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I have a friend who also loves Agalloch. He's recorded a bunch of Agalloch style songs too. Anyway, he records weird ambient stuff from his room, like a rain storm a few days ago and uses it in his songs.

I might try recording some water sounds I'll make with stuff at home then. I guess that could work (hopefully I'll get some rain )
I didn't realy know where to ask this but I was wondering how I can record ambient sorta sounds like the wind and running water and stuff like Agalloch do. So does anyone know?

I'm extremely bored so I'm just watching movies and stuff.
Alright so there's this video on youtube and I can't remember what it is. There's a song playing (and I want to remember what it was) and the entire video is a candle burning with a blue flame.
I know It's pretty vague but please help
Well... someone better do a decent gig over there 'cause I really wanna see something other than Trivium cover bands (not even joking)

Haha but w/e, back to Opeth: is the baying of the hounds fun to play? I've been thinking about learning it.
France (actually a sort of ex-colony). I lived in the US until I was nine....I wish I still did there are absolutely no good bands were I live and no band ever tours there. I'm still hoping gojira will come by some day.
Anyway hope a lot of people show up so you can all headbang to masters apprentice or something.
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Oh.. well that explains it

I need to get tickets for the Opeth show coming up even though I highly doubt it will sell out here in NY. Not to many Opethians by me

I know I definitaly would but I'm only in the US during summer break and in January....
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She probably told you to shut up because people couldn't handle the awesomeness and it was distracting them from their studies as it was all they could think about.


edit: I've been listening to the misshapen steed everyday for a month and I only know like 20 of there songs, so anyway are there any other songs that sound alot like it? I don't know how to describe it...
I'd even say watershed.
Dusk Falls Upon the Temple of the Serpent on the Mount of Sunrise - Nile
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I can't imagine Buckethead being surrounded by groupies.

I know a chick who loves buckethead and thinks he wears a mask 'cause he's too hot
Meshuggah (or however you spell it). It's just wierd time signatures. I don't get it....
Mors Principium Est - Sinners Defeat
The band, it's just so much funner.
Is the artwork actually gonna be holographic? I don't know why but Ithink that would be pretty cool.... shiney

And yeah they rule.
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Trapped in a Corner
Inno a Satana
Maze of Torment
Ocean Planet
Unas Slayer of the Gods

(wierdass name, I know)
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But the guys dead. Pay for his legacy to the world man.

When I read your first sentence I thought your second one would be something like Why pay? But yeah I agree, buy the albums.
I would probably play Flesh and the Power it Holds, am i the only one who loves that song?
My first guitar was an epiphone les paul junior. I hated it >_<
Another death song, lack of comprehension.
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Why are we still alive? why don't we just kill ourselves? We live to have fun, experience life's pleasures etc. You join UG if you want to, no ones forcing you to.


EDIT: Oh **** i read the title wrong lol.

Nah there's very little point, it's probably (Deffinatly) going to have a negative affect on your playing/time playing.

How did you think he posted if he hadn't joined UG? ^^
Yeah It is only one step but the strings I'm using don't feel that good. I'm just going to go buy something a bit thicker I guess.
So I've decided to tune my guitar in standard D and I was wondering what gauge strings I should use?

PS: sorry if I didn't post this in the right place.
Mikael Akerfeldt and Chuck Shuldiner probably.
They've made me take the strings off before so you might want to take 'em off just in case.
But Naked. Actually I stole that from George (Seinfeld) but whatever.
Paint it Black - The Black Dahlia Murder

I don't know if it's because I'm used to the original but damn.... and I'm not saying I don't like tbdm.
I thought it was wierd and not funny. that what it would be?
****... I'm dead

Seriously....uhm.... The Leper Affinity, I wanna hear that solo before I die
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Agreeing with any pokemon after 251.

My least favorite pokemon was probably Zapdos. He kicked ass, but compared to the other legendary bird pokemon, he just looked gay.

Articuno kicked some serious ass though.

Hey! He was my favorite!
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use a physical injury as an excuse. This means that you can use it at a later date. Works great if you want to get off work too.

Yeah I might use that actually, I don't know yet. Anyways thanks for the help everyone, I'm gonna go eat lunch and watch a movie
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If you're girlfriend is hell sweet, then go do something with her. Ring her up, ask her out somewhere, and tell the people that you're doing something with her.

Problem solved.

Can't, she's in europe right now
edit: sorry for double-posting
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But the werewolf and UFO have to be a complete coincidence. Like.. it's just bad luck that they happened on the same night.

The ufo's were hunting down the werewolf because he ate they're abducted squirell
Whatever, I'm just seriously gonna tell them I was attacked by ufo's and a frikin' werewolf, it doesn't really matter, they'll end up forgetting anyways
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What the hell do you want from us then? Are we supposed to tell you to say, "Okay, well I can't come because this morning a bunch of U.F.O's were surrounding my house, and beamed my little sister up, and I can't go out until my family finds her."

Tell them you're sick.

Well....I'm goin' for the ufo's, if they're gonna get mad I might as well make it funny
I'm 15 and do, but only like once every few months.
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You've suddenly been diagnosed with herpes.

..Or you just aren't feeling good, I dunno.

Yeah but thats a little obvious, they know I don't really like parties, and for the get laid thing, I already have a gf and she isn't going so...
So I've been invited to a party, and I usually don't go to parties because I don't like being around a lot of people (don't ask me why), and I said I would go but know that I have to I really don't want to. It's only like a mile away from my house. They're gonna be pretty pissed if I don't show. So can anybody help me find some sort of excuse?
I just want to play some Opeth and watch tv.