Wow thanks for the positive review man! I just follow the melodies where they go.  
Vocally this is sort of average for what I write haha, I like to sing G2-A5, but I'm trying to be tasteful!
I followed your SoundCloud, I'll be recording and posting a new album this month.
Collaborating could be very interesting, and I'm honoured by your comments!
Hey man, I bought the Scarlett studio 2i2 bundle over 2 years ago (similar, but 2 inputs and red colour for mic & monitors), and it's been a tremendous value.
I enjoy recording in 96kHz 24 bit FLAC format, and the only thing I haven't been able to figure out with the included Cubase LE 8 software is how to add electronic drums and bass tracks to the mix.

That aside, I have no complaints with any of the hardware and the condenser mic is solid as fuck - it fully captures the room and sounds like you're there. The dynamics are gravy. So, with a mic stand and a laptop you're definitely set for a quick home studio.

I will note I primarily record my acoustic-electric and vocals, but your 6505 would sound great dialed in.
Hey UG, I added my touch (especially vocally) to this little known song called Crazy by Gnarls Barkley.  
I may record a slower version in the future. Please tell me what you think, thank you!!

[url="(Invalid video video code)]
Good day musicians! I wanted to write another hit after getting motivated by and studying Gnarls Barkley - Crazy.
I knew for a while that I would pen a song titled Fearless; this was the result (of 3 hours).

I will return your reviews cordially, thank you!
skylinesofchaos20 Just listened to your track 'Love'! Gorgeous, tasty guitar playing.
For the first 2 minutes it fully held my attention, and then it started to feel a bit long for an instrumental.
I say this because it seems that throughout 4:15, you employ every possible lick variation,
and while that's remarkable it's also a little over done.
Full credit for shredding more fluently than I can, and go get money for gigs if you're not already man!

Care to review one of my songs? Thanks!
Thanks for the input guys! I like the point about holding the chord over 'solace'.  
I used long, drawn-out vowels and strumming to keep the train rollin', I wasn't going for drama. 
Personally, more variation would be left to a second guitar (have yet to do).
I've played it live as part of a well received set, and have a similar energetic version up on my YouTube channel!
Hey coolest people of UG, I'm back with my latest song Bad Butterfly

At < 3 min long, the tempo has groove and the melodies and dynamics are complex. Some surprising vocals to check out!   
I would classify this as slightly dark or moody, expressive rock.  

[url="(Invalid video video code)]

C4C!! I hope you enjoy and please review, thanks!
Hey aaron aardvark thanks for the review of 'Take Solace'!

I listened to 'I Need You (Too)': Definitely psychedelic! I would've included more variation in the intro. The transition to the main rhythm amused me because it's bass heavy like that chkka chkka song in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, but it's also intense and badass. The ascending vocals later on helped in creating the trippy Pink Floyd/U2/80's groove I imagined.
I was thinking it would be cool music during any sort of transportation as it seems to be leading to something. The lead guitar licks seal the deal. Good job on the mix man!
Hey UG, I hope you enjoy my take on this kickass, bluesy song!
Stay tuned for many future videos.
[url="(Invalid video video code)]

My catalog is deep and I take requests!  
C4C, thank you!!
@Guytarist38 I reviewed you back, thanks!   I'm going to layer the chorus vocals and add a few other touches when I do my next recording session.
Hey man, thank you for reviewing my track 'Take Solace'! 

Your band works well as a cohesive unit and successfully sounds straight out of the 80's. 
I agree with the comparison to Rush, and the most distinctive factor is the singer's voice - complete Geddy Lee/Steve Perry (Journey) tone.
On that note, the vocals are too thin and soft to appeal to me, but the range is good. 
Instrumentally I like the band, but I would prefer to hear a powerful singing presence over this type of rock.

With that said, you will find an appreciating audience at any gigs you play! Experiment with a little more creativity on the next tracks, and good luck!
TheForge Ahh, I've heard 'Drive' so many times, loved it, and never knew who wrote it! Yeah, Incubus is great! 
Good example with the harmonies in their music for sure, and luckily I figured out how to layer instrument & vocal tracks in Cubase today!
So I will expand the sonic palette in future posts.  

GuitarViking Funny that you mention the higher singing, because 'Take Solace' is my lowest song, for purposes of appealing to a wider audience.
Fret not, I can pull off singing an octave higher (A5 in my song 'Up To Me') and head voice is where I have the most power - and fun.

