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schecters are crap, go with a jackson, if you only want to look but not sound metal B.C. rich is a good choice

You, sir, have obviously never played a good Schecter.
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or you could go neck thru rather than bolt on. pick the wood you want, and get a carvin for under 2 grand.

my koa dc727 was 1700ish out the door and blows doors off of any other 7 string ive ever played.

Nevermind what I said before. If you have the cash do this. Otherwise I do suggest the Loomis.
Schecter Jeff Loomis C-7 FR?

Or are you more a fan of Ibanez?
B.C. Rich - 15
Dean - 11
Epiphone - 27
ESP - 28
Fender - 25
Gibson - 22
Gretsch - 19
Ibanez - 25 HURT
Jackson - 36
Paul Reed Smith - 26
Schecter - 25 HEAL
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Oh come on guys, read the first post. AUSTRALIA!
I'm actually picking up the DKMGT in the next few days. Plays awesome, never got to put it up against the C-1 though because they didn't have any at the stores I went to. To TS, remember the trans paint job is an extra $100AUD. $1500 for trans, $1400 for solid

. . . oh right.
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well both are $1400 dollar guitars, i was surprised that one was much higher quality... apparently which is not the case

I'd consider them to be equal in quality. People just assume Schecters are low quality for some reason, while Jackson is legendary for high quality.

And where do you see them for $1400? They're like half that on

EDIT: By the way, I love you metalgirl0! Megadeth rules!
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Dont EMG's hardly carry on any tonal characters of the wood? and mahogany will make the higher notes less shrill right?

Yes, it would make higher notes less shrill. EMGs do have a tendency to sound "sterile" also, but you probably already know that. Also now that I look at the Jackson, the Jackson also has a bolt-on neck, which isn't a bad thing but it's considered as good as the Hellraiser's set neck (which has some of the best fret access ever, btw) and it's Maple as opposed to the Hellraiser's Mahogany/Rosewood.

Personally, I would get the Jackson for a better lead tone and the Hellraiser for a better rhythm tone, but they're both extremely capable guitars.
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schecter has better fret access but the jackson will be way higher quality all round, i can bet it'll last you twice as long.

as for sound it really depends on your amp, they have the same pickups. i think the jackson might be alder i'm not sure but its still a good tonewood like mahogany in schecter which is most proabbaly eastern *fake* mahogany.


Wrong. It's real mahogany, both are equal quality and will last just as long. All you need to decide is if you like Alder (which is brighter) or Mahogany (which is darker).

EDIT: And it's real mahogany.
Sounds like you stripped the screw part of the bar or inside of the bridge hole. Maybe roll take around the bar when you put it in? I'm not sure what to do for that. Ask a tech maybe.
No. Go in the back and tighten the screws to pull the bridge down. You may have to get another spring put in later.

EDIT: Let me know if you don't know what I'm talking about.
Where do you live?
B.C. Rich - 18
Dean - 15
Epiphone - 21
ESP - 23
Fender - 20
Gibson - 25
Gretsch - 19
Ibanez - 23 HURT
Jackson - 27
Paul Reed Smith - 23
Schecter - 23 HEAL
Squier - 15
Yamaha - 8
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Sure there are some jems of originality (Seize the Day, A Little Piece of Heaven), but they are mostly recycled, and without entertaining antics or blazing solos (Liek Dragonforce and Slayer), they just come off as corny and bad.

You know you spend too much time playing guitar and such when you spell "gems" as "jems."
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Ya, but John Bonham's solo kicks ass... Synester's little solo act was just a crash course on van-halen style flash guitar... tap for 2 minutes, arpeggios for 2 minutes, then sustain a hammer on pull off for 1.5 minutes, etc. Besides Led was doin it THEN ax7 is doing it NOW... big difference. Sort of like if twisted sister came out today, probably wouldnt be all that well recieved.

I get your point. And I bow before your awesome gear.
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EDIT: Maybe thats why hes so hated... that and insisting his band leave the stage for 15 minutes each show so he can show the crowd how super cool he is.

