Hey guys. I have this mix here. I would love some feedback on it. I'm not a fan of the guitar sound I made for it, but it will do for now.

I'm still trying to get better at mixing. This is the third mix I've done at home. Any advice would be awesome. Thanks!

Oh..and please don't take the name of my soundcloud seriously. It's a joke.
Throw it in the trash can goddammit.
Hey thanks for the reply guys! So where exactly can I find a set that's 10-58? Whenever I'm at a shop or look online, I never see sets like that. Are these mixed sets? I am really sorry for all these questions. I feel pretty dumb since I've been playing for five years. But I have always played in drop D on one of my other guitars. I've only used 10's because that's all I've ever needed.

But now since I have this Schecter and I'm in a band that plays in drop B has gotten me completely lost with which strings are right for me. Especially with the 26.5 scale length of the Schecter.
I have a Shecter Blackjack Diamond series. It was given to me as a gift. I know absolutely nothing about baritone guitars other than being able to tune it down low. I snapped a string a few months ago, and haven't really played it since until today.

I finally went out to a shop and asked for a set of 13s and the guy gave me a set of DR strings that are meant for drop tuning. I put in the strings today and was very happy to start playing the guitar again. My only problem was that I couldn't help but notice that the strings felt incredibly thicker than a set of 13's from D'addario. The set it .013, .017, .022, .042, .056, .065. Is this too much for playing in drop B? I really love the way it sounds, but I can not bend these strings very well. I really don't want to destroy my finger tips trying to do this either. I'm also a new lead guitarist for a death metal band and I want to play some leads, but It will not work out well with these thick strings. Any suggestions on what I can do about this? I know buying a lighter gauge would be the obvious answer, but I would like to know what set of strings would be suitable for this kind of guitar and what I can do about leads. Also, would mixing different string gauge sets be a bad idea? If not, could you help me out with that too? Thanks!

Sorry for the somewhat long post.
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Wow, he actually does.
Haha. I had to remove the comment after I typed that because I thought I would get shit for it.
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But aren't you not supposed to have gum? Everyone I've asked and pretty much all sites I've seen say NO GUM in the biggest font imaginable.
As long as it's sugar free, there is no problem.

Doppelgänger - I know what you mean. Eating burgers and hot dogs annoyed me so much. Something ya gotta deal with when you're a metal mouth.
My hair is sort of frizzy at the top. I never understood why. They're really short hairs that just refuse to stay down. My hair is about shoulder length and it's kind of wavy, but it doesn't frizz any where, but the top.
Getting food stuck in your braces. That is what annoyed me the most. My breath always smelled like food until I chewed on some gum or brushed my teeth.
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JAHellraiser: Completely agree.
byob_soad2: Will do.
sadSTATUE: Thank you.
MetallicGod07: So after the 3rd or 4th tightening, will my gums and mouth in general have gotten used to the braces enough to eat foods that are a bit more solid than water?
The tightening isn't bad at all to be honest. Yes, you will feel it, but it's not bad. The tight feeling went away within a few minutes of getting them tightened. So yes, you will be able to eat regularly after getting them tightened. Just go easy on your gums. Ya don't wanna hurt yourself.
I've had braces for over two years. I finally got them off back in June. My teeth look great now!

As for eating, you can't really eat what you want because you just got them on. Your gums are going to feel pretty sore for a few days so you can't really eat anything hard. Just try soft foods or trying ripping bits of food and eat it.

I remember the first week I got them. I was selected to go to an honor roll breakfast at my school and they served doughnuts. I couldn't eat it. It hurt so bad. I started ripping it up and pushing the piece on the roof of my mouth with my tongue to flatten it so I could swallow it easier. (I'm still talking about a doughnut, ******.)
Never had an interest in them. I don't plan on doing any in the future either.
My weird walk. People tell me I bounce when I walk. So whenever I'm out walking in public, I start thinking if I'm bouncing or not. Sometimes it causes me to walk very awkwardly around people.
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I was actually thinking about this the other day. I thought I would be the only one that would remember that episode.
Grab boobies.
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I hate 2000's kids. "I ****ing hate you mom! You're so queer for not buying me the new itouch!!!!"

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oh wow.


What the **** is your problem, you goddamn ****?

I'm really sorry to hear about that, man.
I never thought about looking underneath it...

I did that and I FOUND THEM. Now I feel like a total dumbass. Thanks for the help!

But now I'm mad because I found out the saddles weren't big enough. The guy at Guitar Center said it would fit. I ended up breaking the saddle.

Hopefully I'll get a refund since he gave me misleading info..then again...i broke the I dont know.
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Why can't you take the screws out?

I really don't know. I turn the screws and the saddle begins to move closer and closer to the edge. As soon as it reaches the edge, I can not rotate the screw anymore. It gets stuck. I can only rotate it to move the saddle farther from the edge.

So I really don't know how I'm going to take the screw out. I tried taking them off on the other saddles and the same thing happens.

Help, please?
Alright, so I bought new saddles for my SG. I've posted a question about how to remove my saddles in the Electric Guitar forum. The person wasn't sure and she told me to try over here to see if you guys can help me.

I cannot take the screw out that keeps the saddle in place. I honestly don't know what to do. There is no clip or wire holding the screw. As soon as the saddle reaches the end, I can no long rotate the screw.

Here's a picture of my saddles if it helps.

So can you please help me out? I rather not spend more money on a guitar tech doing it for me.
Alright. I'll do that.

Thanks for taking your time to help!
Nope. It does the same thing. I took a pic to show you how my saddles look like.

Yes, I'm aware that they're dirty. There is no clip or wire. Once the saddle reaches the end, I won't be able to turn the screw anymore.
I said it wasn't held by any clip or wire. I examined the damn thing and found nothing that holds the screw.
Well, when I loosened the string, I moved it off the saddle. It was no longer on the saddle. That's when I started to rotate the screw. The saddle just moves up and down. It does not come off. Once it gets to the end, I can't rotate the screw anymore.
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are the strings off?
No. I only loosened the low E to see If I could get the saddle out.
Hey, I'm back again. I posted a question here about my guitar saddle on my SG about 3 or 4 weeks ago.

I bought the graphtech saddles. My problem now is that the screw holding the saddle won't come out. How do I unscrew that screw? There is no clip that holds the screw or wire.

I really need to do this myself because I don't have much money to spend on a guitar tech to do it for me. So can ya help me out again, please?