I don't think there's such a thing as "people who think the same way I do". I actually think that realising and coming to terms with that divide is the biggest drive for the teenage-to-early-twenties crisis most people have. The fact that you fetishize this idea of your own self in others means that not only are you not going to find it to a satisfying degree, but also that you'll be unattentive to other's own personalities and ways of thinking

Welcome to the suck
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I was forced to sell back some vacation time to the company with the new fiscal year. It sucks to sell it back, but as a consequence I have about $2,000 I didn't have before.

What would you spend it on?

I'm thinking of banking the money, but also considering a Vegas blowout.

As american as it gets
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Option 2. It's like you've never seen a cartoon before.

Like this

"Where are my testicles, Summer?"
What do they mean by making it episodic?
Quote by ali.guitarkid7

Quote by korinaflyingv
It's true though

What's an example of an album that is not devoid of creativity and life, in your opinion?

Wanna see what the discussion actually is
Quote by flexiblemile

there is no way that russia and nato are going at war.

If the cold war didn't spark that conflict, there is no way that a lone jet will cause it. No politician is that ******ed. If bloodthirsty Stalin didn't do it and trigger happy reagan didn't do it, I think it's safe to say that we're past the risk

It's not really about going to war over this, it's about this escalating out of control and historically becoming "the incident" which sparked the world war. As in Russia deploying warships on the mediterranean to destroy any target that quote "pose danger to its interests".

Russian warship deployed

That said, all this was purposefully sensationalist. I don't actually think this will set off a world war but things could get hairy, and playing at geopolitics is fun

Quote by ali.guitarkid7
Yet Iraq is somehow still in turmoil.

Thinking the iraqi situation was a success
Quote by JackSaints
Does turkey have nuclear weapons?
Because NATO could just nuke the fuck out of them. That way the Russians don't have to worry about invading their airspace anymore. It's the only possible solution here.

Turkey is a part of NATO... At the most NATO can say Turkey's on its own but turning against them would be an international policy calamity even bigger than downing a Russian plane
Quote by Neo Evil11
I hope NATO has an opt out clause when the country that gets attacked by russia .Asked for it.

NATO already summoned an emergency meeting for today, even before Russia's declarations. I guess it's alarming but a good sign that they're not underestimating this
So, Turkey just shot down a Russian airplane because it allegedly flew briefly over their airspace. Although this is not the first time Russia has violated their airspace, it was probably uncalled for since you're playing at war because a plane flew in your territoy for like 10 seconds at best.

The deputy speaker of Russia’s parliament, and a member of its international affairs committee, accused Turkey of supporting Islamic State [Isis] and shooting down the Russian plane over Syria. So the political consensus, although no official statement has been made, is that this won't be pretty. Seeing as Turkey is a part of NATO, this can escalate rather quickly.

The guardian's brief piece on the shooting

The Guardian's live stream of events
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Voters are skeptical enough of her. What incentive does she have to completely ignore public opinion, risk losing her legacy, and risk her husband's legacy, as well as harming the Democratic Party?

There's no way he would get the nomination

Foreign policy is always a problem, don't be so naive yo

All of those things are mutually exclusive. She won't cater to voters AND risk her legacy AND risk Bill's AND harm the Dems. She'll just spout some abstract Dem stuff because all of you still think there isn't another option, and then maybe remember a few things when she's elected. Same as ever. Hey, maybe you'll get a little more half-assed healthcare

edit: forgot the second part, yeah maybe he won't the nomination. I mean, he most definitely won't if you, the young people who've studied and who are (I'm guessing) left-leaning don't believe in him. If you don't, who will? It's your fault he'll never get the nomination. Foreign policy is an issue, would you say that foreign policy is Spain's problem right now? You know damn well what I meant

edit2: sorry for being a little on edge, not really related to the discussion but am nonetheless
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You need to calm down brah. Hillary's gonna happen so just accept it

^ See my last post
Quote by bradulator
That military industrial complex shit is hilarious because Eisenhower (the guy who popularized the term) would have loved Obama's airstrike strategies. In fact Eisenhower would in general be like "oh wow this [black dude] in office right now is pretty much holding strong to the ideals of the GOP" and then he'd tell Rand Paul to get off his lawn.

Sanders idealism is funny, thinking he is a godsend who will transform US politics and what not. Hillary wouldn't be so bad because since she will more than likely be more concerned about opinions of her and therefore be malleable towards the public. She can be molded and in a way that's a good thing.

Yeah, pretty sure she'll just roll with the flow of the voters

Sanders idealism is great, of course he won't be able to do even half of what he's saying. Still, to not take him seriously is to not understand the huge deal that his candidacy is. Newsflash, your problems are not foreign policy, and the economy is not saved by empowering citigroup.

It's so frustrating that the US holds so much sway in the world and we just have to watch this unfold from afar, you just accept things as inevitable and the world's economy all goes to shit
Quote by ErikLensherr
I don't see what's so scary about that list. Also if you look at Bernie Sanders' top contributors, it's all unions. Literally all just unions, lol. Get real.

