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MH-1000 is so much more badass. That and it plays really nice. A shop next to me has one and, damn, that thing is sweet.

Look dude, the MH-1000 is practically the same as the Hellraiser, even in looks, but with slightly crappier pickups. There is no way it's "so much more badass."
Is it a Blackjack ATX? If so, go with that. If not, go with the Hellraiser. The Hellraiser and the MH-1000 are basically the same guitar but the Hellraiser looks better and costs less.
EDIT: Actually the Hellraisers now also have better pickups than the MH-1000 (in that they've got coil tap) so I'd go with that. Only possible benefit of the MH-1000 is that it's "Set-Thru," which actually sounds exactly like Schecter's Ultra-Access anyway.
Schecter Custom Shop. But other than that, no.
EDIT: Actually, most of that paintjob is ZVs and Avenged Sevenfold Deathbats. So no matter how you do it, unless you change all the logos, you're technically using someone else's guitar.
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i think some zeppelin would be sick with a chick singing. maybe "whole lotta love".

Yeah, especially that part where he does those orgasm sounds. That would be pretty cool with a girl doing it.
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LFR is the lesser of the two evils here...

This. You're choosing between two crappy trems. You're really better off saving a bit for an OFR. It'll save you time and a whole lot of pissed-off in the long run.
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See if you can find a C-1 Classic used somewhere. I got mine for 450 dollars and it is incredible, i would argue better than the artist or elite.

That guitar costs like $900, so if you got it mint it was practically a miracle. You're better off avoiding that headache and going for the Artist.
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1. what kind of strat is it? Strat > any shector

5. The Shector isn't worth it.

Try playing good cleans with it, you can't. A guitar that isn't versatile isn't good at all, and you can get much better for your money than some guitar that 5,000 of 'em were made in one day... the tree was cut down, carved, painted and created all in one day.

Well basicly ^^

Looks aren't everything, :P

Umm, no. A Strat isn't always better than a Schecter, C-1 FRs are very versatile for the money, and versatility isn't everything anyway.
I love them. Thick necks though, so if you're used to Ibanez you won't like it.
The guitar's not as bad as the amp. Get a new amp and maybe a pickup change.
Yeah, you can haggle at Guitar Center if you're any good at it.
I like Schecter C-1 bodie shape better than anything. I guess it's like a Strat, but different enough to be Other.
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its because its a squire. cheap tuners cant stand tension of strings and loosen.

Usually you just leave them at 10 for metal. Might turn down tone for Jazz or Blues and such, and might turn down one volume or another if using both pickups to get more diverse tones.
I think at low costs Schecters are better than Ibanezes, but it's largely due to the different woods for me.
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Ask yourself: which one is more important to YOU? The feel or the tone? If you absolutely can't stand the way your guitar plays and feels, and you can live with your tone, then get the guitar. If you absolutely can't stand your tone and can live with the guitar, then get the amp. It's as simple as that.

That's what I did and ended up with a Hellraiser and a Spider. I'm glad I did though, because that guitar was crap, even compared to a Spider.
dont bother making a band if you cant even come up with a name.

if you dont have enough creativity and originality to come up with a cool name you all like, i'd HATE to hear any of the music you guys come up with.
Yes, those who can't come up with band names can't write music.
Everyone's gonna say amp. They always do.
You need to stick the strings on the guitar and see if it fux anything up.
Alder is bright and used in Strats and such.
Basswood is in between Alder and Mahogany, but is usually cheap.
Agathis is just crap.
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doesnt mean they arent designed to float. so ur post is full of poo. ^

Which is exactly what he said. So your post is full of poo.
Well assuming that you are listening to the wood as Pott suggests, they're made of woods on opposite ends of the spectrum: Alder and Mahogany, so they will sound entirely different. Alder will be brighter and Mahogany will be "duller," aka darker or deeper.

Personally I vote for the Hellraiser, but it depends on if you're aiming more for soloing or for a good all-around metal guitar.
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Schecter C-1 Plus. Used, not new.

This or another Schecter. Phenomenal guitars for the price. Just avoid the basswood if you can (except Damiens, Damiens are good).
Schecters are very lefty-friendly. Check out an Omen-6 Or something. Or the Epiphone is good if a Schecter doesn't suit your needs, although I'm sure it will if you look around.
It holds tune beautifully and the trem is an OFR, so it's pretty much the best you can get.
You necro'd this thread to say p'wned? Wow.
Well the Epi Explorer is usually no good for shred and Schecters are typically very high quality for the price.
Schecter Hellraiser?
Quality control from Schecter is usually really good. They have the guitars built and set-up in Burbank, California, so at least it's done by Americans. Oh, and ignore my sig. I'm unbiased
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So many metal teens who think they're tough will come on here saying "Get the loomis man, schecters or awesome!"

I'll tell you now, Ibanez > any shecter. Unless it's a 500$ Ibanez vs a 1000+$ shecter.

Finding a good 7 string is annyoing, Guitar center is a joke and usually never has 7 strings.

There is no Schecter over a thousand. Unless they rose the price on the Synyster Gates model, but that's not worth it anyway.

Oh, and you're wrong. Ibanez isn't greater than any Schecter. It's a matter of preference. Some people prefer crap, and some people prefer Schecter :P
I really like them. I played one and really enjoyed it, whether it's hated or not.
Thank you! THANK YOU SIR!
Classic has better p'ups and is prettier.
. . . Heat of the Moment . . . >.>
He played it on the show. Failed and was saved by I believe Peter Frampton.
400, it's a bigger number. . . :P
Yeah, go for the stringthrough ATX
Only $670. Not only does it have Blackouts but it's also a damn good guitar.
I believe they're perpendicular.
Come on man, there's a Geico commercial with a 3 humbucker guitar in it. The one with Peter Frampton? It's a Les Paul Black Beauty, isn't it?