What's the limitations on the revalver demo ?
don't get me wrong, i'm not looking for hundred amps.
But some of these demo stuff, will generate noises or other bugging limitations.
i really wanna get it esp after reading this.
Hi, I'm recording acoustic guitar on computer, and the sound quality is amazing for the relatively cheap gear i'm using. No noise, no hiss, no hum nothing. But the i really have to turn everything's volume up for the playback and in the resulted file. When i turn the volume up, it still sounds good.

So what i basically need is a way/technique..or some setup or edit after recording, to increase the gain on this waveform, without having it distorted.

Please if possible, don't suggest buying anything.

1-Guitar: Fender CD-60 (Not the electric acoustic one)
2-Mic: Sennheiser e822S (Dynamic, cardioid pattern)
3-Audio Interface: M-Audio, Fast track.
4-DAW: Pro tools.
5-Computer: Dell Inpsiron 1440 (Memory (RAM) 4 GB).
Ok, i'll play with anyone who needs a guitarist.
Styles (punk rock, sabbath, zeppelin, 60s british, hardcore punk, metallica, or even coldplay, snow patrol brit stuff..)
I don't know any1 here, and i really wish i'd jam with anyone, serious band or just for fun in a garage.
Anyone in or around sydney, nova scotia ??
Ok I Know for metallica fans that's not the very favorite CD. But I just want to get that exact same sound.
Any idea on EQ settings or effects parameters levels, tones, pick ups of a guitar... ANYTHING that will help to get that dirty sound for st. anger ?
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Originally Posted by SocialismCross
I used to play a crappy strat copy, that's nothing close to a strat but that they copy the shape and look and it got 2 humbuckers and 2 single coils..


sorry that was a typo, i meant ONE humbucker and 2 single coils.
* corrected in original post
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Well, they say patience is a virtue.
If you have relatives elsewhere maybe check in their cities or wait til next time you are going to a bigger city for the day and do some shopping. I would not settle on the epiphones when there is so much better out there for the money.

Good idea. The only thing is that i hadn't been playing any electric guitar for 8 months now. there had been drama in my life, and i wont go through that on a gear post. Anyways it had been so long without any gear (besides acoustic), and i just need an electric guitar and amp these days to get over stuff, just something to distract me from thinking (it's kinda my alcohol). But i might wait as GOLDIE says to get better deals.
Quote by GOLDIE93
What hasn't been asked yet is what other guitar have you been playing. That way we can give you some more options to look at based on it.
Honestly, you would be far better off going used. I check a local website everyday and see lots of guitars that are way better than either of those two for $200.00 to $300.00 and are in excellent condition. try typing in www.used(name of your city).com . I think every major Canadian city has one. If not look on Kijiji.

I used to play a crappy strat copy, that's nothing close to a strat but that they copy the shape and look and it got 1 humbucker and 2 single coils. ( i don't know if fender ever had that )
anyways, besides that it was a fake crappy copy, i don't like the spacing between the strats strings(got big hands). Also i dont really get how the switch works, the combinations seem confusing.
The other brand i was considering was jackson, but i thought an epiphone les paul was better choice for more music styles variety.
Quote by GOLDIE93
What hasn't been asked yet is what other guitar have you been playing. That way we can give you some more options to look at based on it.
Honestly, you would be far better off going used. I check a local website everyday and see lots of guitars that are way better than either of those two for $200.00 to $300.00 and are in excellent condition. try typing in www.used(name of your city).com . I think every major Canadian city has one. If not look on Kijiji.

i found nothing really on kijiji because i live in a really small city.
Well the thing is being in canada, you are way behind many of the cool stuff. I don't know if those guys ship to here, and how much it's gonna cost, and consider converting from USD to CAD, so finally i'll find myself getting a guitar that's as cheap as $130, but worth a $300 epiphone, but after all i'm gonna pay all that gap, in shipping and other expenses.
So it's pointless if a $130 Agile is the same quality of a $300 epiphone.

Agile for $130 (quality of a $300 epiphone or slightly more + converstion to CAD + shipping expensed, taxes ) => $300


Epiphone for $300 free shipping and stuff. Also the name.. yea the name's cool.
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I have an LP-100. Weather it was a good one or not, it plays better than any epi standard I have played. Seriously nice guitar. The electrics wore out after 5-7 years though..

cool !
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neither, go used or buy an agile like the guy above said. You can get far more for your money and plenty of people are selling gear nowadays because of the crunch.

well, i'm getting 2nd thoughts now.

