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Government clearance would be my guess.

SCC cleared:

Shrimp, crawfish, crab
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You don't like White Russians?

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You need to set your sights higher...

Legs are like the are like an express highway, man.
Sexy feet are attached to sexy legs, which are attached to the business end. It draws your eyes, almost like an arrow, sometimes.

Hobbits are scary.
I like a nice ass, but sometimes, titties.
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no i'm in shanghai.

hong kong is can deal with cuz people speak english sometimes.

nobody speaks english in shanghai and i can't read a lick of chinese. i'm lost all the time.

I can!
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Factoring in a speaker and tube replacement, would you guys rather have a Fender HR III Deluxe or a Peavey ValveKing 112 for straight up, studio use cleans (dark/bassy, no/extremely little breakup)?

The Fender. Or better yet, an Excelsior.
When are you gonna sell me that Russian Muff, 311?
Is it bad that I understand that bullshit better than the subjects of the crown speak above it?
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stuck up or down?

It'll still go up and down, but I have to basically jimmy it. I think the gear just came apart.
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and a transmission.

i bought a tele to flip and i thought dom would want it but he's awol.

Speaking of the El Camino, the damned window crank gear is stripped
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then we can wait another six months until one pops up and you don't have the money anymore.

It happens. I just bought an ES-355 and an Antigua Strat, in the last 2 months. I've bought 6 guitars and 4 amps since April.
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thanks. yeah it is . i mean i actually do like it if i could get the problems fixed. it's just a pain parcelling stuff up all the time (not to mention the shop sucks and ignores emails... had i known that i wouldn't have bought from them ). I've had a lot of other faulty amps recently too, i've just about had my fill of parcelling stuff up.

I just think that you have bad luck.
^that's a bummer.

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Just got the dreaded letter from the IRS. They want another $1500 by Jan. 13th

Unemployment was the worst thing that ever happened to me.

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^ nice clips (listening now)

hey did you have any trouble with rattle with yours? how about background noise on the bright setting?

The bright switch has extra noise, but it doesn't really bother me. No rattle. It's probably just a loos bolt. As far as the bright hiss, I think that's normal?
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Can't listen at work Goolz, will do so at home (if the phone allows it).

In other news, the bartender at the bar around the block from my place is smokin hot.
Speaking of the excelsior, who wants to hear hack strat tones and 355 tones through it? I just recorded a couple.
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OK Dan. Not a collection

I'm pickin up what you are laying down but can you expand on the second part there?

I mean, why is it a problem? He is just trying to 'make'/endorse amps that he thinks people will like.

What I think is interesting is that he had a certain amount of involvement in the 5150 and it was his signature amp. But it really doesn't produce a tone that people would associate with Eddie's tone. It was fairly well known that he used Marshalls.

Now, the 5153 which is made by Fender for EVH is a great metal amp but he DOES use this amp live and it creates all of his signature Eddie tones going back to the mid 70's basically. That coupled with the fact that it has a great clean channel and you are right....It is one hell of an amp.

My real question is this. If Fender can help design and build such a monster for EVH - why can't they do it for themselves? I think they are missing a huge chunk of the market by not doing it and sticking to their roots. Yes, I realize they have some exceptions - Red Knob, SuperSonic, FM Metalhead, Mustang, Excelsior or whatever.

I think that a lot of it is that the guys who's music calls for things outside of the repertoire of the Fender linup are not people who would ever consider playing a fender, because it's not the br00tz. It's the same deal with that Showmaster super strat they had. Nobody bought them, even though they were great.

The demand for Fender is their classic stuff. And you mention the Excelsior; that is the classic of the classic when it comes to sound and features. Their newest killer though, is the Machete, which looks awesome.
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I think my favorite part of that is the digital metronome.
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Both parties believe in corporate welfare and a phony crony-capitalism as opposed to Laissez-faire capitalism. Both parties believe in oppressing gay rights because it's controversial to pass that legislation (yes, Obama included)--one party just makes a bigger deal out of it than the other.


