centravanti The Fumes- Sundancer is a fucking fantastic album. If you like them, check out The Pack A.D.
Side note: I saw them live about 2 years ago (wearing a shirt I got from that show, today actually). Wennerstrom uses a Vox and goes direct, maybe with a boost and a fuzz on her board, and the lead player was playing something boutique if I remember right. 
The super clean tone? It sounds like guitar direct into a higher wattage tweed Fender, or a Silvertone. Or an Ampeg. Just with some extra reverb on it.
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you were right up there and still boring her? you don't sound too good at this

Hey man, practice makes perfect.
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Present progressive conjugation of "to bore," meaning "to drill, to excavate"

Example: I was boring deep into your mom's cave last night.
Note nr. 2: Sometimes its helpful to play chromatically over a blues progression to figure out what notes work in different situations for different purposes.
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you are literally saying that roosters are invalid. And I happen to think JustRooster is as valid as any of us
Do you know the etymology of the word cock?
StewieSwan What about if you call them a cock holster?
If you go wiht a pickguard GFS prewired ones have never let me down.
G major and C minor are not the same, but blues isn't diatonic in the first place.

Typically, when you play over the IV chord, playing in the key of the IV (either dominant or minor) tends to sound pretty good.
Same problem with every fucking one of these: observer bias, sample bias, 30 foot view of a 10,000 foot problem.
I put it under the category of bluzack. It's the same reason why Stevie Ray Vaughan was so much better live than in the studio. Studio Stevie was bluzack, live Stevie was the blues.
Gary Moore has always been boring to me.
I suggest an ES-355 over the Lucille, but the Lucille is good too.
Literally everything you do is being track by some bot somewhere. Traffic cameras? Check. Security cams? Check. Bank info? Check. Credit reports? Well, that's the worst one.

Google is just breaking into the market.
So I was at Maryland Deathfest last night (still going on, didn't want to go tonight) and saw Acid King and Conan, and a strange band from Salt Lake City, Subrosa. It was mostly enjoyable. Deathfeast seems to be a wide reaching thing. I'm going to their Days of Darkness in October to see Om, Neurosis, and Boris.

They also have shit like Agorophobic Nosebleed, Candlemass and a ton of others. Plus tons of merch.

Anyone have any good metal festival stories? Dick Pics? Anything?
AcousticMirrorSo, any schecter except for the PT?
Mods and Admins, I have a question: what do you people know about starting up a BB forum?
Roc8995 If I knew you were in LA I would have hit you up when I went through there.
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TNfootballfan62 Hey!

Are you guys pregnant yet?
How does a dude get pregnant? (not Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Then my response is always try before you buy, and don't restrict yourself to any one brand or model. Know what look and feel you like and buy from there (that is the only correct answer, by the way, even if it's not the one you want to hear.) If the economics of the purchase are of low priority, then all that matters is how you bond with the instrument.

If you're gonna spend a G on a guitar, play the fucking thing first. You might end up finding a diamond in the rough. (frankly, after 13 years of playing, you should know this.)
Also, one woman's experience is not the experience of all women.

People are very bad at selecting people to fuck.
I love bush. I select women who also love bush.
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cause 1: you'd have to find out how shoddy it really is when you get down to it and 2: cause I'm just done with this album, I've been working on it forever and it's as good as I can make it right now so someone else taking a stab at it after I'm done with it feels weird
Yeah dude, I feel that.
There's a Patton quote that works for this: An 80% solution today is worth a 100% solution tomorrow.

You could have spent the next year just making it 95% good, and then the next 3 years making it to 100%. But that would hinder future creativity.
The two correct answers will always be John Mayer and Eric Clapton after 1972.
If I remember correctly, most power supplies are standard negative center on their polarity. Fulltone pedals work with most any power supplies you can get.

I personally use different kinds of daisy chain or multi-pedal power supplies, like a Dunlop DC brick. It works on all my DC 9V pedals with no issue.

Also, printed on most power supplies is a schematic drawing of the polarity.
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i may be on my way soon. sooner if that was smoked gouda.

you gotta come to chicago to meet zach!
that's so funny, talk about self-absorbed assumptions for the fail.
You've gotta send me an email with some infos so I can plan real good, breh.
BTW, I love the cover art
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Put it in your sig like everyone else.

Yeah, do that.
You see those knobs on your amp? Turn them, play a chord or a lick, and if you don't like how it sounds, turn them until you do.

EDIT: That was a little snarky. What I mean is, tone depends on a lot of factors, and it's extremely unlikely that anyone, even running the same setup, would use the same settings that you would find pleasing to the ear.