But still considering the cheap epiphones, the reviews on UG are mainly positive as well as musiciansfriend.
It's like only 2 in 8 people say that those low end epiphones suck.
Maybe it's like how many people say that every american car is junk, but when you try for yourself, they are not that bad AT ALL.
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Get a Agile AL-2000 or something...! OR if you're willing to put out an extra 100 buck you can get a really nice AL-3000/3100. You can get them from Rondomusic

also, take a look at Xavier Guitar from GuitarFetish

Epiphone lower range are just junks not even worth to be used as firewood. Avoid them ... You can thank me later.

Well thanks for warning me.
Actually the cheap epiphone acoustics are junk yes.
But i've played an epiphone les paul special II once, and it wasn't MUCH disappointing, i mean it's just worth the money paid for it. Nothing less, nothing more.
It was pretty much disappointing with the tuning though.
Anyways thats what i wanna get, ppl's experience.
Metallica, hatebreed, social distortion, rise against, dropkick murphys. That's my range.
Sometimes when i'm in the mood for it i play some snow patrol and coldplay.
Thanks for the replies.
Ok, I know it's an idiotic question to ask "Which guitar is right for ME" because ME is the only one who should know....
The thing is, i know what i need from a guitar but not exactly which guitar to pick

I've settled my mind between the epiphone les paul 100, and epiphone les paul special II...

Here are the differences between both:
Volume, tone (LP 100 : 1 pair for each humbucker) (LP II: 1 volume and tone for all pickups)

Body wood (LP 100: Mahogany ) ( LP II: Alder)

Top wood(LP 100: with Mahogany ) ( LP II: well that wasn't specified, but maybe you guys know )

Price: (LP 100: $339 ) ( LP II: $225 ) [canadian]

Background of what I need: I've been playing for more than 4 years, and I find myself and others find me as intermediate:
I know that both guitars are sometimes rated as starter or beginner guitars, but I can't afford any better.

I just want a decent sound, easy neck ( tapping wise, slide, fretting..etc).
So there's more than hundred bucks gap, BUT if the only difference is going to be with the additional tone/volume control, and a little bit with the sound and look, but NOTHING to do with the ease of playing & action..... then i'd go with the cheaper option

EDIT: i need guitar for practice, maybe occasional computer recording, and i'm getting a peavey vypyr too, so i thought i could live without the additional tone and volume on a guitar because i'm getting already wide variety of tones in the amp.
the funny thing, is that someone might say "i have 15,000 profile views" which would most likely make people press on his name to check him out/see if it's true/or try to have a smiliar profile, and even if it was a lie, he would eventually get that number or even more..
because sadly UG got lots of "my space queen" ideas.
which totally sucks.
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No, it is a PCI soundcard which allows you to input mics and other things to your computer. But anyway, read the stuff then ask specifics.

Thanks for the reply.
Well, i have read the FAQ thread, like two times before posting my question ( NOT ALL, just the 1st part or something).

it's really helpful, but overwhelming. And it confuses me, especially that i don't get what most of the things on there are. And because i'm really CLUELess with recording equipment and mixers and stuff.
All what i know how to do, is to plug my amp into my ****ty soundcard and record tracks, and put them together wtih any track editor software.
And of course that will give bs results.
Quote by Jared R. Boyd
First off based on what you said I am going to assume that you want to use your computer to record rather than a multitrack recorder.
^read the guide on there to get most of your basic information

Basically you are going to need:
- an interface (usb2.0 or firewire prefered, but usb1.1 will work)
- A microphone (assuming you are doing acoustic anything or want to record an amp)
- DAW software (which it sounds like you already have)
- Cords to connect everything together.

Once you have read everything, then feel free to ask more questions.
Make sure you are as specific as possible with the information you give as well.


Quote by Bullet_Fan
I was in same position, researched for ages and ended up getting
Delta 44 and pluging it into my PCI card slot on PC, then an M audio DMP3 Preamp, and a Shure SM57, Then got Protools 7.4 (M powered) Which works thanks to the Delta 44
It sounds pretty good

is delta 44 a mixer ?
I need a help here, and i'll try to be as detailed as i can, so i can get the most accurate help. (Please be detailed, because i have been playing for years, but i'm clueless about recording)

What i want to know is : The equipment i need, how to set it up, instructions.

I need to record songs i wrote, at home. I'm not going professional, so i don't want expensive equipment. Just what i need to have relatively clear sound.

