what would you really want to happen?
I don't know

why is final fantasy so awesome?

why am I so bored?
banned cause I'm listening to music
general awesomeness

why are you calle-...nevermind...

what are you doing?
I have no Idea

what do you suggest?
banned cause I'm sitting in a chair
banned cause blah blah blah
banned cause it's very strange anyway
banned cause I don't get the IM thing...
your internet oven is not on, try putting it on 375 Fahrenheit
^the game
< doesn't understand the rules of the game enough to the point of just repeating what people say
V will eventually die
banned cause my toe hurts
^is doing something
< Stopped
V knows it's hammertime
^ nope
< can speak English
V has something to say
^ I'm not 12, and what the fuck is this shit you motherfucker?
< can beat a wall at being a wall
^ beats small children
< shoots lazers from his eyes
V posts after me
^has already posted by the time this is posted
<Is a pretty cool guy
V Doesn't afraid of ANYTHING!
<likes metal
V likes music
invest in a gun/knife/gunknife/giant block of cheese
<knows that caps lock with large text is cool
V is likely using technology to post a response
Team Fortress 2

what are you doing?
usual what?

any one play TF2?
banned cause that doesn't matter
banned cause I had to get a haircut
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Banned cause I need to go to bed now....'night all!

banned cause It's like 6:33 /ignoring timezones
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banned for being right about the president

banned cause what?
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banned cause I bit my dog on the ear and he nipped me

banned for biting your dog's ear. why would you do that?
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no. ask for one for christmas.

If you were in indiana for some strange reason, would you visit me?

It wouldn't be strange if Indiana was a girl but if it were a guy I think I would be killing my self through the use of explosives...

oh the state? then yeah probably

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Banned cause most of UG wouldn't recognize Level 42 if they came on here.

banned cause most of UG wouldn't recognize our president if he came on here also...mainly for the reasons of they would think he was a troll...
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I think you jedi mind tricked me because I suddenly hate them and just a second ago I was sulking over them.

how'd you do that!? sneaky...


should I get a photo editing software?
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Banned cause I'm listening to Level 42.

banned cause I'm listening to Metallica Dosed is listening to oasis and you are listening to crap
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wondering how I should be to this person.

Why would I be an asshole?

because....*runs away*

wouldn't it be funny though?
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banned because I'm listening to Oasis for some weird reason...

unbanned cause oasis is awesome
banned cause If you can get through this entire video then I praise you...
banned cause I'm listening to Iron maiden
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cause you get a boner from animated japanese preteens.

are you gonna be helpful or should I just give up?

yes, but no to your answer T_T

be an asshole to this person

what are you doing?
banned cause space zombies
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would it be okay to be like "I didn't get to say everything I wanted to the other night. Any chance we could talk in person?"

yes, but when in person show him This

why did I choose that video?