also, our tune got dropped at the mad decent block party, by Baauer.

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have you tried FM8?

Yep, but I prefer Sytrus for FM sounds. Ridiculously Underrated.

edit: got some new stuff for yall.

Recently released EP of ours

VIP remix we did with the homie ETC!ETC!

bigger stuff coming

edit 2: and to anybody who remembers my tunes from a few years ago, here's something new along those lines
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I love that first one!

It's just like relentless monophonic grating bass in my ears. I mean that as a compliment, it's a good sound. Is that synth your own creation?

Sure is, it's just a few layered up basses made with Massive.
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It's definitely closer to the mark than my dubstep attempt. Did you have a listen?

If it's of any use to you, this sample pack is coming in really handy for my new attempt at dubstep. (I have no attention span)

They have some other great free stuff on there too, really professional sounds.

I tried my hand at some overly cheesy dubstep for shits and gigs.
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That song sounds a lot like Hudson Mohawke, decent though.

More like this...

(blatant self-promotion)
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This is actually pretty dope, I like that sound in the intro. I'm super into trap these days.

edit: Stay tuned guys for some big 808 stuff from me. I've got a big project in the works.
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Yeah I'm down for that. Got two weeks off now to produce and drink, so any time soon is good for me

PM me your msn or something
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Spent tonight attempting to conquer my fear of resampled midrange basses.

Done entirely on headphones so it could sound terrible for all I know, and I put it over a generic dubstep beat for now

That's pretty sick, reminds of Torqux and Twist. We should collab sometime.
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I'm going to try and crank out a tune per day this week.

Today's effort:

Be nice, it's a really really really rough draft
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Do you mind if I play this track on

Go for it mate. I'm going to try and crank out a tune per day this week.
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So I've been trying my hand at making some ambient dubstep, let me know what you think:

Super ambient bro, I like it. Especially the ketamine samples haha. Also that rising synth in the drop. The intro seems a little repetitive; I reckon you could put a couple other bits in there for variation. Potential.

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I just came out with some very deep dubstep, I think everyone should have a listen so they can die peacefully.

I think your drums sound bad - not very crisp, especially the snare which could use a little more high end. Finding some quality drum samples is very much worth the time.
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Pretty cool. Maybe the wobble should have more movement when its just doing the repeated notes, but I do like the minimal style you've got going. Clap is sounding great btw

Im in the same situation as you, a short clip with not much idea how to expand. SC is making the low end weird atm. This started off as an MGMT sounding tune, I don't know how I managed to end up with this

Haha I know what you mean. I came up with this and I've no idea where to go with it.
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potential, but the kick needs to be WAY more powerful. I also reckon you could add a synth pad or lead in to add interest n stuff. I really like the bass though, sounds Noisia-ish.

The kick is MASSIVE. There's a different kick in the intro if that's what you're meaning?
Should I finish this one guys / has it got potential?
Another hip-hop thing/work in progress

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I like this but I feel like the drums could have been mixed a little better. Also could do with some sub added.

Quote by mental_zer0

New dubstep shtuff. I think the mix is coming along nicely, still need to fix some sounds and fill everything out. Clean up those wobbles a bit too.

The main bass sounds a bit thin IMO. Maybe try layering it with a couple other sounds to fill it out. A separate sub-bass layer would be good too. Also, I feel like the kick sound doesn't work in the context of this track and doesn't carry the beat very well. Overall though, I like the melody and concept of the track.

edit2: also here's a bonus for all the drumstep fans
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I'm finally close to finishing my DnB epic that I've been working on for months, plus a cheeky moombahton remix for the b side.

@piratemetalhead sounds alright, but could do with a bit more shuffle in the drums.
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So guys, I need a new headset for CHEAP. I'm thinking about getting some Sennheiser HD202's for £26. Anyone got any better suggestions for <£30?

Sennheisers usually have good quality for what you pay for them. I'm rocking a pair of HD 25-1 IIs. Love them.
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thnks for posting, should be awesome

havent heard any of bengas new stuff though...

edti: sides magnetic man, but most of that stuff is uncharacteristically poppy and feminine anyways

Toddla T - Sky Surfing (Benga Remix)
Benga - Transform
Benga - Transformers
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This may be of interest to some people.

Benga is what got me into dubstep. He's easily still one of my favourite producers.
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I have almost no interest in mashing. Seems so... I don't know.

i've got a couple cool mashups which find their way into my mixes. I should properly make them in FL. I'll try dig up a mix i've done.

EDIT: Here
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Does anyone know how to make Edison (FL) not record the

Don't record on the master channel rofl.
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If anyone of the shite songs on my sc interest you feel free VVVVVV

SteveHouse: this as well basically.
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Glad everyone's songs are going to sound different from now on

Glad I could help.
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Tight, mind if this finds its way into my new tune for a couple of bars?

Go nuts :P
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Totally would want. EDIT: nevermind.

There some way that you can make Massive patches work in the Kore Player? It uses some "Best of Massive" synths...

Here it is in audio. Get some resampling up in here.
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Didn't work for me, but around 1 out of 50 work for me so its expected

Try it again, I accidentally resaved it in Massive 1.15. Fixed now.
Who wants an awesome chainsaw bass patch I made?

EDIT: For Massive
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they're synced up in fl studio at least... if you mean the hats, then yeah i was just kinda ****ing around with a "shuffle" sort of dubstep beat.

Not that, it's just there's not a strong kick/snare groove to follow.
I'm going to make some drum & bass. Will report back.
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finally decided to finish my dubstep tune!

definitely looking forward to make some more dubstep tunes in the future. Any feedback would be great!

The drums sound a little... off?