I've had the santa hat on for like 5 years now, at least, around the time I also stopped being active on here. Glad to see The Pit is still alive and well!
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front right: phone
font left: keys (car and house) and gum
back right: wallet
back left: nothing

Exactly the same. Even the perma-christmas avatar is the same.
Been playing a bit of STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl with the Complete 2009 mod, the controls are just like every other FPS imo.

If you have a decent PC you're missing out, definitely one of the more immersive and athmospheric games I've played, especially with the vastly improved graphics the Complete mod offers.

The game is scary and hard as hell.

Your old avatar ( I think) was better than that pony stuff.
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I'd be wary of any PSU that comes with a case unless it's a known solid brand (ie, Antec, Corsair, Silverstone). Otherwise seems pretty solid to me.


How can I tell if the PSU is insufficient? Just by looking at the CPU/MB power voltage?

What's the worst thing that can happen?

The setup and assembly cost ~1000€ coupled with a decent 24" BenQ monitor.
Getting a new tabletop PC in the coming weeks to make up for years of missed PC gaming.
A store nearby has the following setup as a sale package, hoping for changes/suggestions.

AMD X6 T1055 2,8Ghz 6-core CPU
CM Hyper 212+ CPU fan
Asus M4A motherboard
8Gb DDRIII 1333Mhz RAM
ATI HD6850 1024Mt PCI-E vga
1TB SATA300 7200rpm HDD
ATX 550W black midi tower
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Banned for condoning something as preposterous as parent ditching.
Finished RDR today. Definitely the best game I've played in a long while, they got the feeling just right. The moment when you ride in to mexico, unknown territory ahead, not knowing what will happen, the Jose Gonzalez song starts playing under the clear moonlit night.

Truly a game-defining moment.
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I think fear makes the eggs taste better.

Yes. More gamey.

I'm honestly not bothered, and I don't think the chickens are.
What a question. A bank or Forex will do, but banks often charge more.

You could always go looking for eses in the streets to give you change.
Of course I drink it, I pay 10€/month for the stuff. TEN FLIPPING EUROS! A MONTH!!

In fact, I keep all the taps in the house running 24/7 just to make sure I get my bang for the buck.

Creates a nice atmosphere, all the splashing.
A Digestive biscuit. No, I'm not a brit. What's so "digestive" about them anyways?
I got drunk more often at 15-16 than I do now.
I liked the part where the ball went into the hole.
Hey guys, any recommendations as to what I should trade Skate 2, Fable 2 and Saints Row 2 ( ) in for? The only games I'm looking forward to getting at the moment are Fight Night 4 and Prototype. I have a 360.
I used to play when I was in elementary school, wasn't too good though. I participated in a tournament called Tusenmanna which was held in Stockholm city hall, and lost nearly all my matches against annoying swedish kids with their mums behind their backs with a guidebook telling them what to do.

Nowadays I'm more into Go, a game that relies more on abstract thinking than remembering manouvers, and a game in which a computer can't win a professional.
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Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu don't you hate it when a game auto-saves just before you die, I was playing CoD2 on the American mission where you snipe mortar teams on the top of a silo and a silly bint is blocking the ladder down so I couldn't dodge the shell, makes me rage!

That mission was so goddamn annoying and dumb.

"Holy crap, german mortar teams are spawning randomly from nowhere, you've gots to shoots them!"
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I completed all the levels on the hardest difficulty with Silent Assassin ranking. I was so ****ing awesome.

Yeah. My way of getting trough the mission "A New Life" took a good half an hour, then I youtubed it and see some nob grab a fed from the yard, knock him out, take his clothes and run into the right room, put a bullet to the target's head and get out in less than two minutes.
Got Hitman: Blood Money for 360 the other day as I've never played it before, and so far it's pretty damn great and challenging, atleast on Expert difficulty. Definately the best in the series, but the first game was so innovative in it's time that it can't be topped.

There's a ton of different ways to complete each mission as cleanly as possible, gives the games a great replay value. The graphics are a bit timed as it came out in 2006, but the game looks very nice and clean nevertheless.
Compliment the plowing prowess and ability of the women in his country, or their large potassium deposits, should get a deep analysis going. Remember to play this

Or you could pretend to be jewish, wear a kippah and babble some pseudo-hebrew and tell him you're onto him. Then watch him flee arms flailing.

How does he put so much emotion into his music?
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WOW 5 whole days?!

It's nearly half way trough the worst withdrawals, you'll be feeling lots better after two weeks.
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Caffeine withdrawal sucks so much ass.


Nowhere near as much as nicotine withdrawals though.
Fight Night 4 anyone?

Coming out on June 30th. Too bad I'll be stuck in the army during the weeks then
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I do agree, although I learnt it by watched a tutorial on youtube.

Yeah, those helped too, good to use both.
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that's a beautiful song. By any chance, do you have a link to where you got the sheet music from?

Google for the sheet music.
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I just put some Polonaise on my sandwich.

Hidden anti-semitist humour.

My favourite
Tell her to stop using any such girl sentences, and mention it everytime she says them, works like a charm.
Yann Tiersen - Comptine d'un atre été.

I've never played piano before, but got the sheet music online and played it over and over for a month and learned it completely.

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Moonlight by beethoven.

Its a great and simple


It's an epic piece.
My parents have german shepherd and a dachshund. The shepherd is the best dog I've ever seen, and the dachshund is pretty nice... when it sleeps.
Ahh. I love the sense of deep satisfaction I get in FIFA09 when a guy trashtalks as much as he can in the setup screen about how he's going to buttrape me, and mutes his microphone after being two goals down to hide his sobbing, and finally quits during my robot dance after the third goal.
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1: yes

2: yes

3: no.


English isn't hard to learn at all, the only problem I think I have is my clunky pronunciation in actual conversations, but that's probably acceptable as an accent.

Certain topics like science and economy et cetera are a bit harder to talk about fluently, as they require a vast vocabulary of special terminology. You need to have studied or read about them in English to not sound like a tool in a conversation.

In Finland, English is a mandatory school subject starting from the third grade and on. So I've studied it for about a decade.
Kind of stressed out, as I haven't been able to find a job and I'm running kind of short of cash.
I don't know how I'm going to pay my rent that is due in a week etc.
Fallout 2 isn't going to seem gory at all after playing Fallout 3.
It used to seem wicked back in the day though.
I nearly shat myself at that title.