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You been to that fetish club we heard about up here yet?

No, but I may or may not have blown a couple hundred bucks on a Russian.
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1 - alone, that's great advice.

2 - in that context, #1 is absolute man-law.

Step 1: Fuck bitches
Step 2: Get money

Side effects: Alcoholism.

Verdict: worth it.
I love Jimmy Page, and I agree with him being sloppy as fuck.

Especially his slide playing.
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i'm gonna skip all that and just buy her a house.

Or, just give her the money.
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I need to take my GoPro back out biking soon... I'm doing big enough drops and jumps now that it may actually look cool. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow finally.

But what about wheelies?
I'm going to the movies, and maybe a tittie bar tomorrow.
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Okay. So I started cooking the pasta. Then I started drinking beer. And now scotch. And I have to be up at 4:30 am tomorrow, so screw the pictures. But here's how it went.

Get a beer. Get some fucking uncased sausage. 2 lbs. Get some fucking ground beef. 1.5 lbs. Brown that shit. Add some olive oil, crushed garlic, onion powder, and fresh basil. Mmmm. Nice. Add 2 cans of San Marzano peeled tomatoes. Get another beer. Add 1 can of crushed tomatoes. Cook that shit down. Add more basil, add more garlic. Add some "Italian Seaonings" shit that mom had in the cabinet. Fuck yea. Get some scotch. Taste it's sexy, smokey, goodness. Bathe in that shit. Now get some brown sugar. Add a little bit of that shit to your bolognaise. You don't want it too sweet now, fucker! Now boil some fucking water in a giant pot. Great, you're a fucking scientist! And don't forget to salt the water. Don't be an idiot. While you're doing that, cook that sauce on high/boil for about 20 minutes, then keep it going on low for another 1.5 hours. While you're doing that, throw 2 boxes of pasta into that boiling pot that you, the scientist, created. Fuckin' A, you can follow directions. Get more scotch as a reward. Get ready for tomorrow's headache. And I mean the one dealing with Dave from the EPA, not from the alcohol. Now drain the pasta, you moron! You don't want it to get mushy. Add some sauce so the pasta doesn't stick together. Throw in some ricotta cheese. The more the better because it's made from the puss of angels! Dump this heavenly mixture into an aluminum pan. Add more sauce. Add more cheese. Add more sauce. Add more cheese. It never ends. Bake it. until the cheese on top is melted and ALMOST golden. You don't want to overcook it. Fuck yea. You got baked ziti. Congratu-fucking-lations. Jackass.


I would pay real U.S. dollars for a whole cookbook of recipes in this style.
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I always thought it a bad idea to date, in general.

I agree with this.
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so you're shooting for just above the worst possible outcome?

aim a wee bit higher matt.

Silver linings man
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i mostly agree with that statement.

but... we all saw the but coming.

you can't blame the rise of ISIS (the current major ME problem) on post ww1 partitioning when the good ole' USofA ousts a sunni gov't and replaces it with a shite govt in a country that was very ready for it's leader to be ousted. (debaathification was fail so epic that "epic" doesn't even come close)

while you're at it, leave big piles of guns and war machines behind instead of being responsible and removing them from the perennial hot zone. you wouldn't need a tin foil hat to suspect what would happen after that.

and look where we are.

I think you can blame it on a U.N. fail 25 years ago (or earlier, for not ousting Sadaam when he was gassing people).

Business as usual would have just postponed the detonation (See: Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya)

EDIT: It's the domino effect of history.
Fuck yeah dude, it's awesome.
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if youre so funny
then why are you on your own tonight?

and if youre so clever
then why are you on your own tonight?

if youre so very entertaining
then why are you on your own tonight?

if youre so very good looking
why do you sleep alone tonight?


Answer: because I've got beating off to do, homie.

Chickens ain't gonna choke themselves.
Post a question in guitar gear, and accessories including what guitar, what amp, what pedals, how long you've been playing, etc.
First off, important things.

Somebody buy that so I can buy it off you when I have money.

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And btw, I wasn't advocating genocide. I said invade, take over and rule with an iron fist. That isn't genocide. Hell, I'd probably just give Syria to France to rule.

Fun fact: After the First World War, Syria was the French Mandate of Syria. Iraq was the British Mandate of Mesopotamia.

Damn near all the Middle Eastern problems arose out of the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire in 1920.

So, here we are, with almost 2 centuries of chaos between the Hindu Kush and the Mediterranean, and conflict between Central Asia and Europe. Or, if you wind the clock back, the rise of the Ottoman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire/Catholic kingdoms. Or, if you wind it back more, the Mongols/Dark Age kingdoms. Or if you wind it back more, the Huns/The Roman Empire. Or if you wind it back more, the Persians and the Greeks/Macedonians.

The difference between ISIS/ISIL/Daesh and Al Qaeda is that they have a government and hold territory. They're more like the Taliban. Or North Korea. They have an army.

