thought I'd start doing demos of pedals. here's the catch though. instead of friedmans and morgans, I use sub 1000 dollar gear to demo everything. hence the Everyday Guitarist.

I'd really appreciate it if you'd all check out my new album that just came out today! I'm super excited about it, it was super fun to do and I think it turned out awesome! So Check it out and let me know what you think!
gregs1020 Dude, nice to see everyone, life is going good, getting married in 4 weeks, life is nuts right now!
hi guys. I'm sad about Tom Petty.

here's a cover

I miss being here. life is meaningless.

take a listen, tell me what you think, I'm sad he's gone. C4C!
Bought a few years ago, fantastic little guitar, plays well, has knockoff mini JB in the bridge. Has 10s on it right now, it could use a pot cleaning, they're a little scratchy sometimes. Other than that I love it, but just need to get rid of some stuff. It has some minor dents and dings on it, from normal daily playing.

Willing to trade for delays, overdrive, or pedalboard.

Otherwise asking 175 OBO
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I don't know why they won't un-green me. But I have 'retired' to the powers that be and am no longer performing any duties.

In that case...

Kyle, you were a fantastic mod, and a great person, thanks for your years here, the community liked you and damn it all,I always really liked you.
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Then click quote instead of reply.

Can't wait till you're not a mod and I can roast you harder than a chicken in the rotisserie at wal-mart.

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Nice, I have never tried one of those mini ENGLs but I remember being a bit younger and really wanting an ENGL cause KSE and a lot of metal bands I liked were using them. The only ENGL I have tried was a Blackmore and it was very brief. Killer sound though

Yeah I know, it threw me off for a while

it sounds great, It's super tight, especially with a TS or something similar in front of it, I might have some clips. Give me a minute.
H4T3BR33D3R Fantastic for everything I've been playing. I use it for big rhythm sounds and that pop punk thing. the engl is more my metal hard rock amp, I like it more for leads too. Gonna try and pick up one of the mini Splawn's soon too, I miss mine greatly


The frikin reply/quote thing is stupid, I just want to quote damnit
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Nice. Those are really sweet looking and a killer deal for the price really. What color? Sweet hardware upgrades too.

What are you using for amps nowadays?

Yeah it's fantastic for the price.

Running an Engl Gigmaster15 Head, with an Orange 1x12 with V30s, a Mini Rec and looking to nab an AC-15 for the cleaner stuff
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Sounds like youre doing pretty well. What kind of ESP?

bought a EC256 (So I guess it's an LTD) used, put some Schaller's on it, a JB/59 combo, some strap locks and replaced the bridge with a Gotoh one. Sounds pretty brutal now, I'm really enjoying it. it's a nice guitar to take a club and not worry too much about it.
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We have a like button now too

Long time, no see. How have you been?

Staying busy, mostly writing music for bands and some freelance video/editing for some local companies. keeps be busy, pays the bills. bought an ESP, I like it a lot. Saw Yellowcard on their farewell tour, got sad, wrote pop punk. Now I'm here, eating a gallon of ice cream wondering why I left.

(oh yeah, I got fat eating ice cream and responding to 16 years olds about buckethead all day)
So since the last time I was here, Donald Trump is President, Kyle isn't going to be a mod, and I bought an iMac.

What is happening in this world.
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Hmm. really liked the energy. I think the vocals are mixed a little wrong. Some parts sound spot on, but some clash quite hard. Did you you track the same vocal parts twice?

