Could be that you put on a lighter gauge then what was on there and its throwing you off.
as stated above the mp 1 and the jcm 800 are gonna be the top choices.
take a ohm meter and test the resistance, if its a 16ohm cab it should read some where close to that.
Try it both ways see which one you like best.
60dB - normal conversation
120dB - threshold of pain
130dB - mugger deterrent
200dB - Saturn rocket blastoff
i have had ringing in my ears for the last 15-20 years from loud music guitar playing etc and my hearing still checks out fine don't get to worried unless its causing pain then turn it down and get your ears checked out
it could be a bc rich not sure thou
I have a Alesis Qudraverb pm me if your interested.
you've got a bad ground cold solder joint would be my guess
i would say what gas over is the jem hopefully with in the next year i can get one
find a mp1 or a mp2 on ebay those are great preamps
At the end of the day its what sounds good to your ears.
I've never tried a invader but i love my h4's
go with what ever fits your style
So thats a version of a fuzz pedal? please fill me in i was trying to get it to be something like a delay or flanger judging by the sound
a peavey vk and a bad monkey pedal will do the trick
not sure what kinda pedal that is but i would say its a delay of some kinda so start there
RG4EXQM1 is a great guitar imo
i get 10 sets at a shot of DÁddario strings from Musicians friend .
I always go through a g c d progression for some reason then to chugging on em not sure why just do then go from there
Gives whole new meaning to weathered look. but let it dry good might have to clean the pots and switch and check the truss rod etc but you should be fine weird how it stripped to pait right off thou.
How often do you play a song hlaf step down instead of standard or vice versa to make things easier thas what i used to do alot but the tone always seems suffer when doing that to me.
Quote by richardlpalmer
Sounds similar to what I have going on. Most of our stuff is in D#, with a few in standard.

The thing is, your bass player will either need to re-tune or have a 2nd bass handy -- so it's not just all about you.

Also, it pretty much comes down to the singer. If he can sing the same songs in the alternate tuning, then you don't need to worry about it too much. But very often singers have a hard time with hitting a range that would be solved by the alternate tuning -- so keep that in mind.

So very true when i first started i only had one guitar so it was always standard but no i have 6 main guitars so i can be more versatile on songs. like you said the bass player and singer have alot to do with what you can do as well. but i just can wait to get back playing in a full group again i have a hard time getting people to jam with here in nw Iowa i anyone happens to be from around nw Iowa give me a pm.

again thanks for all the reply's, Yall rock !!!!!
Thanks for all the replys i'm trying to get a band going and was thinking of songs to do and was wanting to know if i was crazy to want to have several tunings in the set. thinking mostly standard and half step down and dropped d tuneings but thats still in the works
Just wondering how many different tunings everyone uses during their sets?
It takes time but once you get it set and leveled out it will come into tune try alternating strings 6th then 1st then 5th and then 2nd then 4th and 3rd strings it might come into tune faster.
Looks almost like a saga kit guitar with that bridge
Never tried a edge zero trem but i feel for ya man i did the same thing when i switched the strings on one of my rgs took me awhile to get it right again.
i just got one of these myself but a GRGA42QA will do what your asking quite nicely>
Here's a quick review of the grga. First off i have never tried Emgs passive or active this guitar comes with passive EMG h4A in the neck and a Emg h4 in the bridge with a 3 way switch. This my first hard tail Ibanez i have owned

It comes strung with 42-9 strings. i haven't put my norm strings on yet which are 46-10. The neck pickup is very warm sounding
cleans up nice with alittle grit when its cranked on the clean channel the bridge also cleans up well but with more grit when cranked
very responsive to picking notes ring clear.

On rhythm and lead channels the pickups sing imo. Now others my disagree do to the fact the pickups aren't active but for passive
pickups these pickups rock. Harmonics are no problem tones are creamy would be the best way to put it with plenty of bite
if your looking for 80's and 90's hard rock and metal sounds this is a fine guitar for those straight out of the box.
I would say that it
would do a great job of doing modern metal as well the tones are not going to be exact since the pickups aren't active but they will do the job

The neck is a GRGA neck thick wizard 2 maybe a hair rounder very smooth fast neck with dot inlays 24 frets

I will post a better review after a few days once i get the guitar completely set up.

now just to brush on the S370DX. This is a fine guitar the pots have been change 500k brings out the sound much better from the powersound pickups i will be changing pickups soon. At this time i am thinking of getting a set of emg h4's to put in it. the trem is a ILT1 yet another of the Ibanez trems that alot of people love to hate but I really like it so far. i really didn't realize how thin the body was on the guitar lol but non the less its a fine guitar.

I will post more on both guitars soon!!
Rexiew on its way soon.
I just got these in the past few days. First up a 2002 S370DX

Next a GRGA42QA which has passive emgs which are really quite good

This is gonna sound stupid but any guitar with a pick guard for some reason they drive me nuts.
well i'm running ada preamps most of the time into the power section of a valveking 100wat head
i have 2 RG's atm deciding if i want another one or try another
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wrong forum

oops sorry about that
ok i want to get another guitar i really like Ibanez guitars. I'm looking at other options as well.

trying to stay in the $500 to $600 area for price

used in fine

what other options other then Ibanez could be found in this price range.

I play most 80's metal hair metal to thrash and throw some hendrix and led zep in there too
try a eq pedal in the effects loop i got a old peavey special 112 its helps alot with a eq in there