Stopping by for the first time in years to say despite beating Buffalo twice this week, I'm so salty that Latta, Backstrom, and Beagle had to get injured because of it.

Beags getting surgery, so I guess he'll be back in a month or two. Plus Carlson isn't even making our road trip, so hopefully that doesn't turn into an Orpik situation where day-to-day turns into missing two months. Time to see if the Caps actually have the depth to stay strong through this injury bug.
Do any of my old bros still play BF3 on PS3? I miss absolutely running train on people back in the day
I would go out on a limb and say trading Forsberg means we're going to give Riberio the 4 year deal he wants. I love Riberio, but I don't know how I'd really feel if this actually happens
Guys, hold the phone. The Caps traded someone for that one guy
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Still my favorite .gif of all time. It will ALWAYS have a spot in my heart
DICE pushed back release until tomorrow for NA Premium users. Thanks.
I never see you on anymore Pez

I'm just waiting for End Game to be released in EST. It was supposed to hit two hours ago
Toews's assist last night on the OT winner was stupid filthy
I gave up on the pool once my team started playing like they should. It's just too much to keep up with, to be honest.

Fun fact: I should be going to Calgary/Banff this summer doing research. I'm stupid excited
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He has 8 (!) years left of his contract.

What was Snow thinking giving out a 15 year contract... how many goalies not named Martin Brodeur are consistent for 15 years?



He shoulda kept that

Didn't he break his jaw in that helmet?
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"I could have hit [Clutterbuck] in the head [instead]."

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Mark Eaton skated with the Penguins this morning, plan the parade

Also have tickets for tonight's game, behind the pens shoot twice zone too

sorry to hear that. my condolences
Pft fuck you guys. All about the Hockey City Classic right now
I gotta give your boy credit, Kevin, Matty P played a hell of a game
Just saw the video of Cooke/Karlsson, and to me, that looked intentional. Fucking brutal. Had some achilles damage a couple years back and it is not fun. I couldn't watch Karlsson try to get off the ice, I was cringing the entire time. Looks like that Caps might have some competition for McKinnon.
And everyone continues to not care about Eric Tangradi
Forgot that video even existed.

"Need moar wodka" Classic Ovi.
Good job Elliot for letting in two goals on the exact same move by the same player
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Do you still have a boner for Johansson, Bobby?

7GP 0 Points and a -7

Hey He Has A Goal Tonite What Is Wrong With Him
god i never want to drink ever again. that feel when it's 1:45am and you just wake up from being passed out for the last 7 hours
Andy Greene with the shorty on the rush? imokaywiththis.jpg

Miami University alum right there.