In my opinion, there are only two ways to handle this: Either a blockade/seige, or an overwhelming, U.N. mandated invasion, followed by U.N. mandated martial law/occupation. Which is what should have happened after the first Iraq war.

The after effects? The only real option that jives with the ideology of the U.N. is self-determination after pacification, which means there will be a Kurdistan, and Sunni theocracy (Saudi sphere), a Shiite theocracy(Iranian Sphere), and maybe (a very weak maybe) a secular enclave either around Damascus or Baghdad.

I don't think nukes would break the will of the enemy to fight, like they did in Japan. I don't think firebombing will make the enemy retreat, like they did in Dresden and Tokyo. And I don't think that the piddly bombshots we're taking now are going to break the structure of ISIS, like they did with the Taliban and Al Qaeda.
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Anybody else watching UFC 193? Cath? It's over there (Etihad).

Go Ronda!

That didn't end well for Ronda.
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Anybody else watching UFC 193? Cath? It's over there (Etihad).

Go Ronda!

I'm watching the debate, because I'm a nerd.
Either separate cabs, or stereo cabs are the easiest ways to go. Just make sure that the impedance is correct/within spec.
You can probably find a Peavey Windsor in that price range, and it'd fit the bill for you at a reasonable price.
I'm a big fan of the cheaper Recording King guitars.
I'm a big fan of Epiphone guitars. A lot of the hollows and semi-hollows that I've played feel better and sound better (to me, for what I play) than the Gibson semi-hollows and hollows.

But for SGs and Les Pauls, they're not even close to the Gibsons.
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Glad to see you made it home safe. Fun night.

Lol, it was way past my bed time when I left. I stopped and took a nap at a park and ride on the way.
Isis is taking responsibility.

Is this a watershed moment? Time will tell. I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes a NATO mission in Syria. Or even a U.N. mission.
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Madam Or Such would make an excellent president.

Nah, brah.
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Empathy and understanding are buzzwords used by people when they want YOU to do something. The hypocrisy you've highlighted is common amongst those who proclaim the "world as it should be" viewpoint, as if their very speaking of it would bring about change. As if the presentation, whether verbally or in print, was actually a form of action. One of the biggest lies ever told was when people were somehow convinced that "The pen is mightier than the sword" was equal to "write about it, no further action is necessary".

Meanwhile the rest of us just try to do the best we can every day to not be complete assholes, sometimes succeeding, sometimes not but still accomplishing more in the long run than all the "important" speeches, column inches and pretty sentiments ever have.


A) The Penis Mightier.

B) Empathy and understanding have been co-opted by the crazies.

C) Everything you've written makes sense.

Went and saw a metal show in DC last night. That was fun.
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Cool, I live within walking distance so that's an easy place to go too. I work til 7 and will probably eat dinner with the missus, but after about 830 I'm around. If you have nothing better to do you could entertain yourself downtown for a few hours prio I'm sure.

You may have to pretend to know stuff about bikes, if you don't, because I may tell my wife you're a friend from the bike shop I work at... Easier than 'he's a dude I met online.'

Bicycles or motorcycles? I can talk about motorcycles.
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Goolz - There's a band up here tomorrow night that calls themselves 'Dark Ambient Folk/Devilgrass.' I'm intrigued enough to go, and I imagine you might be as well, having some idea of your taste in music.

Fuck it, I'm down.

That's in my wheelhouse anyway.
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Yup. I still have 15 of them and enjoy them (well, the half dozen that aren't in storage, anyway). But even those rig rundowns are no more than anecdotal.

In the larger picture, the corner has already been turned.

More people are buying modeling (and/or are using computer-based modeling for recording, etc.) than are buying tube-based amps. New players are comfortable with the modeling, and that includes the ones that are curious about tube amps.

A lot of people still drive manual transmissions, but the corner has long-since been turned. Autos rule the roost, even on super-and hyper-cars.

There are still people buying film, but digital cameras have long-since become the mainstream.

You make a good point, that the mainstream likes the new-fangled stuff, and its use is prevalent in the industry, but don't forget that Rock and Roll thrives when it's being carried by the outsiders. Hell, art in general thrives when it's being done with an outsider ethic. And these outsiders are enthusiasts.

Enthusiasts don't give a shit about market trends. The like what they like, and buy what they like.

That's why people buy cars with manual transmissions. That's why people buy film, and like movies shot on film. And like records that are on vinyl, recorded analogue. And why people like hand built furniture.

Yeah, the normal shit works, and sounds good, but I like the way it feels when I turn my 100w tube amps on full blast and get the cops called on me. And I like the way it feels when I do a burnout at a stoplight.

It's about the feeling, man.

To the topic, no, tubes wouldn't matter if they weren't invented. Neither would guitars.
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They only weigh 49lb, you wussies.

So much want.
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don't let him touch the v50h. ever.

AC100CPH is heavier than your motorcycle.