I don't wanna go simple at the same time, not to just plug my guitar into the computer, and have sound forge or acid pro or whatever, and just record multi tracks.

All i want is to record 2 guitar tracks or 3 at most. (I have songs that have piano, cello, bass, drums, but if that will require more gear, then just please mention what i need for recording 3 guitar tracks.)

I don't have a mac, so please don't suggest anything that has to do with garageband.

Please mention the smallest details.

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this actually is common it also happens to televisions , cell phones , computers usually because you are near a Radio tower. what happens is the signal bleeds . if it happened with your television i would suggest putting an rf filter on your Cable or antenna. however, it is your amp and the only real cure is to move it .

yea, i'm familiar with that stuff happening to tv's, cells...etc. But it was just weird to get that out of the amp.
Quote by end_citizen
It happens to amps more often than the guitar. It has to do with certain parts not being shielded when they should be. In the Rage Against the Machine song "Sleep Now in the Fire," this happens one of Tom Morello's old amps. You can hear it at the end of the song. If you can find a demo of the song, it is throughout the whole song.

ahhh for tom morello especially, i wouldn't be surprised to hear the sound of a launched rocket comming out of his amp.
I was jamming once with someone in my apartment. And i ve heard a song (not just a guitar, A SONG ) comming out of my amp. Then the song ended and i figured out it was the radio because i ve heard the radio dj.

And i wasn't having any cell phone in my pocket, no radio, nothing that can recieve signals but the guitar.
SO MY QUESTION IS ? Can the guitar pick ups recieve a radio signal just from the air, and get that propagated through the amp ?

EDIT: That's a common thing then, what's the weirdest sound did you get out of your amp ?!
shred, i don't think it's a fret, because otherwise, u would find some crap happening on other string, down the neck as you're going to the high e. so i think it has to do with the strings
your music is perfect to be a movie soundtrack, i also like how all tracks work so good.
well i don't think i'm going to say anything new, just make it go somewhere else, like add a minor chord that fits. and if you gonna make it longer, i'd recommened not having the same riff of that main acoustic guitar played over and over again.

besides that, i really like it.
well it sounds like a "metallica song like" attempt. well i don't like it so much, but it's a "propper" musical piece. that doesn't mean it's bad, but it means that ME didn't like the song. I don't like songs by metallica too.
I'm gonna go a lil off from the original topic of ur post, since it's kinda waste of YOUR time, to think about kinda question to ask people.

Then, why are you so proud of your drug abusing parents ? are you just trying to put yoruself in the picture of the "COOL HOT ROCKER", or are you just trying to say "HEY i'm not a jap, i'm just like you guys!
This is quite original, at least compared to any of the stuff i ve heard on here.
i just don't like the solo part with arpeggios. u can call me hater or whatever. and YES i can't play it, but thats not the reason i don't like it. i just don't like the sound of it.
but besides that, this song is awesome
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Corey Taylor didn't go solo...
He's featured with other bands, but didn't go out and do his own solo stuff.

yea i wasn't really accurate enough sorry
i cant notice anything but the regular bass
Nothing else matters by metallica
Broken by seether
Behind blue eyes (limp bizkit's cover not the one by The who)
Play the acoustic chords for songs like:
the diary of jane by breaking benjamin
stare at the sun by thrice
those 2 r easy songs to sing along while playing acoustic chords
Most of the bands lead vocalists have self projects and solo career, the thing which i don't like that much especially that they don't come up with break through success or something that's better than their bands. and what is it for ? are they trying to get the whole lights or they just got more to give and they can't unless they play the bass, guitar, drums and sing ??!
examples are:
Jonathan davis of Korn
Chris Cornell of Audioslave
Corey Taylor of Slipknot
Dustin Kensrue of thrice
and many many more..
What's the most significant "going solo" artist of a band of all the bands you know ?
Right! and even when rock bands win, they r like linkin park or greenday
Does anyone in here think that mtv music awards, and awards for rock bands are fair ? or even sane !!?
when i searched for the whole title i posted, i couldn't find any matching results.
plus cool down idiots, cuz you dont get a credit for posting a forum, so it's pointless to just post a forum when i know that it already exists, i did only ask that cuz i was just curious and i wanted to know what ppl would choose.EASY.
hey red hot chili peppers addict, i ve searched already before posting that if there was similar posts, but i couldn't find any cuz titles of the posts wouldn't match of course.
So how else i would know it?!