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I'm always drunk.

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GASing for a Fender Tele Thinline Super Duper Deluxe with the Fideli'Tron PUs. I played one of these in Black and it felt/sounded really nice through the Rivera KR100's clean channel. Very nice MIJ.

I want that one in black.
In other news, working out while you feel sick is not fun, but feels better after.
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How's the humidity there? I would assume that it is normally pretty high, but being surrounded by water I imagine the breeze is plenty to keep you cool

Usually between 60 and 80 percent. Anything below 70 degrees F is considered cold out here.

I live on the mountain, so it's not as bad as down on Pearl Harbor for the humidity.
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Had a great last couple days. Weather has been fantastic.

Went on a hike (well, it was a hike for the girlfriend anyway) yesterday and had a picnic on a riverbank. Girl wanted the D. It was awesome

Today was just perfect weather, fluttered around 80 all day, humidity wasn't bad. April is awesome.

85 and sunny in Hawaii.
On getting paid to play: 25 bucks is still better than the pay-to-play racket that so so so many clubs try to run. Now that's insulting.
Saw the Dropkick Murphies last night. First punk show I've been to in a long time. Good stuff.
Recommended albums:

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Specter at the Feast
Alabama Shakes: Boys and Girls
Carolina Chocolate Drops: Colored Aristocracy
Witchcraft: Witchcraft

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then get a '58 reissue.

I don't like regular V's

Open book or no book
I'll buy a lefty one and do it

In other news, I have the most awesomely mismatched rig ever, currently. Sovtek Mig-100+Ampeg Reverborocket 50h through a Fender Showman cab. It's awesome.
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^Damn, I was gonna suggest a Gibson Marauder if you went the other way around . Everything about them is mega goofy (SC bridge, humbucker neck for example) but I still want one.

Have you guys seen Gibson's new V, the Traditional Pro? It's a GC exclusive and is drop dead sexy in person

Out of the weird Gibsons out right now, I would love that ash Les Paul that has Telecaster controls.
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kyle japan wants your monies really bad.

I want a V with a open book headstock.
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No, I'm definitely an Airman, I fix aircraft avionics. Now, I'm a Sailor as well, if you want to call me that, but I'm definitely not a Seaman.

You won't play with my stupid joke.

(P.S. it was a rank joke, not a rate joke)
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I'm an Airman.

I'M an Airman. You're a Sea-Man
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I look pretty badass in uniform.

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sorry to ask two questions in such close succession, but i just noticed korg has a pitchblack + tuner pedal out- has anyone tried it? accuracy down to 0.1 cent (which is not just as good as the turbo tuner's 0.02 cent rating), but i can get one from the same place as the route 808 and it'd get me over the free postage threshold (which is psychological mainly, for some reason every time i seem to order from them i end up paying postage ). it'd also tide me over until i ever got round to getting the turbo tuner (because to get one at a half sensible price i'd have to order from the USA... assuming they even let you do that, and if they don't then the korg one would be a lot cheaper).

0.1 cent is good enough to set intonation, right? how about for normal tuning, is it too accurate to do that quickly and easily?

I have a Pitchblack tuner pedal, it's great. Also, .1 cent isn't even perceivable by the human ear.
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They can't hit us. I doubt they can get out of asia. Lucky if they could hit hawaii.

Lucky if the could get it off the ground.

lol Korean missiles.
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it's a great amp. which mig did you get?

I have a Mig 100. I was running it with my other ampeg, the other ampeg doesn't have a master volume. Which is mainly fine, but loud. The RR is more tameable.
Greg, the more I play that reverb-rocket, the more I think it's the best amp I have. It blends with the Mig perfect.
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that sounds really good. don't really like the inlays or bound neck (or painted headstock), but other than that it's very nice.

I don't know if I like the inlays, bound neck, or painted headstock, but it looks enticing.
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Offer him $30.

I'd ask for 30 bucks just to pick it up.
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cool story brah

Shot down.
The jetking is great. Haven't played the amp much, though. It sounds great, but I need to revamp my setup before I integrate it.
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That instrument is called a guzheng (pronounced goo-djung) in Chinese. Been wanting to learn how to play one since I saw Kung Fu Hustle.
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Yeah. If I know I am going to be drinking in bulk, I.E. an entire day of throwing them back, then I will definitely lean towards the budget beer. It's all situational.

Last St. Paddy's I was on leave. I'm from Sacramento, so I couldn't help but going back to Monty to drink with my friends who were still there. Got there thursday night. Stayed drunk til I got on the bus back home on Sunday. I don't know what I drank, but I couldn't taste it at that point anyway.
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I'm yet to play a Bigsby that stayed in tune. But hey, I hardly ever touch the trem on the one guitar I have that has one (a Schaller Floyd). I think I was put off tremelo because so many people use them to compensate for the fact that they can't play lead to save their lives.

Roller saddles.
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I drink Rocky Mountain Piss Water and I'm proud of it.

We would drink the Banquet when I was in monterey. Not because we couldn't get good beer, but because we couldn't keep booze in the barracks. If we didn't finish, we wouldn't be mad getting rid of it. Of course, this was absurd, because there were nights when we would go through a 2 sixers of pints per person, but still.
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I was just about to post this. That is my second favorite style of beer.

California really is a beer mecca. If not just for Anchor Brewing and North Coast. 3 of my favorite beers come from those breweries. And that's not even counting the true microbrews who only serve their beer in house.
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Where do stouts and porters fit in?

Ales. The difference is in the kind of malt used.
Great cheese comes from happy cows. Happy cows come from California.
For those who wear a uniform: Being in the military breeds animosity towards nearly everything around you, whether warranted or not.

Thank god for days off.
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Can't go wrong with a JJ, learned that from you sir

Just got back from a Tyler the Creator show. Some dude head butted me in the face. Got a nice shiner now.

Dude, Tyler the Creator is ****ing raw. Love that shit.
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Blue and Silver? Sounds pretty Ampeg to me.

Yes that.

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goolz - everything arrive safe and....


Jetking just got here. I got the amp yesterday. Haven't plugged it in yet, though