As far as articulating lyrics... listening to my own recordings I understand every word. 
I stretch words and do a lot of melisma, I may also darken my timbre occasionally. This is my style.
Compare to Chris Cornell, my favourite, whose lyrics I can get wrong without searching.
My point is that melody and tone rule supreme. If I consciously over-enunciate I surely sound thin and sterile, and my vocal resonation suffers. 
I have never got the complaint when singing live, but I hear you! (lol)

Thanks for the review man, I'm happy to share and glad you enjoyed! Your track has been reviewed  
Hey man, just reviewing you back! Regarding 'Starlake': Don't be so humble!  You've got the production down; sounds professional. 
Drums and bass are tight, guitar work is melodic and super technical, while remaining tasteful. 
My first impression was like "Bryan Adams??" from the vibe and leads, then as the pace picked up I was happily reminded of All That Remains.
- Followed you on SoundCloud. The dynamics work well, superb music!
Never listened to Incubus before.. haha, thank you! My recordings are all single live takes, but that's a good suggestion. I assume you mean guitar harmonies? I could probably add something. Cheers!
mrmo Reviewed sir! Thank you for your feedback! 

I agree I'd like to add other musical elements, but at this I'm point I'm just churning out tracks and focussing on developing myself as a solo artist / singer-songwriter. I certainly intend to work with drummers again in the near future, as I was in an alt rock band in the past and loved locking in grooves. I believe my strumming to be percussive.
Hey man, a few things came to mind: Sounds like a blend of blues and old western music; suitable for film scenes involving police patrolling at night, or intro music to a murder mystery show. I pictured a modern Sherlock scenario, possibly located in coastal California (surf). Very interesting melodies, at times I believe I heard use of the double harmonic scale - flat 2nd and 6th - which I always approve of! The tremolo picking amused me and the production was well done. This kind of track feels cyclical, and in that sense an ending is arbitrary, so 3 minutes is compact but still captured all of your ideas. Great job!
enloartworks Hey man, did you record all this including the growls? It's cool how you filmed with 2 camera angles and managed a full band production. 
Sounds a lot like BTBAM when I used to listen to them, with the solo work reminiscent of Jeff Loomis of Nevermore. Tasteful use of the whammy.. 7 string with Drop A?
Obviously a very technical song, so props on that. Death metal isn't my style anymore but I can appreciate the target you had in sight. The diversity in the music kept me engaged, and the melodies were sweet. Right on!

I have a track I'd be grateful for you to review - a humble singer-songwriter one at that (my strat is in storage):
chrislloyd1710 Wow, enchanting piece of music man! I enjoyed the chromatic followed by uplifting progressions throughout. 
Beautifully finger picked and would serve well as part of a cinematic soundtrack. I'm curious how you chose the title, but it's suitable nonetheless.
I really was impressed by the instrumental's atmosphere. No criticisms here!

Would you care to review a new track of mine?
'Wolf Flow' is a palindrome; a mirror image and a little bit of an enigma.
Written in late summer '16, this has been a fan favourite when I play in public.
Recorded for your judgment, howl at the moon along with me!    

C4C! Thank you!  

Shawn Fennerty - Wolf Flow
'Take Solace' is a seemingly radio-friendly song I wrote. The lyrical content aims to warm your heart and comfort your soul.
Written in D Lydian mode, this is an introspective yet confident number. Please enjoy and review my track!  

C4C, thank you kindly!

Shawn Fennerty - Take Solace
Updated with a better take - now available in the OP! 
Imagine something like Cubase and SoundCloud merged, in a simplistic mobile form. (Working on the user interface after survey results.)
I think there is a genuine need, to record in high quality whenever inspiration hits, or if you can't get to a studio. 
Better than losing a winning idea! And better than cell phone recordings...
Hey UG, what do you think of combining a Digital Audio Workstation (recording software) with offline streaming services and online uploading capability? ALL IN ONE BABY.
There's more - IT'S PORTABLE!

Ahem, sorry my throat hurts from yelling. I am prototyping this app in school, and need your feedback! Ideally, this is for a tablet device.

I would be extremely grateful if EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU could complete my survey for infinite results. Takes like one minute.  
I ask YOU, because as music lovers, you are qualified on the matter and famous composers in your own right: 


1. Take the survey
2. Discuss
3. ?????
lungfruit thanks for the review mang! This song feels crazy in a good way and the theremin is almost intimidating. 
I imagined listening to it as a horror soundtrack; intense. Very surprising that you recorded direct, entertaining and I liked it!
Thanks guys! I've been really busy but I will review your songs tonight. 

The part where I say "the truth is not gone" around 1:30 is a B4 in falsetto initially that dynamically transitions to full voice in the same breath, continuing on D5, C#5... - this vocal trick is inspired by Jeff Buckley in Last Goodbye. It's not ambitious, it's easy and fun. You'd have to be in the room to hear the sound open outwards like it does.  
However, I appreciate all your comments and I know not everyone likes my creativity, as much as I am biased to.

