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as long as you give credit to the original artists i dont see why not.

Yeah but then again i dont want to have my account deleted for posting something what im uncertain of the rules on.
Guitar Pro with RSE is a realistic sound engine which makes that tracks that you write in guitar pro sound more like the instruments that they are supposed to be.
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Search for a guitar track instead? Or use Guitar Pro with RSE?

Lol thanks. I would use Guitar Pro RSE but the CPU in my pc hasnt got enough grunt in it to run it properly, the guitar track idea is good but it never seems to have the same feel to it tho.
Ok so i have made a cover before and ive made some average recordings of original songs, but what i really want to know is: Are we allowed to cover a song with that song playing quietly in the backround?
With the copyright law that is used on this site im still uncertain about if we are allowed to have the track playing in the backround quietly for support or do we have to have everything done totally by us as musicians? Please help.
Behemoth - Demigod
Beneath The Silence - When Words Dont Suffice