Hello, ladies. I have a beautiful blue and silver amplifier.
2 pages of lasagna recipes. I didn't read them.

Now I'm hungry.

I'm going to read them.
Greg, you might be interested to know how stupid I am.

So last week, I changed my starter. No big deal, it only took 2 days and the wrong part to do a 45 minute job. While I was down there, I tightened up some loose bolts on my transmission.

Got the thing on, start it up, transmission starts acting funny. It's been leaky since I put it on, so I drop a quart in, and shrug it off.

Fast forward a week later, and it's the transmission is acting funny. I have to gun it to get it to go into gear, and it's jerky at cruising speed. I think it might be the torque converter, because I checked the fluid and it was fine. Thing is, I checked it cold, so I had a bad reading on the fluid level. I checked it hot after driving home, and it was low, so I put two quarts in thinking, just for funsies. Turns out that was the problem

I'm an idiot.
So my transmission is going out. Again. Luckily, I'm not going to let myself be stranded like last time, so I'm transmission shopping.

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I shipped 6 pedals to HI in a medium flat rate box for $13 and it got there in 3 days.

And I love this Louis C.K. quote.

Pedals aren't guitars, cabs, or amps

Anything not shipped USPS costs an arm and a leg, and anything big shipped USPS takes 3-6 weeks to get here.
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I hate having to wait. I've got 3 weeks till my custom putter is done and it can't come soon enough

Shipping to Hawaii may as well be shipping internationally. GC doesn't have good rates out here, AMS, Sweetwater, Musician's Friend, nobody has good rates to HI.
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goolz - its addicting and waiting 3 weeks for something sucks.
here have some gas. :p

I already have to wait 3 weeks
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Got a small pork butt going.

I had to read that three times before I realized it was in reference to food, and not something else.
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Pretty much any tube amp turned up really loud.

This, mostly. Electric Wizard toured with Rectos, and I've seen bands with anything from Marshall Superbasses to 5150s playing stoner/doom/sludge.
Holy crap, I need to not look at japanese auction sites. I already have too many guitarrs.
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goolz - did that shiz make it yet?

It'll probably be another two weeks.
As soon as the shit Greg sent me gets here, it's time for a new family pic. Hell, I might even do guitar comparisons.
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Hell no. A, C, D, E, F and G.

I have an F# because I like to play in C# sometimes.

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I like Eb, for harder styles it gives your sound more balls. I like Drop Db quite a bit too

I haven't played the Heafy sig before so I dunno about it. I do know it was the only production 24 fret ML ever made.

If I'm going down, I tune to D or C. Sometimes C# if I need to play Sabbath with a fanboy.

I understand Eb if you can hit an F# in your vocals, but I can't go that low. Eb is a bad key for most of what I play. It's great for jazz, but I still wouldn't tune down.
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I always have a guitar tuned to Eb so it's not a problem.

It is if you get a sudden compulsion to learn a song while you're listening to it, have a guitar in your hand, find out it's tuned down a half step, and then the inspiration passes.

I hate it when bands tune to Eb. It makes picking up a song by playing along with it a bitch.

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Well, the thing is, I wouldn't get a house in an area with a bunch of college kids because that's not my scene anymore. These are apartments outside of where all the college kids live. These apartments are too expensive for college kids, basically. But, they are on a popular downtown/historic area, so there will be plenty of that type of noise.

I would do it.
Lesson nr53 on buying old ass cars: Even if you have the part, that doesn't mean it will work.
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Join the Army. Be all that you can be.

Worst advice ever. Unless you're Bill Murray.
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You better come on
in my kitchen
baby, it's goin' to be rainin' outdoors

The woman I love
Slept with my best friend
I got (un)lucky
And stole her back again

You better come on
In my kitchen,
Baby, it's gonna be rainin outdoors.

Or analogously

Feel like a broke down engine, ain't got no drive at all
Feel like a broke down engine, ain't got no drive at all
I done pawned my pistol, and my best set of clothes got stole'd.
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I wouldn't open carry even if I could. I don't want the attention. Concealed carry is where it's at.

I would carry a machete openly because machete.
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Jesus what a twat.

I read this as "Jesus was a twat".
I personally think 700 is about 200 bucks too much for a 76 fender. YMMV.
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how are these your only two posts in this thread?

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Apparently you guys talk about things that are exactly two weeks away far more often than we do.

Isn't this place just a geographical oddity!? 2 weeks from everywhere!
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IMO those are 'once funny' but not as sigs.

Just one man's opinion, YMMV...

I 100% agree with you. I also don't post outside this thread, and I'll probably replace it tomorrow with something about Aliens or handwired tubes.

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dropping the packages off to the post today goolz. will pm you tracking numbers once i have them.


On a related note, I had specifically told myself not to buy anymore stuff, until I found a guitar I've been looking for for years, and you found those things which you are sending me . Serendipitous gear discovery FTW.
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What can I say? I can't get enough of the cocks.

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Frank, I suck dicks.

I stopped reading here.
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What year elco and engine is it again?

Also I looked at the case again. It's not that bad really. Just a little heavy. I'l send it. Pm me the address in hawaii.

1982 with a 305.

And PM sent after the posting of this message.

Looking for G-body exhaust kit systems, and headers, need suggestions. I don't want to have to weld. HALP.
^It's really just the Chinese. If (their) history books are true, the Chinese invented everything.
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goolz - i got the jet king. i'll get it boxed and everything dropped probably by mid-week. it may cost less to ship if i take the neck off and box it that way and keep it light. it came with a beat to **** hardshell that's heeeaaavy, i don't think you want that enough to pay to ship it.

Pics of the hardshell case?

I'd rather have it shipped whole, I don't mind paying the difference. But I defer to your wisdom.

If it's the OHSC, and not like a gator, I'd rather have that, seeing as I'd have to get one shipped anyway, because it's impossible to find anything decent out here.

If it's not the OHSC, then I might be better off just getting one of those somewhere.
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If I do drink something with some balls, it's going to be rum. That about sums up my liquor selection.

You need more whiskey in your diet.
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bob - sorry man, not sure how i lucked out this year.

311 -

you should. amber flame top like the one you posted.

still trying to connect with the jet king guy. should be this weekend. the amp's packed and ready to go.

i may be flipping an old aria strat, 50s burst.

Set on strats, but interested in Lesters and semihollows

Or esquires.

Or things with P-90s.

And cigars.

And your first born.

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pleasantly surprised by a larger than expected tax refund this year.

Dibs on your next flip.

BTW, when you ship the stuff out, it should be to the HI address. If it's California, or Texas, it's wrong.
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Whiteys are bastards

That is all
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WTLT and the myths of how we handle our meat.


hey that jet king is MIC and not MIJ.

They all have slanty eyes.
The Who to Listen to list: Because America. And a few poofters.
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WTLT, Where The Liars Toil.

The who to listen to list, where they're loony trolls.
The who to listen to list is the easter bunny
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The problem with Epiphone is that once you start going into the price brackets of the good Epiphone's, you may as well buy a used Gibson.

I don't really understand this sentiment. You can get a good epiphone used, for a third of the price of a crappy used Gibson Studio. It's not like a while back when you could find a faded special for under 500 bucks.