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yeah like he said if your not familuer with the Floyd Rose Tremolo don't get one i have one and it took me a while to learn what there all about....there very nice and can make your guitar sound cool but if your not familuer with them don't get one get somthing like a string through body or somthing...

If you're not familiar with it and you don't get one, how are you going to become familiar with it? My second guitar has an OFR. You use it and learn to use it at the same time. Few screw-ups but nothing major.
Yeah, a Hellraiser's right around that price so that's what I'd go for.
That or the new BlackJack ATX if you don't like EMGs.
Hellraiser. I've never played a bad Schecter. And besides, the statistics are simply better.
What if I alternative pick |-0-1-|? It just requires a little string skip and I like how it sounds. . . .
Yeah, all C-1 Classics weigh, I think, 11.something pounds.
Heheh . . . heh . . . my bad.
According to your sig you already have a TubeScreamer.
You couldn't have just put a link to that wikipedia page? You had to copy/paste all of that?
You're an idiot. That's why they're called HUMbuckers. They "buck" hum. Humbuckers have much less feedback than single coils. I repeat, you're an idiot.
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Why? It's not a bad wood, it's just a different wood.

BCR mid range FTW.

Maybe not a bad wood but a cheap wood. It even says so on BC Rich's website, that it's the lowest quality wood their guitars are made of and they actually sound terrible acoustically, proving that the wood is cheap.
Iron Man was on Paranoid.
Well I heard of this a long-ass time ago and I still think many BC Rich guitars suck, and the high end ones aren't worth the price. Stop building things out of Nato, for Christ's sake!
My guitar weighs a freaking ton and I can still hammer-on and pull-off just fine. You just need to practice more.
So I'm looking at that Edition Blue 15. If I stick a pedal in front of it, will it be good for metal?
Schecter's and Deans have wonderfully comfortable necks. A bit thicker than many shred guitars, but with the same metal sound.
Just about every Schecter (short of the Artist Models) is worth far more than its cost and the pickups and tone vary from guitar to guitar but are generally good for what they are intended for.
Well your guitar teacher was wrong. The pick is supposed to be held at as close to 90 degrees as possible.
I'm not sure. I've been looking for a new amp as well. Personally I'm looking at either a Randall or a Peavey Valveking. Depends on your budget really.
I would definitely get an amp first, and then the Hellraiser. Do what you will, but make sure you try out that Hellraiser. The thing's a beast.
Get it if you have the money. If not . . . save for it. He who has the best toys at death wins.
Schecter Hellraiser. And it falls well below your budget.
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Actually, they basically ARE single coil pickups when tapped. Do you even understand what coil tapping is?

Yeah, my point was don't expect it to sound like a strat. It's not gonna sound as bright and generally single-coil-ish as if you were to put actual single coils on it.
Yeah, and if you don't like it sell it to someone else for more.
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So they sound the same even though they are "tapable"?

Right. When they're set to humbucker (pushed) they sound the same. When you pull the knobs they become tapped and supposedly sound like single coil pickups.
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Tell Tom Anderson that basswood sucks.

That's not quite what I said.
They sound the same, unless you tap them.
Metal. And no, basswood is for Ibanez-freaks, and that's pretty much it. Shred is better on Alder and metal is better on mahogany. IMHO.
EDIT: And also high-end Ibanez guitars are mahogany.
That's good. Depends on the quality of the wood, but mahogany is generally good and is pretty much always used in SGs and most other Gibson/Epiphone guitars.
$3-5000 Depending on what you want on it. And they're a bit slow so don't expect that e-mail back but so soon.
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Says the guy who's profile lists Pantera as one of their favourite bands

Dime fixed his hair, if you recall. He redeemed himself by being f**king awesome.
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so kiss are emo?

alice cooper?

most of the 80's?

neither guitar appeals to me tbh.

Kiss and Alice Cooper don't have emo hair. A7X do. And no, most of the 80's was hair metal, which is not only as lame as emo hair, but it's outdated. Only Randy Rhoads is allowed to have hair metal hair.
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I would go for a used pre-Fender RR.

Mhm. But even if they're both '08s, I'd go for the Jackson.
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alright, but ive heard the hellraiser's neck is too thick for shred and such. is that true?

If you've got longer hands than a 12 year old, you can shred on a Hellraiser.
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schecter c-1 classic anyone?

This. But of those choices, I'd go for the Jackson.
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Older ESP Horizon

Had much deeper cut-aways, carved back, and more of a carve to the top. So, so nice...

That looks exactly like a Schecter C-1 shape.
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Whats so bad about line 6? They sound awesome for a solid state amp!

The Spiders sound like crap, even for a solid state. Maybe some of their other amps are good, but that spider is just terrible. And I'm not just talking crap, I have one.