Is it ok to change scales in a single song? I always wondered if it was musically incorrect or something.

I think its ok to do it for solos but Im saying like through the "body" of it.
Yeah scales are pretty crucial if you want to write
It might be that guys signature Jackosn. You landed gold with that girl d00d ha.
Emmure beotch, brutal yet emotional. YEAHHH BOOIIII
if you have that kind of money get a nice RANDALL d00d. Those range heavey to pretty much light rock.
if your amp isnt the best ever get an Invader. Its soo metal my guitar cums rust.
Well it might just be cheap cuz its old... You may have struck gold there. go for it
beginner Ibanez packs are purdy much as good as it gets when it comes to that.
well, you can do that if the combo ur getting has an extension/external cab output on it. But you'll be better off strait up getting a head and a cab instead.
yeah just adjust the bridge a little higher. I never messed with a truss rod in my life sooo dont do that, just have a friend who knows there stuff look at it.
I own the Boss MT-2... The tone is extremely thrashy, but i only use it in front of my 15 watt... it sounds sweet in front of my half stack. Its really versitile. But go with the Metal Muff. I actually wish i bought the Metal Muff instead.
There arent many amps out there that can have just as good tone quite as loud, valve amps least of all... But Marshall has something called the Power Brake, from what I heard about it it's exactly what your looking for.