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This is ludicrous, yo. but i'm trying to find my son

I live on my own. Turning a long story short, without a choice, I could never see my kid when i was younger . So i'm not a dead beat or anything. I know the name and where he probably lives. Is there anything I can do online to help enhance my search?
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Actually just $10, got it from a friend who hacks.

How ironic

i like being knifed from across the map whilst somebody spawns behind me, what are you talking about?
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make it like 100-150 posts

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Yes, that's two times Vai and Bells. So?

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So, are we allowed to vote a second time for different guitarist? If so...

Has been changed to 100 and not allowed to vote for the same person twice.

Due to recommendations
Due to DieGarbageMan getting Perma'd, devilskommander will be counting the votes, and will soon set a deadline.

This thread will embark to find the Top 100 guitarists for UGers everywhere, this can be who you technically think is the best, or just your favorites.

I will make a poll for how you wish for me to display the results; and close it in 6 hours or so.

tha rules;

An example;

1. Randy Newman
2. Herman Li
3. Jimmy Page

In this instance above, Randy Newman gets 3 points, Herman Li gets 2, and Jimmy Page gets one.

In an instance like this;

1. John Petrucci
2. John Petrucci
3. John Petrucci

Petrucci would only receive 3 points. So don't try it buster.

Furthermore voting for a band or duo will not count, for instance;

1. Herman Li + Sam Totman
2. blahblah
3. Led Zeppelin

Have fun, and you can vote once every 100 posts (due to recommendations) and they should be for different guitarists if you do.
Depending on the poll results, the closing date will be displayed here
(Dec 21 2012) or the current results will be.

For Top 100 Bassists;

No need to help counting; i will be doing it all myself.

Here goes;

1. Steve Howe
2. Pete Townshend
3. Kurt Cobain
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fishstickrocker - after watching that south park episode
i knew this day would come
This thread was made august 2009, i don't think the new games have even been mentioned.
they connect to the first network they find, you probably live near eachother and thats why it found eachother so easily
Thats one hell of a poll you got there buddy
oh yeah man that line up looks sweet

oh wait you haven't posted it.
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garbage man
No, i am successful.
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Perhaps. But not a dosbox, though.
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Oh sure, make the black girl play bass.

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Captain Quark

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bitches know i be trollin.


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Since when did kurt cobain die?

hes in the foo fighters now i think