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33 guitars and 22 (tube) amps here.
Thank jebus someone is worse than me.
Also, I think I have a problem. I just bought a Japanese Epiphone Les Paul Custom.
Speaking of things has anyone heard of Cowboy's juke joint radio?

Apparently its a thing. They played one of my songs, randomly.
gregs1020 I might buy a new amp, but I just bought a AC50CPH 6 months ago. And my Sovtek isn't working. Neither is my So Cal, my Blues Custom, my Blackheart, or my V33H.

Maybe I should fix things.
It sounds like I should go to Japan and get one in person.
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1) Thank you for your service.

2) sorry about the crazy chica

3) good luck with the albums

4) do you mean a MiJ Gibson LP, or do you mean Japanese made LPs by any ol' company?

Japanese LP, preferably a custom, set neck, any year, open book headstock. Doesn't matter the manufacturer or brand.
So I'm gonna do some gratuitous sharing.

I deployed to Afghanistan in 2014, had a horrible time, and have a little PTSD.

I just got out of the military in April, and it's been a rough few months for a few reasons.

To make it worse, I feel in love with a girl who happens to be a crazy ass stripper, who ended up being a crazy ass stripper and kicked me out of her life, and is now accusing me of being a stalker.

So needless to say, I've been depressed for a while. Fortunately, I have music. I have two albums worth of tunes to record, and I'm still writing music. Music keeps me alive.

End of feels.

In other news, I'm looking for a Japanese Les Paul Custom. Does anyone have one for under 800 bucks?
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lost my best friend 15 years ago, i still think about him all the time.  a few weeks ago I saw his old address in an estate sale ad, and went there.  his dad had passed in feb and i didn't know or hear about it.  i took one last walk through a house i spent countless times and memories in as a child through HS growing up, and the house was the same as it was in 1975.  it was ominous, i could feel him and his parents.  i was able to pick up a couple things to keep and remember them by.  both my friend rich and his mom had heart issues, and both passed early.  Rich at 35 and his mom around 45, his dad lived to be over 85.  

lost a couple more friends over the years, Mico & Igor, RIP to all our lost friends/family.

The worst thing about getting older is friends and family dying.
I just bought a Vox AC50CPH. It might be my new favorite.
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She seems to have accepted the inevitable, but I know when her mom passes, its gonna hit her like a ton of bricks.
But there is a shitload of family there (about 20 or so), that will be there for her (as well as her 3 sisters and others) when the time comes.
I can't be there with her 24/7 (Although I would if asked). 

Truly, I wish you and the people you love good luck in an old fashioned way. Loss is extremely difficult.
gregs1020 I actually bought another one lol

That's my favorite amp. I recorded my record with that.
Ipponplanning. not now making.
Hey man, I'm just hanging out here by myself, going poop every 2 hours or so.
So I have a few amps that I'm in the process of repairing, and wanted to get some wisdom from a few fellow gear nerds.

First problem: Sovtek Mig 100 

No volume, power surges. So I retubed the whole thing, both pre and power, and still no good through any input or on any channel. After plugging in to test, the powertubes glowed brighter (likely a higher current draw?), and it still doesn't work.

My thought is that it's something downstream from the power tubes, but I don't know what yet. 

Second problem: Epiphone Blues Custom 30
Low volume, blew a fuse. I retubed the power section, and tried to see if it was a preamp tube. The fuse stays good now, but still low volume and constant low frequency hum.

I'll probably retube the whole preamp section, but I don't know if that's the problem.

Third problem: Epiphone So-Cal 50
No power, blown fuse.  I haven't gotten into this one yet, but my guess is that a simple power tube refresh will fix it.

Any thoughts on the subject? I've got other things that I'm fixing, too, so hopefully I can get all of these things to work over time.
Doesn't matter what you believe if something is happening and others see it happening.

Also, regardless of whether or not it's man made, the climate is changing.
Need some advice:

I have extreme diarrhea. Should I stay at work, or should I leave early? 
Also, you should change your thread title.
I feel like over about 600 bucks (maybe up to a grand), you start getting into diminishing returns.

My favorite amp is an Ampeg Reverb Rocket. I paid like, 300 bucks for mine.
I kinda took the opposite path that you did and tried writing music long before my technical skill was up to par (it still isn't up to par). Like learning technical skill, it just requires practice. 

copperwreck's advice is spot on. If you've got the time, read The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield. You've just gotta start doing it. It's gonna suck, but after a few failures, you'll start to get a hang of what's good and what's not. 
Have you ever written poetry?

Look through that, try writing a few poems, and see if you can develop a sense of rhythm around the words. Once you do that, you can match the rhythm of the words to the rhythm of the melody.
All privilege, no work.
And as far as the blues sound: Does it make noise? If the answer is yes, then yes, it can make blues sounds.
Carsie Blanton has a song called "Loving is Easy." That shit happens to me every time I go into a guitar store.

I last fell in love with a Riviera P-93, but I was moving and couldn't buy it. The time before that was an Epi Sheraton with coil taps in ebony. I almost cried when I couldn't buy it.

Too often though, I see a guitar that I think I want, pick it up to play it, and it's a huge disappointment. That shit is worse than talking to a pretty girl and then realizing that she's a virgin who believes Xenu will come to save us all.
If you can afford it, have room for it, why not? A guitar is a guitar, it's just a tool.
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The left one, no contest. That's not an absurd question at all.

I would give my left nut for the answer to that most pending question.
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It's not. IOW, your premise is flawed. America is also the story of discrimination against spics, wops, micks, pollacks, germans, czechs, chinks, jappos and any other "not us" group of people, to include race, origin, religious belief systems, sexual preferences and virtually every other major or minor defining characteristic.

Most of the blame rests on Brits, French, Spanish and Germans who brought the colonial system and "manifest destiny" to America along with a deep-seated disrespect for anyone who wasn't them. And most of that blame belongs to the Catholic church that encouraged that thinking at the time and to Judeo-Christian values that really need to be re-thought.

jappos is my favorite
K33nbl4d3 This thread should be just about how stupid the premise is. Like what's worse, losing your left nut or your right one?
Also, the best way to go for practicality is a head and cab for most applications. For gigging or for home use. Everything else is just about how much space you have.
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It can if it just done lost its baby.

Literally the correct answer here.
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The all-Rosewood neck for $200 looks really nice.

I would put that on my walnut tele project. Which I am now planning on making, and will have done by the fall.
I really want to build a walnut tele with a natural finish and cream binding. OR maple binding. That'd be baller.
8Len8 The correct answer.

Also, the only way to get something to sound "full" is with volume. At least in a room, anyway.