But other than that it sounds really good. It's been so long since I've listened to punk, reminds me of my days wearing bandanas and long, emo cut hair. You've definitely got the punk touch. Keep at it.
Yeah, I double tracked the vocals ,for that kinda 90s feel. I'm just not a good singer haha.
It is a charming little diddy, makes me feel like i'm playing skyrim, images of kings, queens and knights are running through my head at the intro. For its simplicity, it feels quite grand, and I appreciate the composition, it's really good songwriting man. I'd personally go a little easy on the reverb maybe, things get a little washed out. other than that, clean playing, good production and beautiful melody! c4c please!
This is awesome, great recording, but I think the guitars could use a little more bite, they feel a little too muffled. I really just want to go watch a western now. The drums might a little too much attack. The composition is fantastic, I wish I could write stuff like this, my mind just doesn't do it. great job man c4c!
I feel like I'm watching Lord of The Rings. This is a fantastic track that really has that low boil brooding feel. Something bad is happening. I can see in my minds eye a movie scene happening. You did a fantastic job composing this, not many people have the skill to compose a song with such intensity so well. I applaud you for a job well done sir! c4c plesase!
I love this dude. What a fantastic "feel". I"d started with the drums slower and built through the song a little longer up to that, I think it'd help add some tension, and I'd love to hear some like soft pad or big open synth sounds, I think that'd add a ton.

This is pretty great otherwise c4c please!
I've been a a Yellowcard mood because I'm going to miss them, and I just saw them on their last tour, so I thought I'd write my own little YC inspired song. The Vocals aren't the greatest, but it was fun, and I'm pretty happy with it! I'm open to all crits! as always C4C
super tight, dude, I think the guitars may be a little loud, but other than that, fantastic playing, i like the split screen!
So Yellowcard has been a really big influence on my writing and playing over the years. I saw them on their farewell tour this past week, so I thought I"d do a cover.
without further adieu here is me being awkward playing guitar. let me know what you think!

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Thanks for reviewing my track. This track definitely has some excitement. There are parts where the guitar and drums lock in real well and it sounds really tight. The main thing that needs improvement is the mix. A little too much high end, but also there s alot of muddiness in the mix, try a high pass filter on your guitars and that should clean things up. Also try scanning with a parametric eq on your guitars to find the sections that are really harsh and do a 3-5bd cutt in those areas.
Quote by wyldelife
Great track! I agree that the high end is a bit much. Great playing, and I love the dynamics in the tune. The playing is also very tight, and I think the sound of the guitars are awesome. So overall a great track, but I would agree with the poster above that the mix needs some work. I found this tune very enjoyable, and it really isn't my genre, so well done!
Quote by silvadolla
"Where to Djents" --- I felt that the mix was a little to compressed and trebly. I felt at certain parts, the cymbals, guitars, synth and snare were all fighting to be heard in the higher register particular at about 1:00-1:12. Similarly the leads at 1:30-2:00 were drowned out by the cymbals. I hear this approach in other artists that mix Djent too, but I feel this leaves sections sounding a little sterile, when I know there's a lot of dynamic potential available. Overall, I think there's an excellent foundation here, but I believe working a bit more on the mix would improve delivery of the track itself.

Could you check out my track Pilfered seeds at ?

I've made some improvements to the mix, bumped some mids, highpassed the guitars and fixed where the cymbals sit in the mix. if you'd all take a look I'd appreciate it!
Very cool song man, the drums sound awesome (slate?) as do the guitars, they're super crunchy in in a great way and cut really well. I think the riff that i'm calling the verse gets a little repetitive, but I assume with vocals that'll get better. I would mix the keys down a little in the mix, they clash a little bit with the guitars in my opinion.

other than that it's all super good songwriting and you have a excellent grasp on taking someone on a journey through your song

Hey man, Fantastic songwriting, here. I really like the clean vocals, and your screams are on point, but I'd say they could use some verb, they sit in the mix a little awkwardly, but you have a phenomenal grasp on melody, and how to make something feel very "pro". the layered clean/scream thing was awesome, but I'd tighten it all up if you can just because I think its kind of got this "popcorn" effect going on that makes it feel a little bit amateur.

other than the couple of mix things, its a great EP dude and you obviously have a lot of talen!

c4c please?
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I don't know if you're a Periphery fan, but they released a video recently that would be right up your alley...

Periphery may be my favorite band right now...
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no sir, never heard of them. but i'm into webers mostly.

My dad has always been a weber guy, but bought this traeger because he was told it's the best way to smoke/cook meat ever. he swears by it now, burgers, steak, brisket, chicken, whatever he love it all on there, you should check them out.
Quote by H4T3BR33D3R
Nice, I really dig the tones you're getting out of that thing for sure.

