Quote by ValoRhoads
"Why are you playing seven strings when you can't even play six?"
-Dimebag Darrell Abott-

LOL .... what makes you so sure i cant play a 6 ???
holy crap .... wasnt expecting responses that quick LOL ...... thanks
i just bought an ibanez rg7321 ..... and have absolutely no idea how to tune the thing ..... i shoulda stuck with a 6 string ..... oh well ..... can someone please help me out here ..... thanks
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hi im jake and i luv metallica

hey, im sally, im this guy here's older sister (not too much older though LOL)

im into pantera, korn, slipknot, ozzy, metallica, deftones, drowning pool, system of a down ..... you prolly get the picture

been playing drums since i was 14 (23 now) and just picked up the guitar just over a year ago.

hope to see y'all around