I would try putting some graphite (shaved pencil led) on the nut and bridge piece first, or maybe check and make sure the tuning peg is up to par and not loose at any part before resorting to a new nut.
I just want a half stack that sounds good for pop/rock/ pop punk type stuff for 800ish
that sounds good with an EPI SG. I know that's really general, but I was kinda leaning towards a Marshall head of something along those lines. If you could just throw out some suggestions that would be awesome.

Thanks, Brett.
I like brass slides. In reality, it's all personal preference with slides.
Getting put out costs more, but it's worth it. I've one wisdom tooth removed with numbing, then requested to be put all the way under. It's just a awful feeling.
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line six spider 75 watt

Don't do it!
I find that guitar to be very ugly.
What kind of guitar do you have?
That's how you get STDs.
1. Do you like oreos?
[] No

2. How often do you eat Oreos?
[] Regularly
[] Rarely

3. What time of day would you most enjoy an Oreo?
[] Morning
[] Night

4. How many Oreos do you consume in an average sitting?
[] 1
[] 10-Entire Box

5. Are Oreos typically a sit-down type of food for you, or do you prefer to enjoy them on the go?
[] On the go

6. Do you typically eat Oreos with milk?
[] No

7. Do you prefer original Oreos or Double Stuf?
[] Original
Double Stuf

8. How do you eat your oreos?
Just eat them like any other food
[] Other
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cool story bro

Shut up.
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Limewire, just download the shirt for free

High five!
Cannibal Holocaust
That was really neat.
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I like bands who tell jokes onstage.

Agreed. Wrecked 'em? Damn near killed 'em!
The pit is not a search engine.
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wtf. Hendrix basically invented the use of overdrive. Without him, most forms of rock, all metal, all subgenres of metal, and basically anything that came out of the rock genre would not be the same. Somebody else might have started the whole overdrive thing instead, but still, buckethead and no any other modern guitarist can have that kind of influence. There is really not enough frontier.

Do your history dude. You come off as an idiot.

Disagree with you.
Thrasher51 will find out thrash sucked all along is where Agile guitars can be bought.
Almost everyone has this. Just keep practicing.
Look into blade pickups for your bridge maybe.
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Avenged Sevenfold
Bullet For My Valentine
Oh and try and read this message so you can burn out your rectum while I laugh at you Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

Don't you mean retina Mr. Faux-Metalhead?
I know someone with an Epiphone Dot and they are great. They look really nice.
Fender Blues Junior is the best in that wattage. Don't know about your budget though, they are a tad pricey. Or a Dr. Z Mini Z
Power amp tubes rarely need to be replaced, dude.
I think he means tune down one and a half steps. In which case it would be G#, and I would try a thin 8 string set without the highest string on.
Get a thicker set up strings.
Cortez the Killer, son.
Just for what you did to Ghold, no help for joooo!
FYI, tubes don't only sound good at high volumes. I think that most actually sound worse.
Pretty decent.
I don't know the info on either, but in theory sounds good.