A lot of bands do that. For instance in The Song Remains the Same the whole band leaves the stage for John Bonham's drum solo.
B.C. Rich - 22
Dean - 18
Epiphone - 20
ESP - 20
Fender - 20
Gibson - 21
Gretsch - 20
Ibanez - 20 Hurt
Jackson - 21
Paul Reed Smith - 23
Schecter - 20 Heal
Squier - 18
Yamaha - 17
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Correct me if I'm wrong but...

On each guitar, there are "hotspots" where it becomes easier (and the squeals sound much better)

these hotspots are different on every guitar but by moving your picking hand around you should be able to find them...

And like I said, correct me if im wrong (Which i very well might be )

Yeah, it depends on the place where you pick in relation to either pick-up. So for instance you could get a different note picking over the bridge pickup than picking over the neck pickup.

But usually the third and fourth (G and D) strings are the easiest to pull off pinch harmonics on.
Yes! Buy it! He who hesitates is lost!
Oh, ok. Because I envisioned you playing Stairway on the Insane Channel. And like I said, that would not sound good.

Hurrah for people who do it for fun! I'm in the same boat, mate.
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Am I the only one with good things to say about the spider III?

I have the 15 watt, and I use the insane channel, no matter what I'm playing. But the effects are fun, and are very versatile.

No matter what you're playing? That can't be good.
$20 says he's referring to the Line6 Spider III 15. . . .

Just saying.
I like the Hellraiser.
How about a Schecter Hollywood Classic. Those things are awesome.
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I think you can get a Schecter 006 with that finish. Not sure though.

It's an Omen. And that has rosewood.
Sure! It's got those awesome "Daisy Rock High-Output Humbuckers!" And you just KNOW those are good!

Save your money.
I like the Hellraiser. That's why I bought one. If you don't like that, go for a Jackson, but remember that Vs can be a tad uncomfortable.
I'd rather have the Hellraiser than the RR24.
Isn't that the best-selling pickup combo ever?
If you don't like that set, try the BlackJack ATX with Blackouts. Nice actives for ya.
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The new Hellraiser is ALOT better than the old one.

A GaphTech nut and a coil tap don't make it "ALOT" better. The tone is a tiny bit thinner than the old ones, but like people have said, you probably won't even notice. And you'll get better sustain from the awesome nut. I'd get the new one. If you don't like the pick-ups, trade 'em out when you get the cash. No big deal really.
Why not walk into a Guitar Center, find that one quiet guy playing in the corner, sit down with him and just listen. Look at his technique and listen. Maybe see if he can teach you anything.
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OK i absolutely HATE Zakk wyldes tone its sounds like nasally to me. almost like his Wah pedal is on all the time. Is that it or why does his tones sound like that?

Ever heard Randy Rhoads' tone on Crazy Train? Kinda sounds like his wah is on all the time on that too. Nobody complains about that though.

Leave the man be. So it's a little muddy. So is Metallica and they've got "legendary tone."
Hmm, I may make a thread like this, but when I do it'll be titled "Wanna Hear Some Suck."

Yeah, I kinda suck. Tragic really. But hey, at least I'm modest.

Keep working at it, dude.
Have you ever actually heard Enter Sandman? Because it seems like you just took all the notes and played them as fast as possible with no regard for timing at all.
I have to use one for guitar lessons. Even the clean sucks. I think that's the only amp I've ever seen taht sounded worse than my Spider.
I have a Hellraiser C-1 (same basic guitar, different shape). It's epic. Buy one now.
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They don't contradict with eachother.

"I can't wait any longer, why aren't you here?"

They both work in a sentence without any confusion.

That's two sentences. Improper use of a comma. You could use a semi-colon but the point remains the same.

EDIT: But you're still right about the original point, I think.
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Would you, sir, kindly link me to a better amp that plays metal?

Price range? And I assume you like '80s metal.
I'd go for the Schecter.