Colgate Total, you are such a ****ing ****.
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OOOH, now i get it. thx

Good. Sorry for the assholish tone up there though. It's been a long day.
It would honestly help with my sweeping, which is currently extremely sloppy, but I think I'd rather just work hard and learn to do it properly. I'll get more of a warm fuzzy feeling from that I think.
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I just dont get it. Dime got dean to make a razorback for ZW? From his grave? ZW, who has a contract with Gibson while dime was alive?
Seems a pretty odd thing to me...

Er, what? There were Razorbacks before Dime died. He played a couple with Damageplan. So since he was working with Dean to design the Razorbacks he apparently went "Hey, how about a bullseye one I can give to my buddy Zakk." And they said, "Cool." So now Zakk Wylde has a Bullseye Razorback. And just because he's contracted with Gibson doesn't mean he can't own another guitar.

EDIT: That picture link didn't go so well. This one should work:
Maybe I'll change to Cleartones then. But sub-par how?
Yeah, I use Planet Waves cables. I pretty much got them for the gold tips and the lifetime guarantee. That and my mom paid for them.
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I love how they never applied distortion...does that mean it cant handle distortion? Or what?

There's another video on there with a kid playing through a distortion pedal so it can handle distortion. But he was only playing shreddy stuff and no real riffage. But yeah, it can handle distortion.
The whole time I watched that video all I could think was "Now, how could I possibly apply this to metal?"
I always thought that would be the best guitar to play Ozzy tunes on (or at lest the most fun). It's got Randy's body and Zakk's paintjob. And, huge Ozzy fan that I am, I would sell my brother into slavery for one of those.
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If only I had 10 grand to drop on a guitar. Hell, if only I had ten grand period. Oh well.
Don't worry Ashley, I take you seriously.
My Hellraiser C-1 FR is Charlotte and my Hellraiser Avenger is Caunis.
Schecter C-1 Hellraiser. $700.
I dunno, but I am digging the sheets.
Ah, because it's a Tempest. I'm not really sure actually. I've never installed active pickups before.
No, there's a little cover on the back. You just pop open the little plastic cover, stick a new battery in and off you go. Like changing the batteries in a toy.
Sorry to double post, but also "Star Power"? Really?
"Power Slide. Made famous by Tenacious D."

Lol, no.
I remember that guy . . . .
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1) It won't break as long as you treat it right.

2) The sustain is better than a bolt-on and not as good as a neck-thru

3) Not really

4) Schecter's have Ultra-Access heels, which are awesome. Great upper fret access.
You have to adjust the spring tension in the back.
I find it difficult to believe you've outgrown your guitar in 2 months.
But don't you play sitting down at school? I hope you're used to playing a V sitting down then.
I've always wanted one but never had the cash and could never justify it to myself (because I play almost exclusively sitting down). I'd get the Angel of Deth though. But yeah, it's a great guitar. I believe the Livewire pickups in it were the precursors to the Blackouts. Not sure though.

But yeah, get it.
Bill Lawrence.
Schecters have wonderful upper fret access. They have an "Ultra-Access" heel. It's nicely sculpted to fit your hand up there. You should try one to see what I mean.

I vote for a Hellraiser C-1, by the way.
And it's . . . gross.
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I usually just improvise because it's a lot easier for me than remembering a bunch of solos.
Ya, Warlock's are all like that. You'd think you'd have notice something like that.
Believe me when I tell you the Synyster Custom is a quality guitar. Just as much quality as Gibson at least, because face it Gibson dude, their quality's been dwindling.

At least with Schecter you don't pay for a name. And on a side note, the Synyster Custom is not a "superstrat."
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He ****ed up on the alternate picking close to the middle of the solo, it was probably a bad night anyway, Megadeth had a bunch of those.

^ The only guy here who got the point.