Ya'll motherfuckers need to eat some food. If you're not gaining weight, and you want to gain weight, you're not eating enough.
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where is greg going to work today? :hmm:

Straight to hell (the awesome one, with blackjack and hookers; not the one with pitchforks and sodomy. Unless you're into that.)
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oh - actually guitar related.

i finally got to try an EVH Stealth Special. my local shop got one in.

the floyd was at approx 30* angle to the body.

so yeah, saw that, hung it back up.

i did notice the guitar was pretty heavy for a "light basswood body".

so i pretty much ruled it out right there, which sucked because i wanted to like that guitar.

That's not a bad looking guitar. I usually think EVH's look like a half descended scrotum.
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my pho-suede jacket is almost too warm. if i do anything in it aside look good, i break into a sweat.

Are you hiding Vietnamese people in your jacket?
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A tailor-made or altered shirt is, IMHO, a sartorial staple of a sharp dressed man. (I have @12 banded collar shirts with French cuffs.)

I vouch for this.

So many dudes in the Air Force get their dress uniforms tailored once when they get them, and don't have them adjusted ever.

They look like soup sandwiches.
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Hey goolz

Someone please stop me from buying a JCA22

Buy the amp.

In other news, listen to my song.
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Nice. I just drove through there today.

I was blown away by the countryside. And the music.

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go fuck yourself. i mean thanks for asking but...

pay it forward.

Speaking of free shit I've gotten from you/stuff I've bought from you, I still have that Yamaha with the broken headstock hiding somewhere in my mom's garage. Bought a neck for it like, 6 years ago, and never got around to getting it fixed.

And I'm recording a bunch of songs with the Reverberocket, and it sounds awesome.
I've been using Fender cables for a few years. They're cheap, and I haven't had one shit the bed on me yet. Livewires and Monster cables used to crap out on me all the time, and they don't seem to have as much shielding as the Fender ones. Also, the fender right angled jack cables are cheaper than other brands right angle cables.
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high tech stuff. i've used it to fix many a design flaw left by engineers with their heads up their asses.

I sweat like a hooker in church when I'm on stage. I should just weld it in place.

Kyle, I was just in Cookeville last month for the Muddy Roots festival, speaking of Eastern Tennessee.
Amp. 99.99% of the time, amp. Especially vs. line six.
I need to figure out a fix for always knocking the position swich off the neck.
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hey cath, you ride motorbikes, don't you? i use motorbikes versus bicycles as an analogy for why you shouldn't always religiously stick to acoustic (especially classical) technique on electric guitar, I was just checking it's actually a valid analogy since I've never ridden a motorbike... Since we always seem to get into arguments in the musician talk forum, I just want to make sure I'm in the right ok.

I like that analogy; I just wheelie all the time, then.
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...y'know, depending on your definition of "billy", that could be

'Billy' is other wise known as a bong. A deviced used to smoke marijuana with, otherwise known as grass or weed.

To randomly sleep with someone while heavily intoxicated.

A small chode
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I ran sound for one of the worst bands I have seen in a while last night. They were a rockabilly band that did not know how to rock.

So they were 100% billy?
If you're looking for just a boost, consider getting a pure booster pedal, like the Fulltone Fat Boost. If you want a boost with tone control, consider getting an EQ pedal with a volume control.

Other than that, a tube screamer or clone thereof.
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Is there anything similar* to the micro terror and in the same price range?

*by similar I mean very small and with valves

I don't know if they still make it, but Kustom made a little 5 watt all tube amp a while back, it was like 100 bucks. I also don't know if they still make it, but the Epiphone Valve Junior was also a cheap deal that sounded pretty alright.
Flat wounds are great for jazz and slide playing. I had them on my Ibanez semi hollow when i was playing in a jazz band. Nice and warm.

Didn't like them for rock and roll though, and for power chords they feel funny.
I've been using the Clayton 1 mil or 1.25 mil picks for years. Never broken one.
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Sounds like you've been living!

Yeah man, though I miss farting around on here sometimes.
I have been avoiding buying pedals lately, so I don't even know about the Green Rhino.

I feel like I'm so out of the loop.
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Hey goolz! What's new?

Moved to Maryland from Hawaii, had 3 guitars and some various other stuff stolen, replaced 2 of them, set up a home studio, wrote an album, am in the process of recording an album, made friends with strippers, had things go psychedlic, went to afghanistan, rode a motorcycle across the United States, have been working on my El Camino, and made an awesome dinner.

So you know. The usual.
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Goolz, link says content is unavailable.

Damn. I'm have to upload it somewhere, but it's a dot of my amps and drums and a few guitars. Rolling with a Sovtek Mig100, Laney protube,the reverb rocket Greg sold me and another ampeg
Yo, fellas, I know half ya'll don't know me, but the old ****ers do. Here's what I'm working with nowadays

And speaking of Wish You Were Here, I just replaced my 12 string, and first thing I did was learn that song lol.
Do they sell Ampegs in the UK?
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^ don't think I'd take many places over it

Although Fayetteville is a little subpar.
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Gotta stupid drunk last night, stayed up till 3, woke up at 7, drove two hours to Pilot Mountain, hiked a good while, swing through Winston Salem, and got home just a bit ago. All to the sweet sounds of Tony Iommi's massive riffs (without break, ive listened to 4 Sabbath albums on repeat all day long).

Great day all in all.

That does sound awesome. North Carolina is pretty cool.
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I love your sig

5 years, ain't changin
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not brave enough to go red huh?



Naw, insecure women are stingy.
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Nope. I'm not into slutty-looking brunettes, I prefer the innocent-looking blondes.

(Slutty-looking blondes are good too, though. )

Thank god for loose women.
Presonus has an audiobox+condenser mic set for under 200 bucks (i think it's 150) that can do some pretty good recordings.
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GC and Sam Ash did 15% off.

sam ash didn't exclude anything good. they had the "T" traditionals for $1499. wine red.

I might actually try and pick up an ACTUAL Gibson les paul this summer. But probably not, since I have a huge boner for that Fender Japan Thinline Stratocaster.
Hello, friends!

Another hit and run, from an old friend.
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Steel belted radials would taste awesome cooked that way!

Steel Belted Radials would be a great band name.
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This new Night Train NT50H looks kinda cool. I'd at least want to try it. EL34s

$699 I think MSRP

I've been thinking about grabbing one of those, but I haven't played electric guitar in a month. Lol, my laney has been sitting cold for months.