What about the search bar? Like how people respond to threads with things like "I vote for search bar" thinking they're clever.

Really cracked me up though dude.

EDIT: Also, so this mess isn't spam, Schecters are awesome. Really. I wouldn't trade my Hellraiser for anything.
You should probably use the pinky, if only to strengthen it in case you really are forced to use it later. I know I'd use the pinky. Unless it makes it hard to hit a note further down the fretboard (which you would then need the pinky for). In that case I'd spread out.
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Cmon cmon now.

This is UG, we love Schecters and Jacksons, we hate Deans and BCR's, we hate Marshall MG's, and everyone needs a new amp.

Where in the world did you get the idea that Schecters were bad?

Hahaha, you forgot the Ibanez fetish everyone here seems to have. And hating on Yngwie for whatever reason.

And sigged.
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The C-1 Hellraiser FR is an OFR, very nice guitar, I'm buying one next week

I already have one.
Best guitar I've ever played.
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Yup but JEMs r pretty nice guitars. The Syn guitar only looks good 4 syn. But the Jems r nice 4 alot of people.

The JEM7V was the first Nice guitar i had

Ok, bad example. I agree that they really over did it with the logos but have you seen Zacky V's signature? Talk about logo overkill. A lot of signature guitars are like that.
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synister gates guitar is pretty good but its alot of money

And it looks stupid as ****

Looks fine if you're him.
And all signature guitars are overpriced. Ever seen a JEM?
FR means Floyd Rose. The whammy bar brand? You want an Original (OFR) and not a Licensed (LFR) because LFRs are made with crappy material and such. Don't hold tune, deteriorate. More frustration than they're worth.

For about a grand I'd get either the Hellraiser FR or the Blackjack ATX FR. Depends on your preference. Both have active pickups but one set are EMGs (in the Hellraiser) and are tappable (able to be split into single-coils) and one set are Blackouts (in the BlackJack ATX). You'll also have money left over and they are professional quality guitars. They're about $800 each, I believe.

If you don't like active pickups, try the new Stilleto Classic (I believe it's called). It has a whammy bar made by Kahler (Or Gotoh . . . . I forget) for Schecter and it's supposedly really good. That's about a grand. I'm not sure what else has a whammy in Schecter's stock (that's professional quality).
Yeah huh you will . . . .
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The Damien is great...

The Damien FR is a sin...

I had a hard-tail model, it was an excellent guitar but the LFR's are horrible.

The C1's have originals I think, so if you want the trem save the extra cash, 'cause you'll really regret it if you don't.

This. If you get a Damien, play it first. I've heard of them having bad wood.
Of all the Schecters out there the Damien FR is probably the worst. Still a good guitar, but I'd go for either an Omen-6 or a C-1 FR if you need a whammy. C-1s are always good guitars. Go a bit higher in price and you can get a set neck, though. I try to avoid LFRs though, so I avoid the Damien FR like the plague.
Any genre of music is still music. Not "noise." Yes, even rap.

Like you said, it's all just personal preference. It just so happens that metal has become increasingly popular in recent years and it tends to spawn guitarists. Thus, you have a heavy bias towards metal.
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i've discovered that if one simply wipes the neck with a damp rag, it makes it feel and play 20 million times better. for about an hour, that is.

Yeah, a lot of time sweat and dirt builds up on the neck. In fact, I should really do that right now. It can probably be avoided entirely by washing your hands before you play though.
Pinch harmonic? Or maybe he just has a crazy wide vibrato. Maybe try lighter strings and such.
I suggest a Schecter, but not a Damien. Pick up a C-1 if you can.

But first, you should make sure it's not just the amp. Or your pick-ups. Could be quite a few other things.
Definitely 0000. Anything else could damage it.
With the grain? Just an assumption.
Something by Buckethead.
Get whatever sounds good to you. If you don't like the Valveking, see if you can find a used Bugera. Unmatched bang for your buck. A new 6262 combo costs $650 so you should be able to get a used one.
Bolt-on usually means less lower fret access and also decreased sustain. Doesn't make but so much difference in the sustain as long as it's done well. And Jackson ones usually are.

One of the only reasons I don't play ESPs is because Kirk plays 'em. :P
Let's see. Truth be told the main reason is probably the fact that I'm a huge Randy Rhoads fan. Also, the Jackson has a flame maple top. I also prefer two Seymour Duncan pickups that works exceptionally well together over two lead pickups from EMG. I mean, a lot of people do use two 81s, I just wouldn't. It's all a matter of preference in the end though.

The only downsides I see to the Rhoads are that it only has 22 frets (which isn't much of a crutch) and that it's a bolt-on. Actually, I almost bought one last year but decided on a Hellraiser.

Whatever you decide to do, you've chosen two great guitars.
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sorry for no pole, im new and ignorant, and operation ktulu i absoultely wanna join your rage against people tht hate against randy or marty....start a club for it

Agreed. You should really do that.
212 has two speakers. I think that's the only other difference.
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I think UG should be advertised more. UG should be more widely used.

That's not the reason why. And it's advertised plenty. Whenever you google any type of tab this is the first site to come up.
RR3. Why no poll?
You trust reviews at Musician's Friend? You have much to learn.
Natural harmonic + Whammy?
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Hmm, I thought the new '08 Loomis came with the 707TWs?

You're thinking of the Hellraiser. It's a completely different guitar. I'd still get it or a Hellraiser. They're vastly more versatile than people think.
I'd get a Schecter C-1 or save a bit and get a Hellraiser.
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Sounds like you're hitting a harmonic. Likely due to your fretting.

That's what I thought.
You're aware you pretty much described the Hellraiser?
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Isn't that some technicue dave mustane invented???????

That's what I though.
I know I'd get a new amp.
No, that is a gorgeous guitar. I've known several people with them and they all said they were phenomenal. Hell, I'd get one if not for the maple fretboard (it's growing on me though).
None of them are better than the Hellraiser, but for what you play you'd probably prefer one of them.
The top tends to make it brighter.
You shouldn't really have that problem unless you're sweeping or pretty clumsy. If you're sweeping you can use that palm muting technique, but if you're just clumsy you should really just practice more and work on having a lighter touch with your fretting hand. I think.
Personally my favorite guitar for metal is the Schecter Hellraiser series, but I also like LTD Eclipses and the Jackson RR series. I've never enjoyed playing anything by Ibanez though.
It's in Whole Lotta Love too. In fact, Jimmy Page does that a lot.