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goolz check your PMs.

if he passes someone can grab my ampeg R50H for $400.

my local shop will cut me a stupid deal on a new 5050 III mini.

Done deal.

The who to listen to list says **** the police, I'll take an M2 instead.
The who to listen to list is full of assholes.

The who to listen to list and we're not really all that bad.

Dealer's choice.
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How do you fail the PT test? The last year I took it I passed the timed running portion running backwards?

It wasn't very hard, but perhaps that's changed?

When did you get out?

I'm not a great runner as it is, but I usually pull under 12 minutes for a mile and a half, and usually get excellent on all my evals. In 1 year, I put on 3 inches on my waist, gained 15 pounds, and ran 13:40 on my mile and a half. Cutoff for passing is 13:36.
the who to listen to list binges and purges.

the who to listen to list african diet edition

the who to listen to list is semi hollow

the who to listen to list and goolz' muffin top

the who to listen to list and Greg's penchant for Japanese hookers guitars
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WTLTL and goolz is a fat, disgusting slob...

Please. I need the motivation to not be a fat, disgusting slob.
I am a fat, disgusting slob.

Or, I just failed my PT test for the first time in 3 years.

Or, hey, how's everyone doing today? Where's the new thread?
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Man, when it rains it pours. I've been (happily) single for a while now. I started talking to a girl recently, and I go to the bar tonight, and pull a number. It can never be one at a time. It's either a drought or a flood. ****.

Time to spread the love, brother.

In other news, I bought another guitar. Hooray.
That's a purty rifle up there.

I have a thing for old rifles. Wood stocks>plastic.
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Man Apprentice USA is ****ing ******ed.

Is diabetes really that scary to Americans?

Type 2 Diabetes disproportionately effects minorities, so yeah.
congratulations, kyle!

Also, happy chinese new year for our asian friends.
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cry me a river, we're getting a half a foot of snow during rush hour today.


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you still haven't pop riveted the floors on that elco?

it will help keep roaches out.

I did that a while back. It holds, but there's a leak in weather stripping wand whatnot.

Also; it rains a lot in Hawaii.
So there was a roach on my floor. I put on my shoes to stomp the ****er... crush a completely different roach that was in my shoe.

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how rotted out are the floor boards?

i'd totally roll that.

Probably not as bad as mine lol
But on a more serious note, that's a bummer, dude. I hope that doesn't happen to me when I go over seas.
^The pole would bend more than the bumper.
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a little on the high side imo. i think i got a faded SG for 500 a while back, had an ebony fretboard too.

not a horrible price though.

i need to start working out again, holiday season has left me heavy and i haven't wanted to work out since it got cold.

It's at a pawn shop, and I'm pretty sure it's been there for about a year.

I thought 500 was a good price, they wouldn't move
40 minute workout-kicked my ass. Winning!

In other news, is 650 a good price for a Gibson SG Classic Faded, used?
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Oh, hey, I want to bounce something off you guys.

I'm gonna buy the Fuchs board from Colin. I need a donor amp, but those are expensive. Thinking about gutting the Bandmaster Reverb. I could always put it back in...

I wouldn't do a bandmaster as a donor, because I'd rather have a bandmaster.
wtf mustard. I can't believe I read a whole page and a half about mustard.
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I should have never went to my regular bar the night of my birthday. Waaaayy too drunk.

Insert "a night where I don't have to drive" and the out come was the same for me.
So, I came to this island with 3 guitars and one amp. I now have 10 guitars, a drumkit, a mandolin, and 5 amps.

I think I have a problem.
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Great slide solo. I want to get a slide lesson in standard tuning from warren.

Craig: Whenever you get done with this metal stuff, and you finish your nashville market amp, I want in.

There's a hot licks vid out on the intertubes with Warren Haynes, and he does that lesson.
^Hawaii is better than you. 65* at 2 min the morn.
Well fellas, I have a date with my friend, Guinness.
^Every car I've owned, I've owned outright. I've never have, and hopefully, never will, payed a car payment.
On a music related note, I think that the majority of tunes that I write end up being in hymn format
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Goolz, every time you post, I remember how much I miss Pasadena.

Every day I wake up, I remember how much I miss being asleep.
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Yeah I had never seen a NEO GEO in person untill they were 10yrs obsolete, I guess they were huge in Japan. I had a Turbo graphics 16 console also, pretty rare.

Kieth Courage! That was an awesome game system, the Turbo Graphics.
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It happens to the best of us.

Look up the Immortal Lee County Killers. In fact, I'll do it for you.
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Well **** you, too.

I was really drunk yesterday.
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I don't like Jack Daniels. Sorry, but it tastes like hooker ass.

Oh, and Hi.
You are all gay. Except Craig, Greg and Kyle. And San Diego Jon. They're just manly.
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Also, let me know if you ever are looking to sell that least in the distant future. Not anytime soon.

I called dibs when he bought it