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What equipment do you have available? (Gas Grill, Smoker, Charcoal BBQ, Oven, Microwave, Propane Torch, Wood Fire, Matches etc...)

Charcoal grill, can slow cook or smoke if necessary, and large stock pots.
I have a beef roast. What should I do with it?
Sometimes,I wonder why I'm broke, and then I realize that I drink too much.
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Manual labor >>> gym.

I agree with this.

The most Russian video ever.
2 racks of ribs!

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Would you hit it?

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^ what are you? a farmer?

Colin your flying V is ready!

I totally would.
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The CIJ Fender Aerodyne JBass is fairly inexpensive but it's my goto. The Black finish makes paw prints stand out. I want to replace the neck with a PBass.

I almost bought an Aerodyne P-bass a few months ago. I'm kicking myself for not.
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^^ good points, arby

Yeah, they are buzzy. If TGPers are indicative of Americans, I could well see them rising up if they were forced to use Marshalls

Better than Marital law! I don't want to get married lol.
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greatest first pitch in history.

Hahaha that was in my youtube feed today!
Bummer deal Greg. For some reason, people think that the farther they ship, the more the have to protect something. It usually passes through the same amount of terminals either way!
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So Birmingham is sort of that lower middle class, not as educated, strung out on drugs and alcohol and proud of it group?

Sounds like Oakland. Or Stockton.
Hello, my name is Gooley, and I play amp. Recently, I've been trying to learn how to play pedal. Unfortunately, I have six toes on one foot, and four on the other, and I think this will inhibit my pedal skills. What can I do to improve or compensate for this grotesque deformity?
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our accent is more like yours than an english accent (there are shitloads of english accents too, though... i'm guessing you're talking about RP or something similar/southern).

From the influx if Irish people in the 1800s, that make sense.
So, I took my promotion test yesterday. Most ******ed test ever.
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Weightlifting requires special shoes?

Requires? no. Do they help? Somewhat, yes.
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Why can't bike shoes be cheap in larger sizes? With normal shoes I generally find good deals because of my larger feet... But for some reason it seems impossible to find a decent deal on bike shoes in larger sizes. Every time I find a decent deal I change the size and the price doubles.

Buying specialty shoes is expensive but worth it. Got me some sweet weightlifting shoes, but they were 200 bucks.
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Ordered my ticket to see Baroness on the 11th


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^That's not a bad idea

Anyone checked out QotSA's new album? It's tiiiiiiight

Thank you, that is now on my docket.
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socialized healthcare is bad for your tone.

the UK proved that.

i feel like someone had to say it.

Japan and Taiwan have universal healthcare. You never hear good tones from them.
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Large areola mammae have been linked to enhanced sex drive and lack of inhibition. Are you afraid of adventurous women?

I'm waiting for the terminology to switch from "frigid" to "tiny nippled".
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I won't know until I get the Excelsior back from the shop.

I was testing it out component by component with Amplitube and it seemed to smooth out the sound a bit. Tone knob is still super useless past 10 o clock though.

What are you doing to your Excelsior?
Speaking of security I


In other news, I ripped the skin on my hand lifting today. Nice.
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Yeah, my town recently had a boom of foodie places because of all of the hipsters we have.

Gastro pubs and fusion bistros a plenty.

"Foodie" things are definitely the only good thing to come from hipsters. That and more widespread underground music scenes. Other than that, **** hipsters.

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On the topic of transmissions, the smart auto in my FX is starting to piss me off. It's supposed to adapt to your driving habits, but my driving habits aren't exactly uniform. So it shifts at the wrong times, and it really costs me in fuel efficiency. Difference between when I'm in auto and manual is about 4-5 mpg. Average 18 in manual, 13 in auto.

I hate computers in cars. They **** everything up.
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And if nobody had invented the bicycle we wouldn't have cars. That doesn't make the penny farthing the first good car.

I like pie.

Stupideditnr1: And the ****ing penny farthing isn't a car because it's not a ****ing car. If you really want to discuss something and not ****ing troll, stop using fallacious (as opposed to fellatious) statements of false equivalence to back up a (wrong) opinion.
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And Vegeta is made to feel more inadequate, lol. He did have some moments of awesome though.

Vegeta is still pretty bad ass. I think that was the highlight of the Buu saga, the fight between Goku and Vegeta.

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Pffft. Beano eats it for breakfast and spits out the seeds.

Beano wouldn't exist if that record didn't exist. And that isn't even the best album that Clapton played on.

Not even comparable. Different styles. Might as well compare Son House's guitar playing to John Scofield.
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GT was mad silly. The Buu arc was mad silly. Everything up to and including the Cell Saga was epic. Goku going SSJ was the highlight of the series, and somehow they did a good enough job on the Cell Saga to make it hold up with that.

SSJ2 Gohan was a badass. And Piccolo fused with Kami was also badass.
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But of course the perfect blues sound didn't come into existence until 1966.

Your opinion is bad, and you should feel bad.

This is my ES-355 straight into my Excelsior, jumped at about 7:00 on the dial. Perfect early 50's blues sound.
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Joe B?

i want to see tommy emanual this summer, but i don't think he's coming to chi-town.

Nas, the rapper. One of the greatest ever.
Nas last night was awesome. ****ing amazing show.

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srsly tired of reggae bands in san diego haha.

It's worse in hawaii.
Don't you hate it when the guy you buy your car off of idiot-rigged the **** out of every system, and then those systems fail?

Yeah, so do I.
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having a great hot rod insures you meed a down to earth babe.

if she doesn't like the sound, feel or smells, she ain't worth keeping.

Gasoline is the best cologne.