Yeah, it's pretty fantastic, and it's easy to carry, it's so small! I've been doing BiasFX and BiasAmp lately too, which I think is really good sounding especially in a mix.

Greg, do you have any experience with Traeger grills?
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Yeah it sounds great for sure. Sweet grind on it. Great playing too

What are you mic'ing it with?

that was a 57 and a 609 on an orange 4x12 with V30s.
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Hey brett! so you're a cheddarhead now?


NO. Just because I live here doesn't mean I identify as one of those horrible people. still a vikes fan for life. (but i root for the Hawks lately.)
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Nice, I don't think I have ever tried the Gigmaster 15 but it seems pretty sweet. How does it compare to the Screamer?

Splawns are nice, what does your buddy run? A Hot Rod?

Right now I'm bouncing between a Rectoverb and a Vintage Club 30. Might be getting a local dude to do me up a nice 18 watter combo though if I get tired of the VC. this is the gigmaster mic'd up, I think it sounds pretty fantastic (these are unmastered obviously and the chorus is the only thing with vocals haha)

I think it sounds pretty awesome. I like it more than the screamer, it's lower gain, but its also way more sonically clear, I always thought the screamer was kind of fizzy, this doesn't really have that, throw TS in front of it and it'll djently rock you to sleep.

My buddy is running a quickrod with KT88s, sounds massive.

I'd love to pick up a tremoverb, but they're so hard to find now days I feel like.
Sounds fantastic dude, I'd like to hear a little more grunge on the guitars though, and maybe try just tightening up the playing a little, some of the doubles seem a little bit off. seems like it'd be awesome as a backing track though, maybe I'll record something over it!

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Nice and yeah its a bit silly with the reply/quote button. I mean 1 just bolds a name

Sounds like quite a bit of fun man. What kind of ENGL?

Gigmaster 15, pretty fantastic, for smaller gigs. using my buddies Splawn for the bigger stuff, and I'm saving up for another Splawn haha

Busy as shit. (you can swear on here now too?!)

Moved from MN to WI with my girlfriend, writing music for bands and TV mostly doing some mixing, and doing videography freelance to pay the bills, I've been through like 6 amps in the past 2 years but running an Engl right now.

EDIT: guess there is a difference between "reply" and "quote"

I can't believe none of these guys have left here yet, or died for that matter ! Isn't everyone here like 70 now?

What is this sorcery?! "like" buttons? Advanced controls without having to click off the page? back in my day we had to click 4 times just to put a link in!
This place still exists?

It looks....

Hey man, super good songwriting here! I love the feel of this song, you really feel the swing, in the intro and the verses stereo guitar stuff really makes me happy on another level. The vocals sound and are mixed super well, I think overall though the mix as a whole needs to be a little more "exciting" the guitars are kind of dull (especially considering how much gain they're using) and the drums (especially the snare) need some high end attack. It might be something that mastering could fix by just bumping up some high end, but I think overall the mix needs some brightness, it will add a lot of energy. c4c ?
Dude, fantastic clean sound. I don't love the drums, I think the snare could use some fatness and maybe some humanizing, You're getting that whole machine gun snare thing happening. As far as songwriting goes, it's some of the best I've heard on this forum, it's like it Blink182 had a child with Periphery, it's got a great nostalgic feel, but it's still heavy and big sounding.

Some other small things on the mix.

I think the guitars are a bit too mid heavy (crazy right?)
I think the bass needs to have some more low end (like 100hz maybe), it just needs some rumble I feel like.

Other than that it's a super clean mix and some fantastic songwriting

Another faux djent song for you djentlemen! trying to work out an EP soon, working on vocals and recording. as always I'm excited to hear your thoughts. I'm really going for a "if Periphery was a pop band" sound, and really like melody over heaviness, but I like the syncopation and stuff of their music so much.

and of course C4C
VStratto Music

I appreciate the feedback! I'm really happy you related it to Bulb's old stuff, I'm definitely trying to hit that Periphery target while still having some pop senseability. Also thanks for the mix crit, I'm really having a tough time with making my mixes punchy without compressing them too much. While I am happy with this mix for the most part, it's definitely not open enough, and that sucks.