Also: On military coups: Yeah, that'll never happen. Americans are a) too cowboy, b) all volunteer and c) our doctrine is different than places where shit like that happens. The one time we ever got close to military usurpation of power was when MacArthur wanted to nuke China. Which they totally should have.
First day of offset and I can't get any ****ing sleep. I am a zombie.

Oh, and hi.
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"End of the world" is supposed to be 21/12/12 (or for you silly Americans 12/21/12)

Lots of idiot facebookers misunderstood it as 12/12/12 because it's a repetitive date, incidentally, 12 is also their IQ. And then they confused less interested people like yourself.

You mean 20121221.

NATO date FTW.
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Jet Li, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Min, etc.

I'll give you Jet Li, but Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was directed and written by a Taiwanese man, and starred mainly Hong Kong and Taiwanese actors.

China makes primarily shitty propaganda movies. There are a lot of decent Chinese (mainland) movies.
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Like I said I buy from China when I have absolutely no other choice

Bruce Lee was the last good thing that was made in China

Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco. And lived in Hong Kong when it was part of Britain.
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secksie of the day goes to this.

i love you japan.

I was going to make a comment saying that if I ever had a daughter, I'd buy her that, but then I thought "real men play pink guitars".

I would, at least.
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So Joe Pass?

Why, yes.
Playing horizontal (in key) is easy when improvising. Playing vertically (playing in the key if the chord that you're on) is incredibly difficult.

Also, anything in an ensemble is so much easier to do than playing solo. Man, walking a bassline while playing the melody line, and comping yourself is like god status.
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I have money...

Jazz is great, I usually listen to either the jazz radio station or the college one (love underground tunes, too much dance music though).

Can't play jazz though. I mean, I can throw down some vamps or whatever, but not like those guys...

I've been throwing my hand in at Jazz for about 5 years now. I'm still a hack lol
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Guys. Jazz. It's so good.

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I hadn't thought to look for viewing clubs. I'd bet there are a group of astronomy majors that like to go up to the mountains that might talk to me.

I read that as "take me up to the mountains and 'talk' with me"
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I have no problem with Communism in general, but the isolated 'us versus them' mentality that it creates bothers me. Most of my issues with China are more related to their manufacturing industry though... It just pisses me off to watch such an enormous country refuse to play by the rules.

Communism as an idea is based on violent overthrow of 'classes'. Socialism is the ultimate goal of Marxism. In theory.

Communist regimes use ideological fallacy to enact autocratic oligarchies. Therefore, in modern usage, at least to me, Communism=Totalitarian dictatorship with complete control over the means of production. Which is what China has.

The Republic of China, on the other hand, has a full blown capitalist economy, is the 5th largest commercial partner with the United States, and have a representative democracy (republic/parliamentary system).

The only reason why the U.S. is involved with China as it is today is because we wanted a stymie to the USSR in 1979.

The incidents of the Tiananmen Massacre of 1989 are not isolated in their occurrence.

Gah, I'm getting my rable roused.
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I don't get worked up about world politics kind of stuff often, but me too. They are so damn proud of their economic development... Well anybody could pull that off with the complete disregard for sustainability that they have. I know that's kind of hypocritical because the US did it's developing before that mentality came around, but we are there now and we have the knowledge... Not applying it is criminal. Assholes.

Re-education through labor is still a real thing in that country. Our criminal justice system is broken, but we don't torture criminals with scheduled beatings, forced labor, and political indoctrination. Children shit on the streets in Beijing. Granted, people shit on the streets in D.C., but they're crackheads.

52% of the Chinese people are rural. They still call farmers "peasants". 98% of the population is homogeneous Han Chinese. They don't create anything, just copy. And they have thousands of missiles pointed at Taiwan, one of the largest Democracies in east Asia.

And yet the United States won't sell F-16s to Taiwan because the reds bitch about it.

I ****ing hate commies.