that's why I'm trying to figure out a way to fix it. It seems like a simple problem that shouldn't be a big deal
I couldn't afford a soda right now let alone $10
So I was messing around on my SG and noticed that the pickup selector was flopping around and not wanting to click into place or even stay in the middle. Took the back off and noticed that the little black piece that caps the back end of the switch itself had fallen off so I popped it back on. Now the pickup selector isn't loose and floppy but it still won't properly click into place. I'm not fully familiar with the mechanics of these parts but I can feel a slight magnetic tug when it's in the neck or bridge position, but it's nowhere near enough to keep it in place.

Any suggestions would be great, other than buying a new one because I'm ridiculously broke right now
Communism is literally defined as a classless, stateless society where no money and the means of production are shared in common. Organizationally, it is a non-hierarchical federation of communes. The two ideals are NOT opposites, but in fact have the same end goal. The confusion comes from the historical popularity of Marxist-Leninism, which states that to reach communism ( a classless, stateless society), society must first go through a transitional stage, known as the dictatorship of the proletariat (improperly defined as socialism by that ****wit Lenin). Anarchists advocate reaching communism by going straight into it, using the pre-revolutionary period as the transition by building up the social organizations that will run society post-revolution.

That's really the simplest way to put it.

Marx and Bakunin had arguments over the role of anarchism vs. transitional authoritarianism, which lead to the expulsion of Bakunin from the first international.

The term "libertarian" was also coined by an anarcho-communist, and was used to describe ancoms until the 2nd half of the 20th century in the US where the extreme right hijacked the term (and they were damn proud of it too!). Elsewhere, when people hear libertarian they instantly think of anarchists, not minarchist capitalists.

Now, conservative means defending the old way, conserving, so no, you can't have a conservative punk in terms of ideology.

Punk has, and always will be, a political statement. Sure, you can be in a shitty band that plays something that sounds kinda like punk and promotes non-leftist ideologies, but it isn't really punk without that message behind it.

Libertarianism leads to corporate dictatorship, as anyone with a functioning brain and knowledge of both US and world history (you are obviously missing the latter, proven by your complete ignorance on the topic of communism, socialism, and it would appear punk in general), and I can assure you, corporate dictatorship isn't very punk.

Now go listen to some d-beat, read a book on the topic (not written by rothbard, mises, or any other of those moronic twits) and learn something. You're probably old enough to legally use this website, which means you're too damned old to think communism is totalitarianism and be taken seriously.
Quote by Tsar66
actually most of them were executed. & people starve every day under capitalism, so that's a pretty stupid criticism

actually they starved to death because of famine caused my Mao forcing everyone to focus on industrialization rather than providing for the nation.

Vanguardism does not and never will work. The only way communism has ever been successful has been through anarchist means. Every other attempt to implement it results in tyrannical state capitalism
Quote by eazy-c
Am I alone in placing modern Darkthrone above the BM classics?

Like VG said, their passion is so tangible in what they're producing these days, nevermind just how fucking riftastic they are. That's not to take anything away from the BM releases, I just feel something special from the newer stuff that's missing in so much metal these days.

+1 to that. Their older shit is great but the new stuff is incredible.
tragedy, anti cimex, the varukers
anarcho-communist (by way of syndicalism) here. Working with the WSA and joining the IWW soon.
Lammendam is by far their best release. The latest two were good but nothing compared to that. Didn't really hold my attention all that much. Ethereal Veiled Existence was also awesome.
first you're going to need a time machine, you'll want to go back to the mid 80's

Then you need to find an assault rifle.

Track down everyone involved in making hair/glam metal.

Shoot them
Take their clothes

everybody wins
the "socialists" in france are not socialists. Most socialist parties are filled with social democrats; progressives, and a few democratic socialists who want to reform capitalism into socialism (obviously impossible). Then you have the social democrats who are ignorant enough to think welfare and high taxes are socialism and call themselves socialists.
I'd be ok with it if somewhere along the line the neo nazi had his teeth kicked in.

Pedophilia is a mental disorder that needs to be treated, neo nazis are just pieces of sh!t.
so I should just by the standard part?
I need to replace the trem bar on this edge 3 system I have on my ibanez. I know there are different sizes or some sh!t and I have no experience with floating trems so I figured I'd ask here. I was looking at a few trem bars and wanted to try to find one with some sort of lock on it (not sure if the edge 3 has an internal mechanism or not) rather than just buying a replacement, this in particular. I saw that it had "ibanez style" but I have no clue whether that will fit all Ibanez trem systems or just a certain one.
Quote by Darkness_Man
It has evolved into some amazing bands. You really have your head up your ass on this one. Just off the top of my head, skagos, alda, coldworld melancholy. The sound has improved. Some metal delivers a more astute melancholic sound and some chooses to be loud and abrasive. The genre just gets better and better if you ask me.

