dspellman Thanks! I look to high quality performance all the time.
That's my Master's thesis: a history/anthropological look at sex work.
gregs1020 Also, I was talking about the lefty guitar player who is a badass player. I want to meet that guy too.
gregs1020 I'll be at both NYC dates, might make it to the other two. I've got family in NorCal and SoCal, and business in SoCal
So I've been going through some weird shit lately (of course, it has to do with women. I am a bluesman after all). This dude has provided me with the tunes lately.

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A mahogany Tele can be a sexy MF.  Here's one a guy made with some rounding of edges, 2HBs, and the Bill Kirchen mod.

Good golly, Miss Molly.

gregs1020 Sent you a PM
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doing the same here, looked at a couple places today that would work.  probably put in an offer soon.  

I put in an offer yesterday.  We'll see how that goes.
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imgooleyi have a guy near me selling a nice goldtop MIJ bacchus LP for $600.  could send you that.

MIJ firebird copy, ibanez jet king, dearmond M-69, probably jizz for a nice moserite. etc.

You know me so well.

I'm working on buying a house right now, but as soon as that's done, I'm game.
My modus operendi has been to buy cheap, shitty guitars and throw GFS pickups and hardware in them.  The stupidest one is my Starcaster strat. Complete new electronics, tuners, bridge, and saddles.  Plays and sounds like a champ.  I wired it weird, too, so it gets some strange sounds.
gregs1020 I might be interested in the flying V, but not for a few months at the earliest. If you get your hands on any Japanese Les Pauls or oddballs up my alley, I'd go for them.  You know me dude, I like cheapo oddball guitars.
gregs1020 I might be able to make it, would have to see. I don't make plans until the last minute lol.

Link is in my sig for muzak.

Also, do you have anything you wanna sell me
zgr0826 The only right answer is Dopesmoker.

Close second: Anything by Boris or Om or Funkadelic.
Roc8995 Hell yeah I do. I keep it tuned to C standard and riff until the sun comes up. It's my go to for all things heavy.
Honestly, for those kinds of bands, software would work just fine, give you more flexibility, and just be easier to do overall.  Most of the dudes I know recording that style of music go with the software route.  Especially if you're not playing live right now.

If you were playing anything that had to have an analog sound, like lo-fi, blues, soul, or garage rock, the answer would be analog.  But your fav bands don't need that.
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Nothing special- I just use my browser.

And thank you for your service.

Thank you for your tax dollars
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imgooley goolz!  whazzup?!

I've had a hectic last 7 years, but I'm out of the Air Force now, and doing many, many things with my life.  Recorded a new album, if you wanna give it a listen.
Fender USA Stratocaster
Fender Mexican Antigua Stratocaster
Epiphone ES-355 Wine Red
Epiphone Wildkat Trans Black
Gibson SG Gothic
Gretsch Synchronomatic something or other (paid 100 bucks for it)
Starcaster by Fender Stratocaster from Best Buy
Squier Classic Player Telecaster Custom
Fender Vintage Modified Jaguar (or some sort of special series jaguar, can't remember)
First Act Lola
Ibanez Jet King
Hondo Lawsuit Les Paul
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SX lapsteel
Recording King 00 style something or other
Hohner 00 style with slotted headstock
Yamaha FG-730 
Yamaha SBG2000 with a broken headstock (thanks, Greg, I will eventually fix that thing)
Alvarez 12 string
Washburn Parlor guitar
Rogue resonator guitar
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Rogue banjo

I think that's all for guitars.

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Fender Showman stereo 4x12
Mojotone 2x10
Ibanez 2x12
Crate V-series 2x12

so many

I might post the rest of the shit that I have if I feel inspired, or anyone cares.
What do you guys use for mobile forum-ing? I miss being on the UG forum, but I do most of my internetting on my phone nowadays.
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What's your degree going to be in?

Nothing exciting. The only thing of interest that I have enough credit toward is History with an East Asian Studies minor.
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Hey Goolz! What's new?

Oh you know, getting by.

Seen more shows in the last 6 weeks than I did the entire winter, so that's nice.

Looking for open mics to play.

Trying to knock out a bachelors degree.

Collecting sweet gubment cheese.

The usual.
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SG's are good if you like neck dive.

I play it high, like the Beatles.

I have an SG I bought of Colin years ago (almost 10?), but I could always use another.

Also, the price isn't bad.
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Got tomorrow off too... Pretty awesome, it's just like this week didn't happen.

How are things out there? It's still a cluster out here.
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Master Chief of the Universe, obviously.

No, really, E-3 I suppose. I don't have much interest in the officer program, I just want to put in my four years and get an education while I'm at it. To hit E-4 I need to have a bachelors, right?

Medical Support and Navy Electronics mostly. I would be interested in aviation as well, but I think that radiology would translate best to civilian life. Also, flight decks sound awfully dangerous.

My brother is in aviation. They fly around having all sorts of adventures. Oklahoma hardly counts as being "on ship" though. You need one of those big grey things for that.

Most rates give E-4 within a year of A school. A lot of intel fields give it as soon as you graduate A school. The navy also promotes relatively fast, compared to the Air Force or the marine corps.

And from my experience, unless you plan on working for the government when you get out, no job you have in the military gives you a leg up in civilian life.

Also, I've hated every officer I've ever met, save 2. If you're about that life, pursue it in the future.
Japanese Whiskey is fantastic. Hibiki and Yamazaki are good examples.
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Ah, being in Turkey changes everything. For $50 in the US, you're way better off buying bourbon, but I doubt that's true there.

Glenlivet 12 is a good choice for around 40 bucks.
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Who else is in Winter Storm Jonas? I'm getting drunk by myself because my parents won't drink whiskey and at 27 years old it sucks living with my parents. Fucking downturn of a post.


Lots of snow, getting drunk and watching anime.
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the latest low sugar low carb paleo diets agree with you there.

Seeing as I get all of my carbs from beer, I fall into that category
In-n-Out is my favorite burger from a fast food joint, don't give a fuck about whatever else. 3x3 animal style, mustard instead
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Not as good as Django then? I thought Django was fantastic, which reminds me I've been meaning to rewatch it.

Django is more of an action movie, The Hateful Eight is more of a comedy.

There was a ten minute bit about male on male fellatio. It was quite hilarious and disconcerting.
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I still really enjoy it, but I very rarely play for more than fifteen minutes at a time. Gooley came over a while back and we jammed for an hour or so drunk... That was the most I've played in probably two years.

Well, shit, sounds like I need to car some of my shit out there so we can rock out

Maybe I can hit on some of those hipster chicks too
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63 F.

I helped an elderly woman who had collapsed in the grocery store yesterday (good Xmas karma, hopefully Santa saw ) because she had dressed as if it were Christmas eve in Western Maryland. We've had warm years but this is just unheard of.

Turkey is in the smoke, pork tenderloins will go in after another hour or so.

Oh ya, and Merry Christmas to all who wish for such things.

It was 72 out here, 50 miles to your east lol
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it's the one i built, so i'm good with whatever. i paid $225 for the guitar, then the the new bridge, then the loaded pup guard... i'm waaaaaay upside down so that's not really the concern, it's my only electric.

gah i know that's the answer, i just don't want to hit the buy it now.

Do it, or Krampus will take it from you.
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Sign me up for the Louisiana hot sausage.

Not sure if gay or fat, but I'm totally alright with both. Not judging.
I have no idea what's happening

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I've been listening to a lot of the modern folk type stuff that's been coming out lately. There's also a lot of new soul/r&b/whatever bands popping up lately.

Shakey Graves, NPR tiny desk, yo. Me and Dan saw some modern folk stuff in MD.