I recorded a kind of post-rockish guitar improv, if someone is into that.
These are the definition of neutral and affordable headphones. Great for monitoring.
It's ok. It's kind of the nature of the beast. I enjoy subtle changes over time and letting some things just run endlessly in the background. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. It does abandon the drone-qualities after the 6 minute mark though.
Testing an M13 with some post-rocky stuff. Really rough around the edges (can hear me talking with my sister now and then).

Hint: Lower your volume. Audio is overblown.
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If you just want a basic recorder thats a step up from your dictaphone, check out the Zoom H4.

If you want more than that, there's already loads of threads here thatwill tell you everything you need to know.

do NOT get the H4. Get the H4n. If it's too expensive for you, get the H1 or the H2n.
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Well maybe his feet point straight, but he agrees that a normal stance is feet pointing outward.

the first quote basically says "feet not pointing straight" = "being a broken human being". And the second one says that youe feet shouldn't point straight.

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And this.

You do realize that those are conflicting statements, don't you?
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The Kings of Leon shred is still the best one.

hell no

this one is:
I passed three kidney stones...

My god the pain
some lace sensor duallys, maybe?
I have this tak and I love it to bits.

Don't have any experience with those two though.
Super Meat Boy
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Battlefield 3 Beta
Fifa 12
Squier Classic Vibe = cheap and good
Get her to a psychologist.
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... Not everyone is a christian or catholic. If you are uncomfortable with it, don't look at it or don't come to the site.

or use an adblock and block the logo
Electric or acoustic guitar?
you can update the tab by going to your profile - > contributions -> tabs. Click on the blue "u!".
no, you couldn't. tension is vastly different between nylon and steel strings.
you need an asio driver to reduce the latency. search asio4all on google.
A sansa clip+. better sound quality than an ipod and cheaper, too.
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Not what I am talking about. I am still looking at the words directly, but it is blurry.

everybody can do that
get floor or in ear monitors
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The entirety of August and Everything After and Recovering the Satellites by Counting Crows

Round here
Angels of The Silences

Actually, the original is by the zutons.
happy ngd!
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"take singing lessons" isn't useful criticism. Really all you said was "hey I'm a douche who makes fun others singing but is too bad/cowardly to do it myself"
Saying "i don't really like the lyrics in the second verse" would be something worthwhile. And there's nothing wrong with my singing. It's my voice, and it's in key (for the most part). I say spare me the singing comments because they're pointless and it's not constructive criticism, I'm not going to transform into one of the shitty pop singers like Justin Bieber that you enjoy listening to. It's like telling an extremely fat person "hey man you're fat, you should exercise"

my original comment wasn't meant to be douchey, but if you keep getting all defensive then:

no, you are not in key, don't lie to yourself. if you really think you aren't out of tune during more than half of the song, it seems you need new ears. Therefor, "get singing classes" IS constructive criticism.

also, Justin Bieber? really? you couldn't think of something more original or interesting? are you 12 years old?

last, if the fat person was asking for feedback on how to lose weight, I would recommend him to do exercise, UNLESS YOU CAN THINK OF A BETTER WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT, FOR ****S SAKE.
ummm... you asked for feedback on the demo, that's what I delivered.

If you don't like criticism, don't ask for it, and don't act like a bitch when someone does point out something wrong about the performance.

If you don't care about singing, don't sing. It's as simple as that.
take some singing lessons.
a yellow ball chasing ghosts in a labyrinth