I posted a ****ing deathspell interview, you think I don't know that?
Blut Aus Nord, Deathspell, Ihsahn, Carach Angren, Peste Noire, Agalloch, WITTR, etc. All trying to innovate the genre and all are ridiculed by the elitists for not being "trve" or "kvlt". the same elitists who possess virtually no musical talent themselves and are only able to rip off 2nd wave acts. If the RIAA were involved 90% of them would be under lawsuit for copyright infringement.
black metal as a whole has become a stagnant genre. No one can progress the sound without being ridiculed by the elitist douchers like you find on the UG metal forums in every thread. It all has to be raw, shitty, generic darkthrone clones. I love the classics, but the modern bands are all trying to release the same shit that came out in the 80s.
send them all to a master bus and change the volume on that so it doesn't clip. Then just throw a limiter on top to get the volume up.
all the ones from back when the pit wasn't complete garbage.
Ihsahn's solo albums. Carach Angren's Lammendam. Septic Flesh's last 3 releases.
Quote by Metallicuh
They have no right to. I doubt it's true.

PATRIOT act, bro. They can do whatever the **** they want.
everyone needs to put this in their signature to support Chris' upcoming album:

A Black Dawn is coming.
I don't care that much who wins any more. It will end in revolution either way because our current system is unsustainable.
these people are ****ing clowns. all of them.
why vs? they dont contradict each other at all. who is to say that evolution wasnt part of creationism?
conscientious objector BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. I dont support anything the military is involved in or even the military in general. **** em.
more victims of right-wing extremism.
hahaha I love you all

I dont really read much corporate news. I prefer alternative news sites, like alternet
Agile maybe? I've heard good things about them. Maybe PRS or something. One of my friends plays a lot of that stuff and has an Ibanez with some custom pickups in it
So I'm in a symphonic black metal band and we have a shit ton of orchestral arrangements that need to be played back on stage (think septicflesh style). I'm wondering what the best way to do this is since I have no clue where to begin. Do I have the samples prerecorded and have the soundguy play them back and the band just follows the sound clips? And what about tempo fluctuations since that will inevitably happen with a live band?
Yeah I was trying to find stuff on google last night but couldnt find anything that really helped. So you're saying I should just stick with the stereo inputs?
I posted this in guitar gear but that forum seems pretty dead and I need a quick answer.

So I've got this Hughes and Kettner head with a Jackson cab. The head has two 120 watt outputs and it says "Min impedance 4 Ohms"

The Cab has two stereo inputs @ 8 Ohms and two mono inputs at 4 Ohms.

So basically I want to know which inputs I should be using so I don't have any issues. I have read somewhere that when you have 2 ins/outs the ohms divide or something, so I figured it best to ask before I plow my amp up.
So I've got this Hughes and Kettner head with a Jackson cab. The head has two 120 watt outputs and it says "Min impedance 4 Ohms"

The Cab has two stereo inputs @ 8 Ohms and two mono inputs at 4 Ohms.

So basically I want to know which inputs I should be using so I don't have any issues. I have read somewhere that when you have 2 ins/outs the ohms divide or something, so I figured it best to ask before I plow my amp up.
If you're the guitarist, you play the guitar. if the bassist wants another arrangement, tell him to start a side-project or gtfo
Hey guys
I'm gonna be buying an audio interface pretty soon and I cant decide between this and this
from what I can tell, they're basically the same except for the tascam is obviously USB and the M-audio is PCI. What I'd like to know is which one would be the better one to go with.
I use Sonar if it makes any difference, and all my recording thus far has been through my SoundBlaster Audigy 4 soundcard.
I've done some research on USB vs PCI interfaces and cant really find any information that helps my situation. PCI is faster than USB but ive heard that latency isn't a problem with that interface so I'm not sure the difference in data transfer rate even matters.
Anyway, thanks for any help in advance.
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this is one of my top albums of all time
its in standard but he uses an 8 string sometimes
so why the hell is this thread still open? i know theres a slipknot thats actually emtal but this thread is about the numetal band