So you'd rather have the same megacorps that payed for previous presidents, and then proceeded to lobby against financial products' regultation, only to exploit that same lack of regulation to cause a massive worldwide economic meltdown? Literally, the same

yeah, unions are sooo evil in comparison
Hillary Clinton's campaign contributors are way scarier than the Republicans' ones

Sanders' candidacy is a freaking beam of light in the cluster**** that is the US bi-partisanship and y'all need to stop ignoring that. If you, who believe in what he says, are not willing to accept him seriously, then obviously there will never be a decent candidate because "well, obvi he's never guna get elected" forever
Quote by WaterGod
The only reason she's a shoe in is because all the democrats are too scared to oppose her.

yeah, well, except, you know, BERNIE F**KIN SANDERS??

Seriously, it's amazing that Bernie is running with the ideas he's putting out there, and getting the attention that he's getting. Everyone needs to stop the "Hillary is the only candidate" thing because it's only so because of you
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looked at the FF7 achievement list on steam and one is to master every materia thought ok i have a couple thousand hours to kill why not

then i remembered some materia is only obtainable through chocobo racing so f that

Racing? Or breeding?
The general impression here is that the Witcher 3 is shit?
Quote by AnAngrySquirrel
What are people expecting from this FFVII remake? I was debating with my mate how far they'll stick to the originals. Same camera style as VII or adopt the third person camera used in more modern FFs? Same turn based battle system or revamp it?

Pretty sure they'll revamp the whole thing, FFVII doesn't really make sense to today's standards of gaming. They're going to invest a lot in the looks of it and so they'll be risk-averse to make it stick to the outdated original.

Not to mention a lot of it was literally playing with the technical limitations. The looks and feel of it, Corneo playing on the bed, leg exercises, climbing the wall and whatnot... It won't come off the same way if they stick to teh original so they'll probably try and reimagine it all

A few things that crack me up when I think I'll be seeing them in ultra hd:
Cait Sith
The Mog arcade game
Chocobo Racing (OHWOW)
Cloud cross-dressing
Dolphin-jumping 100ft into the air
"This cosmic dance of bursting decadence and withheld permissions
Twists all our arms collectively but -- if sweetness can win, and it can,
Then I will still be here tomorrow to high-five you yesterday, my friend.


- A.T.
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i wanna read some david foster wallace but does he have any great fiction that isn't really long? i don't have time for infinite jest right now lol. and i wanna read consider the lobster but i know it's a collection of essays, what does that mean exactly?

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men is pretty cool, and it's a collection of short stories so yeah
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Feel free to continue being wrong and a noob without a clue.

Zero arguments
Quote by Xiaoxi
This has to be the most pointless and miniscule "problem" complaint I've ever heard.

Continue on not caring about the world around you then

Go pretend that you're too busy thinking about starving children to pay attention to the evolution of technology and its monopolies
Quote by H4T3BR33D3R
But what can your fancy vegan diet do for me? I don't like chickpeas.

I'm lost in the metaphor
Quote by archangels
I seriously have no idea what you're trying to argue here. Are you saying that you would prefer to access everything on the web through a browser instead of accessing each site individually through dedicated applications?

Because if so, I disagree. A huge part of the web experience is the interface. A UI designed specifically for each site is much easier to use than trying to make a web browser that's capable of displaying every single web page in a way that's intuitive and easy to read/navigate.

But that's not how the internet works. That's not how it has ever worked. People make things with technology, THEN the standards are created. Rarely has it ever been the other way around.

True, I reckon UX would get a sort of chop, though mostly in response time (in my view)

I say this because I think mobile browsers are shit, and should be heavily reconsidered. Is it so inconceivable that instead of a centralized app store you could download the app off the web? without the noise of modern mobile browsers i mean.

Your point about technology coming first and then the standards is very interesting, i hadn't thought of that. But I seriously can't imagine Apple coming out and saying that the app world is now open and free. At least not in the paradigm we're living now, but who knows
Quote by Spambot_2
Alright lemme try and be serious about the topic.

Once, mobile phones weren't able to connect to the internet, and applications like games were already installed on the devices.
Then connecting to the internet to browse the web using phones wasn't common, so they invented a system with which you could install applications on your phones, whether you downloaded them from you computer or from your phone.
Then iPhone's came out and mobile applications got to be called "app's" and they became what they are now.

Thing is, apps as we now know them can do things that web pages can't, and your idea of downloading an app on the fly when you need it defeats one purpose of it.

Say I wanna get a notification whenever my tumblr feed gets updated.
Now I could use an RSS reader, subscribe to my tumblr feed to get notified everytime the thing gets updated, receive a notification by the RSS reader about who know what everytime something happens, check out what the bling is about this time, click on/touch the link for the phone to open the browser and bring me to my tumblr feed page.