Probably lighter than the Mig, thu
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I've got bass, drums, guitar and a PA (but no mic) in my basement. None of it is high quality but it works for jamming. Let me know when you get some free time.

I'm off the next 5 days.

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You need a new bro.

How in the hell does someone break 4 amps?

Fuck if I know.
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do you still have that so-cal head? i remember liking the one i tried.

i saw a few good bands in baltimore. tour the prs facility if you can. that was pretty cool.

The So Cal head is in California. Broken. Because of my idiot brother. Who also broke my Blackheart Hothead, my Crate, and my Blues Custom. I still have all of them, in california, and none of them work. However, there is a working GVT15 there. For now.

Current amps on hand:

Fender Excelsior
Ampeg V50H
Ampeg RR head
Laney Protube 50 (modded)
Sovtek Mig 100
Kustom 5 watt lunch box.

I'm fighting back the urge to try and find a AC100CPH and this sweet Acoustic Tube Lead 50.
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Ya Baltimore is awesome for music, I get down there once a month or so and almost always end up seeing something cool.

If you ever get bored and want to check out Frederick let me know, it's a pretty quick drive for you and it's a nice change from the city. Good hiking and whatnot out this way too.

Shit dude, I'm down to chill, drink, and play guitar/drums. I have a kit that I picked up when I was in Hawaii, that's been serving me quite well. Didn't know you were out here (seeing as I've been off the board for like, 3 years or more).

I've been writing and recording an album for the last couple of years, and have finally started getting something together on it. It's so hard to do everything oneself :/
I think that the Tone Wicker Muff kills all the muff clones I've played. By far.
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i don't think that's exclusive to the military but i get your point. i think it's probably more tolerable in the private sector.

i will own another one of those, or that one, at some point.

i've considered the outskirts of vegas, because there's a lot of work there for me, but i think i'm heading to orlando early next year. of the two, i think i prefer mountains and a lack of humidity.

taxes are pretty good in either place.

goolz where are you based now?

I'm not a gear flipper; you ain't getting that Ampeg, lest you make me an offer I can't refuse

I'm currently IVO Baltimore, Maryland. So much music around here.

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Yeah it ain't bad out here.
Where you go depends on what you like.
I wouldn't suggest Las Vegas though unless you enjoy crippling heat during the summer.

Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Minden, Gardnerville are all alright IMO.
And there there are all the outlying areas near those cities/towns.

Ideally, I would like either Incline Village up at the lake (if I had boatloads of money that is), or something near the Dayton or Mark Twain areas (East of Carson City).
Fernely (About 15 miles east of Sparks) isn't to bad either

Ideally, i'd live somewhere within the vicinity of Tahoe.

Close enough to California, but with Blackjack and Hookers.
BTW, Greg, that ReverbeRocket you sold me is my number 1 recording amp at this time.

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We got some snow a few days ago.
Just a dusting.
What was on the ground was pretty much all melted by around 9am.

I'm about 60 miles east of Lake Tahoe and when we get storms (rain or snow) coming through, the Sierra Nevada mountains get the brunt of it.
We just get the leftovers, which isn't very much.

When I first moved up here in February 1989, there was about 2 feet of snow on the ground and during that first month or so, it rarely got above 30F.
And it hasn't been that nasty since.
Not around here anyway.

When I was living in Ely, Nevada, now that was cold and nasty.
We had days where if the temperature got to above 30F, we considered it warm enough to have the front door open.
Our living room was about 15x15, with a heater about the size of 2 dorm sized refrigerators in one corner of the room, opposite from the front door.
And even though we had the heater cranked, we still had frost building up on the INSIDE of the house opposite of the heater.
Our propane bill was like $300 a month.

I'm debating moving to Nevada when I get out of the military. Loose gun laws and low taxes, while still having the West Coast liberal bent.
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that's not how the dog sees it. he's still waiting for his treat.

remember all that "follow your dreams" hype a while back, probably around the time you were entering college? yeah, that's all marketing bullshit.
go where the money is, regardless of how much work it will take to get there.

plan ahead early in your career and retire early. then do what you want.

texas doesn't have winter.

There's a fine line between tolerating your job, and hating your life.

Just ask anyone in the Military.
When it comes to dirt, there are many ways to skin a cat.

I personally prefer squishy (i.e. woofy bass, slightly honky mids, mildly attenuated treble) sounds for most of the shit I play, so fuzzes, or boosted low headroom amps is where I get my dirty sounds. Higher headroom and attenuated low-freq harmonics would be the opposite of that effect. Which is what a lot of overdrive pedals offer.
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i could lose 15 pounds again.

it's probably not good that i can think that, then in 2 weeks it's done. aside from the risk of being killed by angry females who witness the miracle, it's probably not healthy.


I've been wavering on trying to gain or lose weight for about 2 years. I've been right around 195-205 (lowest 188, highest 210) for this period of time (I'm 5'8).

Though I think if I quit drinking so much, I'd lose a good chunk.