Disclaimer: I can and will do a better vocal take. Warming up more results in greater resonance.
Poisonouspot thank you so much!

Obviously Chis Cornell is the reason I sing and a massive influence, but I have to admit I'm surprised at your comparison. Flattered, actually! I thought I was doing something original with this song haha, given maybe elements of Jeff Buckley in the verses.
If it sounds like I'm imitating, then it's purely unintentional, because this is my voice, and the song writing process was completely organic.

That being said, I do envy Chris Cornell's style, but I am my own artist. I don't mind stealing some fans

You are my favourite person ever now, and I have a new song to record to show you where I'm going!
Rock on!
Hey man, thanks for the review I'm grateful!

I like the off-kilter feel and charmingly haunting air around the production. From 2:00 on I was more interested in the melodies. Definitely reminds me of an Odd Future or Tyler the Creator beat, with it's intentional, meandering (or channel surfing), dissonance. Would you ever add your own vocals? A crazy rap or something on top would be very cool. If not, the song is very suitable for hallucinogenic experiences.
The samples were entertaining and kudos on providing a fitting video!
So this is a recent song and one of my best - I hope you feel the same.  

7th chords rule here and I have stumbled graciously into the Lydian mode as of late.
Here is an acoustic slowburner with moments of both tranquility and power:

C4C, thank you!
Reviewed. Thanks man! I agree, I will remix the vocal level and back off the mic next time. 
The singing in the bridge (C#5 - F5) is a little bit tongue in cheek, it's so high I found it amusing. 
An octave lower is fine, but not as exciting.
Thanks for the review aaron aardvark! Since this is 2 songs, maybe you could check out:   

Will They Ever Go Away: Awesome! You have an excellent grasp of composition, specifically, with so many layers. The singing is good and enthusiastic, but the style is not my cup of tea. The ending drums and bass were a thrill, which convinced me on the whole song.
Shooting The Loop Too: Fairly badass, I can seeing this being popular. 80's classic rock guitar tone and feel. I think this track is begging for a strong vocal, otherwise it's still a catchy instrumental groove. 

Your songs have a clean cut, professional quality, keep it up!
Greetings fellow famous musicians!  

I'm Shawn! I'm back with an exciting original song. Inspiration from Coldplay is evident in the title...   

Shawn Fennerty - Playing In The Cold

Check it out, C4C thanks!  
Hey I'm Shawn, please listen to this Velvet Revolver classic tune!

C4C, thanks I hope you enjoy!
Hey I'm Shawn, please check out my take on this groovy Soundgarden song! 

C4C, thanks!
Hey, the song has a pretty good formula to it. Your vocal timbre lends a soft Paul McCartney, Brit vibe. Or at least that's what it makes me think of. Fairly friendly sounding music, however not breaking new ground. As far as the mix goes, the layering is good so props for that, but the rhythm guitar is either a tad too crunchy or discordant to my ears. Chorus is easily memorable, haha. I don't mind it, many will like it!
Weorge, this is a 1 man recording. I knew what I was doing when I chose to add an unaccompanied solo. The tempo is slow, with a delayed/hard hitting feel.

I have to laugh when you call out my vocal control - long sustain and vibrato indicates my comfort.
Try listening to some Chris Cornell and notice the intensity and edge I have purposely put on my voice in this track.

I routinely sing E2-G5 and manage large interval jumps like the F4 - B4 tritone in Seven Steps. The song goes up to a D5 which is one of my most powerful notes and doesn't begin to challenge my range. I have perfect pitch recall and can sing clean when that is my goal; this was a gritty performance.

I had rehearsed this to death right before recording so my voice was weary, but it's still a good take.
I'm glad you liked the melody and structure. Review incoming!

Thank you for the compliments lungfruit, singing is my favourite thing! I understand, I will certainly post the (respectable) final mix here! Just had to get my idea across haha
Hey, this sounds a bit like Blind Melon as I got a No Rain vibe - which is a good thing
Lyrics are funny, but singing is slightly flat from instruments. An entertaining song with a cool harmonica solo!
I critiqued your thread  

About the recording - cell phone, I haven't had the opportunity to get this in studio quality yet (landlord!). 
The majority on my Soundcloud is 24 bit 96kHz, and yes all 432 Hz natural tuning!
I'm a long time guitar player but more recent singer, so I'm grateful for your positivity, thank you The Judist!
Hey, the song is great man! Super laid back vibe, easy to get hooked and well balanced with a bridge, lead guitar, etc.
The sound had me thinking of a beach, and not just because of the video!  I like the lyrics and the band works well together.
I think it would appeal to a wide audience, props!