Or I could just download the tumblr app, which is free and which avoids me downloading all of the tumblr graphics so I can save bandwidth and which I know what notifies me about and which is pretty light and which is a frontend better than the tumblr mobile website.

So apps help you save time.

Also apps can do things your web page can't do.
Take a picture from a blackberry for example, which you can easily do with the blackberry tumblr app.

I don't really know if there's a blackberry tumblr app but you get my point.

As for the free-ness and open-ness on the web, I don't really see why they would spend resources in a photoshop web page when they could get paid developing a photoshop app in your phone.

I mean, there wouldn't be paid apps, but it's not like they would offer the same content for free if they couldn't sell it through an app store.

Then, to work half fine your app idea would have to work in a VM if ya ask me - installing and uninstalling an android app on the fly on the phone's main system itself (which still is a VM for that matter) wouldn't really take a couple second each time, and making a VM in a VM would make the thing pretty ****ing slow.

That is with android phone - I don't think you can run an iOS virtual machine in an iPhone or iPad, and I also don't think an app could have enough system privileges to install and uninstall apps on apple devices - you would need to pass through the app store, of which another app can't take control, and in that time you would be better off downloading the thing by yourself.

Or even better, downloading if you think you'll need it and keep it there, 'cause in the end that's what apps are for imo.

Thanks for seriousing! (seriously)

The app idea was a joke, it was meant to be a browser plain and simple

The thing is that web is getting very solid movement towards media capture (since you brought it up) which is unfortunately passing under the radar on account of no one using the web.

It IS possible to get assynchronous requests without having to leverage off the OS. The problem is that smartphones are not ready to handle those things because it's more profitable for builders to have all apps in their own store. Not only are they not ready, they're not even moving in that direction

I know it's easier to download the tumblr app. But I think the price is a little high
Quote by H4T3BR33D3R
Why? Sometimes my steak isnt enough so I like to get a soup and a salad.

Why are they bad?

First argument, congrats

That's a fair point, but the thing is that neither the public nor the developers are moving towards the steak, they're going vegan and fast. The public because of lack of regard for the consequences, the developers because they simply need to follow the public.

However, i gather it would be extremely simple to build apps off the existing web standards. Especially now with html5. I think the bulk of the developers' efforts should be to enhance these standards to meet the mobile user's needs, and not just cater them through giant company's stores because it's easier

To all others: i know what apps are. I'm a developer, hence the rage.... stop thinking about sudoku apps and missing the point

Quote by Spambot_2

Though read this -
So you can be a real freedom hipster.

And stop whining, today's much better than yesterday for more reasons that the contrary.

Air conditioning and buildings' thermal insulation used to suck in the '70s.
Now we still can listen to '70s music, though in our homes that we can maintain to fairly high heat for not that much money.

Not being a step backwards doesn't mean it's a step in the right direction... I'm not saying reverting to what it was like is the solution, I'm not saying that at all...

App developers should be moving to include the mobile world in the open web standards, not the other way around... Mozilla has done great work in this with its community, and Firefox OS is definitely a nice step in my opinion.

Why is it cool nowadays to not want to protect what you think is right. I reckon most of you aren't the "what do i care" type
Yes I'm fully aware of what an app is and how it works. I'm also fully aware that businesses are now fleeing to the mobile phone, recreating the solutions they had already built on the web. Only now it' less profits for the developers because no one goes on mobile web instead of apps (when most time they're basically the same, unless it's a really simple game or calculator and such).

Not to mention that Apple shows you want it wants to show you. If they don't like you, you're outie. Also, as soon as someone makes an improvement on one of their products they get shut down (it is literally against the rules to make improvements on apple software)
So, how do you feel knowing that the thriving of the app business comes at the expense of the open web standards? By which I mean that apps are no more than encapsulated little parts of the web to which the whole world is being redirected to spend all its online time in.

It sort of reminds me of the time when I would download software to convert miles to kilometers onto my computer, kind of seems obsolete doesn't it? ("But the conversion goes so much faster! User Experience and other very important things!")

The web was great... trillions of pages of information. Most of human knowledge on your fingertips. It's slowly dying guys, controlled by software giants. Oh and let's not forget them keeping a pretty percentage of the developers' profits

App new world order threatens the openness and acessibility of the web. Do you care? How do we fight it?

What are your views on Mozilla and Firefox OS? (leverages off open web standards and community management instead of centralized authorization to allow apps to exist and be downloadable)


Idea for an app: it's called meta-app
It basically allows you to abstract from installing apps in your mobile device, and instead downloads the dinamically whenever you need it. Since most of computation is done on servers and not on your phone, the time difference of operations would be minimal.

Instead of having app noise on your phone you could just access it whenever by inserting an address in your meta-app

define "fundamentally"
dope - weed
smack - heroin
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When I first got into guitar lessons and suddenly it became a chore... It would suck to have music be a chore all the time, which is what would happen if my livelihood depended on it
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That Sigur Ros video is the best thing ever

Totally worth the ban, if it comes to that