I've got a Hellraiser FR and it's the most wonderful guitar I've ever played
If you don't plan on playing the electric then I'd just focus on the acoustic.
I skip it. It's just easier.
Love them hardtails and razorbacks.
1st and 3rd is the norm, I believe.
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seymour duncans always
esps all sound the same and they are gay...the only reason people get emgs are because they think it makes them "metal" and really its just to make up for them sucking at life and being gay

You're an idiot.
Honestly, as much as I like my EMGs, I'd go with the Duncans, unless it's explicitly for metal.
Love my Hellraiser more than pretty much anything.
Schecter Classic or Hellraiser may be better for you.
Holy crap! How long do you stay in there? I sat in a Guitar Center for three hours playing guitars and didn't buy crap and just walked out. I'm not a bum either, other people did the same thing but were noisier about it.
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To be quite honest, the amp should really get some consideration as it's going to be the biggest factor in creating the tone you want. Even a $1000 guitar isn't going to sound much better than a $200 guitar if the amp is crap.

But, if you're still going to look at a guitar first and foremost, I'm especially partial to Schecter guitars. You can get really nice ones that can do what you want even at the low end of your price point ( ), middle ( ), to one of my favorite guitars at your high price point ( and the new 2008 ).

Tremolo as in whammy bar. If you don't see the bar coming out of the bridge, you probably shouldn't be playing. . . or driving.
I love the Razorbacks, personally. They look absolutely huge on me (I'm skinny, not 12, to clear that up).
I had a Jay Turser guitar once and it was the most god-awful thing I ever played. Spent more time tuning it than playing it.
I'd go for the G-400, maybe the Tony Iommi one?
If your budget is $8-900, why are you going for $4-500 guitars?
Schecter Damien 6 is a good bet.
Definitely a Hellraiser. It's even more versatile this year, in case you decide you don't want to explicitly play metal.
Schecter Hellraiser FR
Wow, Awaken, you read my mind.
Schecter Hellraiser.
You can bar it but it's pretty hard when you start. My teacher said he sometimes had to hold people's hands in the position to get them to learn it.
If you want Voodoo Child, just get Jimi's signature Wah.
What I meant really was that I kinda wish now that I had put time into playing songs rather than just scales and stuff. But I guess it'll help me out in the end. I have a friend who's pretty good for how long he's been playing and he still stretches his third finger rather than use his pinky :P
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Pretty good for 7 months, you used ur pinky which most people dont use at that stage :|
But i think u need to cut down on some of the feedback form the amp

I was playing with my pinky from the day I started but all I played really for months was technique-building exercises.
. . . no, Hosscat is his name. Hosscat said it was a BC Rich copy. . .

Hosscat if I were you I'd sig that: "So, it's called a Hosscat?" I lol'd. I sure did.
Seriously, just get over where it was made. It's not that important.
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LOL. I did a couple of these awhile back (if you do a search you might find them).
Just guessing which doesn't mean much as the law of averages will come into play.
I put a number of guitars through playing the same thing and people had to match
the guitar with the track. No one was really even close and no one really could even
distinguish single coil from humbucker. Just goes to show how descrimating ears

Could've easily been your recording quality or the fact that it wasn't live. I'm sure live you could tell the difference between a humbucker and a single coil pickup.
There's a Dimebag signature wah and distortion pedal I believe. Haven't tried them but it should help.
Apparently someone's never used a Floyd Rose . . .